Part III

PPSC Chemistry Part III Test

Here you can prepare PPSC Chemistry Part III (Inorganic Chemistry) Test. Click the button for 100% free full practice test.

PPSC Chemistry Part III MCQ Test With Answer for Chemistry Part III (Inorganic Chemistry)

Are you preparing Chemistry subject for PPSC exams 2020? Well, you have reached at the safest place because ilmkidunya offers the complete solution of the PPSC chemistry test. According to the set syllabus of PPSC, the chemistry book is divided into several parts. For every single part, you can find a separate section here. However, this page is dealing with part III and candidates can find the PPSC online chemistry sample test to cover the syllabus of part III.

PPSC Chemistry Part III Syllabus

The syllabus of PPSC Chemistry Part III starts with the topic of periodic classification of elements and periodicity of properties. Then students cover the topics including chemical bonding, theories of chemical bonding, acids and bases, hydrogen and its compounds, s-block elements; alkali metals, alkaline earth metals, p-block elements; boron and aluminum, carbon and silicon, nitrogen and phosphorus, oxygen and sulphur, halogens, inter gases, chemistry of d-block elements, metallurgy, and coordination chemistry, etc. and the syllabus or part III is concluded with the topic of reaction mechanism. You are recommended to attempt this designated test several times to get a good grip on the major questions related to your PPSC test.

PPSC Chemistry Part III Test

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