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For best preparation, 10th class Islamiat notes are provided to 10th class students on our website. By preparing these islamiat notes for class 10, you can get well prepared for the exam. Islamiat is the subject in which we study about our religion “Islam”. Islamiat is considered as a compulsory subject in Pakistan. It is very important subject and the students have to prepare this carefully as there is no choice of any mistake in this subject.

10th Class Islamiat PDF Notes

Chapters Chapter Name Medium
1 Surah Ahzaab Ayat 1 to 73 Urdu Medium
3 Hadees- 11 to 20 Urdu Medium
4 Bodily Purification Urdu Medium
5 Forbearance and Gratitude Urdu Medium
6 The Importance of Family Life Urdu Medium
7 Hijrat and Jihad Urdu Medium
8 Rights of People Urdu Medium

Islamiat 10th Class Surah Al Ahzaab Ayat 1-8 Notes PDF Download (Download App For 10th Class Notes)

Chapter Name: Surah Ahzaab

Translation Ayat 1-8:

Short Questions Ayat 1-8: 21 Questions

MCQs Ayat 1-8: 20 Questions

Long Questions Ayat 1-8: 3 Questions

Surah Al Ahzaab Ayat 9-20 Islamiat Notes For Class 10 PDF Download

Chapter Name: Surah Ahzaab

Translation Ayat 9-20:

Short Questions Ayat 9-20: 4 Questions

MCQs Ayat 9-20: 22 Questions

Long Questions Ayat 9-20: 3 Questions

10th Class Surah Al Ahzaab Ayat 21-27 Notes Islamiat PDF Download

Chapter Name: Surah Ahzaab

Translation Ayat 21-27:

Short Questions Ayat 21-27: 5 Questions

MCQs  Ayat 21-27: 11 Questions

Long Questions Ayat 21-27: 1 Questions

Surah Al Ahzaab Ayat 28-34 Notes PDF Download 10th Class Islamiat 

Chapter Name: Surah Ahzaab

Translation Ayat 28-34:

Short Questions Ayat 28-34: 6 Questions

MCQs Ayat 28-34: 16 Questions

Long Questions Ayat 28-34: 3 Questions

Islamiat Notes Surah Al Ahzaab Ayat 35-40 Class 10th PDF

Chapter Name: Surah Ahzaab

Translation Ayat 35-40:

Short Questions Ayat 35-40: 3 Questions

MCQs Ayat 35-40: 18 Questions

Long Questions Ayat 35-40: 4 Questions 

Islamiat Notes Surah Al Ahzaab Ayat 59-68 Class 10th PDF Download

Chapter Name: Surah Ahzaab

Translation Ayat 59-68:

Short Questions Ayat 59-68: 3 Questions

MCQs Ayat 59-68: 15 Questions

Long Questions Ayat 59-68: 3 Questions

PDF Download 10th Class Surah Al Ahzaab Ayat 69-73 Islamiat Notes

Chapter Name: Surah Ahzaab

Translation Ayat 69-73:

Short Questions Ayat 69-73: 10 Questions

MCQs Ayat 69-73: 12 Questions

Long Questions Ayat 69-73: 2 Questions

Islamiat 10th Class Surah Al Mumtahna Ayat 1-6 Notes PDF Download

Chapter Name: Surah Mumtahna

Translation Ayat 1-6:

Short Questions Ayat 1-6: 7 Questions

MCQs  Ayat 1-6: 17 Questions

Long Questions Ayat 1-6: 4 Questions

Surah Al Mumtahna Ayat 7-31 Notes PDF Download Islamiat 10th Class

Chapter Name: Surah Ahzaab

Translation Ayat 7-31:

Short Questions Ayat 7-31: 18 Questions

MCQs Ayat 7-31: 5 Questions

Long Questions Ayat 7-31: 3 Questions

Islamiat 10th Class Ahadith Notes PDF Download

Chapter Name: Ahadith

Short Questions Ahadith: 26 Questions

MCQs Ahadith: 38 Questions

Long Questions Ahadith: 10 Questions

Islamiat 10th  Class Chapter 1 Notes PDF Download

Chapter Name: Bodily Purification

MCQs Chapter 1: 19 Questions

Short Questions Ch 1: 14 Questions

Long Questions Ch 1: 5 Questions

Chapter 2 Notes PDF Download Islamiat  10th Class

Chapter Name: Forbearance and Gratitude

MCQs Chapter 2: 14 Questions

Short Questions Ch 2: 8 Questions

Long Questions Ch 2: 4 Questions

10th Class Chapter 3 Notes Islamiat  PDF Download

Chapter Name: The Importance of Family Life

MCQs Chapter 3: 20 Questions

Short Questions Ch 3: 19 Questions

Long Questions Ch 3: 4 Questions

Chapter 4 Notes PDF Download 10th Class Islamiat 

Chapter Name: Hijrat and Jihad

Long Questions Ch 4: 5 Questions

Islamiat 10th Class Chapter 5 Notes PDF Download

Chapter Name: Rights of People

MCQs Chapter 4: 49 Questions

Short Questions Ch 4: 21 Questions

Long Questions Ch 4: 3 Questions

10th Class Islamiat Notes PDF 

Many tips for getting good marks in Islamiat are given in these islamiat class 10 notes. You can download 10th class islamiat notes pdf 2023 and can save them so that you can study these notes anytime and anywhere you want. Our qualified and talented staff tried their best in providing you the best form of these notes. Class 10 islamiat notes are in the solved form of your Islamiat Punjab textbook board.

Class 10 Islamiat Notes

If you want to get good marks in the examination, download 10th class islamiat notes Punjab board and start your preparation from today. Addition headings and points are also given for getting maximum marks in the exam. The notes are very advantageous and helpful. You can prepare online 10th class notes of islamiat pdf.

These notes are the best for getting the maximum marks in Islamiat. In the age of internet, you can study online and you don’t need to buy helping books or notes. 10th class students can get benefit from islamiat notes and can make sure their perfection in Islamiat.You can also download 10th class islamiat notes pdf Urdu medium and 10th class islamiat notes pdf English medium both for the best preparation. You will surely find these notes beneficial and important. If you are looking for the notes of 10th class then you can get the notes of all subjects on our website Ilmkidunya.

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