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Mathematics is a compulsory subject till matriculation. It is an important subject and the students should prepare this in the best way. 10 class math notes with solution are available for 10th class students which is the best way of preparation. The students can get full marks in this subject through best preparation. For getting perfection in Mathematics, the students have to make more practice for math key book class. 10th Class math book solved all chapters pdf download from here.

10th Class Math PDF Notes

Chapters Chapter Name Medium
1 Quadratic Equations English Medium
2 Theory of Quadratic Equations English Medium
3 Variations English Medium
4 Partial Fractions English Medium
5 Sets and Functions English Medium
6 Basic Statistics English Medium
7 Introduction to Trigonometry English Medium
8 Projection of A Side of a Triangle English Medium
9 Chords of a Circle English Medium
10 Tangent to a Circle English Medium
11 Chords and Arcs English Medium
12 Angle in a Segment of a Circle English Medium
13 Practical Geometry Circles English Medium

Class 10 Mathematics Notes

Applicable For Punjab Boards
Medium English Medium
Syllabus Current Syllabus
Coverage Chapter 1 to 13
Notes Format PDF
Total Pages 361


Mathematics 10th Class Notes Chapter Wise PDF Download (Download App For 10th Class Notes)

Download the class 10th maths book solves all chapters pdf download pdf free download and start your preparation without wasting your time. The students can get mathematics notes for class 10 pdf donwload from here for all exercises such as 2.7 exercise class 10, ex 4.1 class 10 or ex 3.6 class 10 or ex 3.4 class 10 or maths class 10 chapter 1. Important definitions of math 10th class are also present in these notes.

Math Guide for Class 10

10th class Maths notes pdf 2023 is the best for preparation various topics such as the sum of all angles of a parallelogram or sum of two complementary angles or the natural logarithm or zero dimension etc. The 10th class math key book pdf free download from this page.

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Class 10 Maths Notes Chapter 1 PDF Download

Chapter Name: Quadratic Equations

Exercise 1.1 class 10 maths contains quadratic equations and quadratic formula. Exercise 1.3 class 10 maths includes square root of equations and quadratic formula which is needed to solve quadratic equations. 10 class math exercise 1.1 solution pdf has 10 numericals in it.

Exercise 1.1: 10 Questions

Exercise 1.2: 10 Questions

Exercise 1.3: 16 Questions

Exercise 1.4: 11 Questions

Chapter 2 Notes PDF Download Mathematics 10th Class

Chapter Name: Theory of Quadratic Equations

10 class math exercise 2.1 solution pdf consists of quadratic equation, value of k, roots of the equation, complex cube roots etc. Exercise 2.1 class 10 maths has 10 problems to be solved.

Exercise 2.1: 10 Questions

Exercise 2.2: 5 Questions

Exercise 2.3: 6 Questions

Exercise 2.4: 3 Questions

Exercise 2.5: 3 Questions

Exercise 2.6: 5 Questions

Exercise 2.7: 12 Questions

Exercise 2.8: 10 Questions

10th Class Chapter 3 Notes Mathematics PDF Download

Chapter Name: Theory of Quadratic Equations

Exercise 3.1: 11 Questions

Exercise 3.2: 13 Questions

Exercise 3.3: 4 Questions

Exercise 3.4: 2 Questions

Exercise 3.5: 6 Questions

Exercise 3.6: 1 Questions

Exercise 3.7: 8 Questions

Chapter 4 Solved Notes PDF Download 10th Class Mathematics

Chapter Name: Partial Fractions

Exercise 4.1: 8 Questions

Exercise 4.2: 8 Questions

Exercise 4.3: 8 Questions

Exercise 4.4: 6 Questions

Math Class 10 Notes Chapter 5 PDF

Chapter Name: Sets and Functions

Exercise 5.1: 6 Questions

Exercise 5.2: 4 Questions

Exercise 5.3: 4 Questions

Exercise 5.4: 5 Questions

Exercise 5.5: 6 Questions

Chapter 6 Notes PDF Download  Mathematics 10th Class  

Chapter Name: Basic Statistics

Exercise 6.1: 4 Questions

Exercise 6.2: 13 Questions

Exercise 6.3: 6 Questions

Mathematics Solution Notes Chapter 7 Class 10th PDF Download

Chapter Name: Introduction to Trigonometry

Exercise 7.1:  4 Questions

Exercise 7.2: 13 Questions

Exercise 7.3: 12 Questions

Exercise 7.4: 24 Questions

Exercise 7.5: 12 Questions

PDF Download 10th Class Chapter 8 Mathematics Notes

Chapter Name: Projection of A Side of a Triangle

Exercise 8.1: 2 Questions

Exercise 8.2: 10 Questions

Matric Maths Notes Chapter 9 PDF Download

Chapter Name: Chords of a Circle

In this chapter, you can also get class 10 maths chapter 9 theorems.

Theorem 1:  

Theorem 2:

Theorem 3:

Theorem 4:

Theorem 5:

Chapter 10 Notes PDF Download Mathematics 10th Class

Chapter Name: Tangent to a Circle

Exercise 10.1: 3 Questions

Exercise 10.2: 4 Questions

Exercise 10.3: 2 Questions

Mathematics 10th Class Chapter 11 Solved Notes PDF Download

Chapter Name: Chords and Arcs

Exercise 11.1: 4 Questions

Chapter 12 Notes PDF Download Mathematics 10th Class

Chapter Name: Angle in a Segment of a Circle

Exercise 12.1: 4 Questions

10th Class Chapter 13 Solution Notes Mathematics PDF Download

Chapter Name: Practical Geometry Circles

Exercise 13.1: 7 Questions

Exercise 13.2: 9 Questions

Advantages of 10th Class Math Notes PDF

Class 10 maths notes are helpful for memorizing the formulas of mathematics. Notes of maths class 10 are provide to you with complete material for preparation of all the exercises such as exercise of 1.3 solution, exercise 2.1 class 10 maths solution pdf, 10 class math exercise 1.4 solution pdf. You will be able to learn how to solve the technical MCQs in maths class 10 notes.

Maths Notes for Class 10

Matric maths notes contain different methods for solving difficult question. The solution of all exercises of your PTB is available in these notes such as of 10 class math exercise 2.1 solution pdf.  In maths notes for class 10, the formulas are made easy for you by providing their derivation. The maximum possible short question of maths notes class 10 and math mcqs for class 10 are also added for your practice. The geometrical portion is also properly described in these mathematics notes for class 10 Punjab board.

Class 10 Math Notes

Mathematics is not much difficult subject. It is an easy and interesting subject and needs more practice. These class 10 maths solution notes is the best opportunity for 10th class students for better preparation and also these notes of exercises such as 10 class math exercise 2.2 solution pdf are available free of cost on Ilmkidunya. You can download 10th class Maths notes 2023 through this platform. Math guide for class 10 can also be saved in pdf files.

Notes of Maths Class 10

Math class 10 notes are available for both Urdu medium and English medium students. You can download 10th class math notes pdf Urdu medium and also can download 10th class math notes pdf 2023 English medium. The practice is very important for Mathematics. 10th class Math notes Punjab board Pdf download are especially made for getting perfection in Mathematics.

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