6th Chapter

MDCAT Biology Chapter 6 Test

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MDCAT Biology Chapter 6 MCQ Test With Answer for Biology chapter 6 (Bioenergetics)

The Chapter Contain Following Key Topics:

Digestive System - Gas exchange and Transportation - Excretion and Osmoregulation - Nervous System - Reproduction - Support and Movement - Hormonal Control (Endocrine Glands) - Immunity

Students will be learn after reading this chapter :

a) Digestive System: Anatomy of digestive system and specify the digestion in: - Oral cavity (role of saliva and enzymes) - Stomach (enzymes) - Small intestine - Large intestine b) Gas exchange and Transportation: Anatomy of respiratory system (nostrils, trachea, lungs)  Explain the term breathing  Lymph, structure of heart, carriage of oxygen and carbon dioxide c) Excretion and Osmoregulation: Describe the structure of kidney and its functions with respect to homeostasis  What are Kidney problems and cures? - Kidney stones, lithotripsy, kidney transplant, dialysis, renal failure What do you understand by the term Homeostasis? d) Nervous System:  What is Nervous system and its types?  Explain CNS (Central Nervous System) including forebrain, mid brain, hind brain and spinal cord  Explain PNS (Peripheral Nervous System) and its types (Autonomic and Sympathetic Nervous System)  Neurons (Associative, motor and sensory neuron)  Discuss the Nervous disorders (Parkinson’s disease, Epilepsy and Alzheimer’s disease)  What do you understand by Biological clock and circadian Rhythms? e) Reproduction:  Explain the Reproductive system in male in detail  Explain the Reproductive system in female / Menstrual cycle  Explain: - Spermatogenesis - Oogenesis  Discuss the following Diseases in detail which are sexually transmitted: - Gonorrhea, Syphilis, AIDS and how these diseases can be controlled (treatment is not required) f) Support and Movement:  Explain the role of Human skeleton and skeletal muscles in locomotion  Explain the process of muscle contraction  What is Muscle fatigue, Tetani, Cramps?  Describe the structure and functions of involuntary, voluntary and cardiac muscles g) Hormonal control (Endocrine glands):  What are hormones?  Describe Hypothalamus with its hormones.  Describe Pituitary gland with hormones secreted from its Anterior, Median and Posterior lobe  Describe adrenal gland with its hormones.  What are Islets of langerhans?  What are the hormones of alimentary canal (Gastrin, secretin)?  The hormones of ovaries and testes h) Immunity:  Immune system and define its components: - Antigen - Antibody (structure of antibody) - Lymphocytes (B and T cells) What is cell mediated response and humoral immune response?  Types of Immunity: - Active immunity - Passive immunity  What do you mean by vaccination?


MDCAT Biology Ch. 6 Test

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