4th Chapter

MDCAT Biology Chapter 4 Test

Here you can prepare MDCAT Biology Chapter 4 Kingdom Animalia Test. Click the button for 100% free full practice test.

MDCAT Biology Chapter 4 MCQ Test With Answer for Biology chapter 4 (Kingdom Animalia)

The Chapter Contain Following Key Topics:

Virus - Bacteria - Fungi

Students will be learn after reading this chapter :

a) Which are the viral diseases in humans? b) Reteroviruses and Acquired Immunodeficiency diseases c) Describe the Life cycle of Bacteriophage (in detail with its all steps) including: Lytic cycle Lysogenic cycle d) Describe the structure and types of bacteria e) Discuss in detail: Gram +ve bacteria  Gram –ve bacteria  Nutrition in bacteria f) What are the uses and misuses of antibiotics? g) What are molds (fungi)? How they are useful and harmful to mankind, give examples. h) Describe the Life cycle of fungus (Rhizopus).


MDCAT Biology Ch. 4 Test

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    Muqfari 18 / Aug / 2019

    plz post the correct answers

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      Kamal 25 / Jul / 2018

      Some M.C.Q are out of mdcat syllabus

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        ATTIA SADDIQUE 18 / Apr / 2018

        please sure to have correct answers on this website. the answers to a lot of questions are quiet wrong.

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          Aun 08 / Mar / 2018

          MCQs and chapters are not related to each other...

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          • A

            ATTIA SADDIQUE 18 / Apr / 2018

            i also agree with u

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