8th Unit

10th Class Mathematics Chapter 8

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Matric Part 2/10th Class Mathematics Chapter 8 Short Questions With Answer Preparation for Unit 8 (Projection of a Side of a Triangle)

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A triangle is a geometric shape (polygon) with three edges and three vertices. Imagine a triangle MNO where MN is horizontal and NO and OM are inclined at some acute angle to MN. Now O is the vertex at a higher point, rather it is at the highest point , of triangle ABC.

Mathematics Chapter 8 (Projection of a Side of a Triangle) class 10th

In this unit students will learn how to:

  • How to prove the following theorems along with corollaries and apply them to solve appropriate problems
  • The square on the side In an obtuse-angled triangle which is opposite to the obtuse angle and is equal to the sum of the sides of the square on the sides containing the obtuse angle along with double the rectangle contained by one of the sides and the projection on it of the other.
  • In any triangle the square on the sides containing that acute angle diminished by twice the rectangle contained by one of those sides and the projection on it of the other.
  • Apollonius’ Theorem about sum of the square of any two sides is equal to twice the square on half the third side along with twice the square on the median which bisects the third side
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