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1st Year Philosophy Pairing Scheme All Punjab Boards 2021
11th Class Menu

Philosophy is a Greek word that means “love of wisdom” this is an intellectual pursuit of fundamental questions that pertain to reality of human existence and experience. Students are introduced to basic tenets of logic, the fallacies of it, and methods of reasoning. Moreover, the various branches of philosophy which are discussed in this course are epistemology, metaphysics, logic, aesthetics, and psychology. This intriguing course sets forward to answer questions that have arisen since the first interaction took place between humans and thein environments. There are important personalities that are central to philosophy for example Aristotle, Socrates, Plato, and others.

Prepare with Pairing Scheme:

Due to the abstract nature of philosophy, there is more need to use 1st year philosophy paring  scheme 2021 so, students can view the enlisted topics and get a sense of what they have to study. All the topics on the paper scheme are categorized according to chapters and subtopics that will be tested by the examiner. The paper scheme can also be used as a checklist by students and highlight topics that they are oblivious about which will motivate them to put in their efforts to pass their exams. The paper scheme for Philosophy 11th class 2021 can be found on this webpage. 

Study and Revise

As exams will start soon, students should start preparing for their exams, revise, and practice questions. If you start now and finish your syllabus before time, then this gives you enough room to practice your knowledge with past papers. Philosophy may strike as a difficult course to some students, but practicing questions can allow you gain a better grasp on the subject and allow you to answer more confidently in the exam. These few tips will help you to score exceptional grades. By studying smartly, you can learn more information effectively.

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