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Study Abroad in Japan from Pakistan Updated Guideline 2022


Why Pakistani Students Should Study in Japan

When you go to think about the study abroad tour, a lot of questions come into mind about your study abroad journey. The very first and important question that almost every single student thinks is that why I should go to this and that place for study abroad. In case if you are have the same question about Japan then we are here to make you know about Japan whether it would be a good decision by you to Study in Japan or not.

We always ready to make our students facilitated through our complete effort. We offer the knowledge of every single aspect about study to our students. Our survey about japan shows that the quality education of Japanese University is as high as a student wants to get through study abroad. Japan is known as the country of technology and development. You can enhance your ideas and views at out standard level in technology and development level. Moreover, the Japanese culture, martial arts, peaceful environment, Japanese Language learning and low tuition fee or scholarships in Japan for Pakistani students are the additional factors to make the Japan a favorite destination all the time. So, it is recommended for you that choosing Japan is the good decision for a student.    


Japenies University Admission for International Students 2022 

For getting admission into the Japanese top Universities the students go through some steps. First of all they choose a subject for which they want to study or apply. The very next procedure is to choose the University for your Study Program. Students are to be informed that they must select the university which is offering their chosen subject in good manner. At the end the students must check the eligibility criteria of the Japan University and College for International students and if the student is meeting with the criteria he must go to apply.  

Following are the best universities situated in Japan:

Following are the documents that are required for getting admission in Universities:

  • Applicants must fill the application form of the university

  • Applicants must attach the photocopies of identity certificates i.e. Passport & NIC

  • Detailed resume that will show the academic and working experience

  • A Motivation or cover letter (if required)

  • Applicants’ previous academic records or transcripts

  • 3.0 CGPA in previous academic degrees are required 

  • Applicants are also asked to show the English Language Proficiency Certificate i.e. IELTS or TOEFL)

  • Applicants must show a financial statement that will show that you can afford your study in Japan


Admission Application Deadlines in Japan Universities for International Students 2022

Mostly Japanese Universities show the three academic sessions and the admissions deadline dates also have shown for these three academic sessions. The deadlines are mentioned below:

Fall: July 01 is the final date for fall session admissions.

Spring: November 01 is the final date for spring session admissions.

Summer: April 01 is the final date for summer session admissions.


What is the Study Cost in Japan From Pakistan?

Private Sector Universities in Japan for Pakistani students

Admission Fee in Japan for International students 2022: Application fee for Japanese Private Sector Universities ranges from ¥235,000 to ¥1,300,000

Undergraduate Fee in Japan Institutes 2022-2023 for Pakstani students: Undergraduate fee for Japanese Private Sector Universities ranges from ¥875,000 to ¥3,700,000

Graduate Fee in Japan for Pakistani Students 2022-2023: Graduate fee for Japanese Private Sector Universities ranges from ¥515,000 to ¥1,250,000


Public Sector Universities in japan for International Students 2022-2023:

Admission Fee: Application fee for Japanese Public Sector Universities ranges from ¥280,000 ¥300, 00.

Undergraduate Fee: Undergraduate fee for Japanese Public Sector Universities ranges from ¥540,000 to ¥550,000.

Graduate Fee: Graduate fee for Japanese Private Sector Universities ranges from ¥540,000 to ¥550,000.


How Much it Cost to Study in Japan for a Year?

Normally students face the expenditures and cost of living comprised on food, transportation, Medical, mobile phone bills and some other related basics requirements. These basic requirements are described below with an average cost of expenditure as living in Japan:

Food: Normally, a student needs an amount equal to ¥25,000 for per month foods.

Transportation: Normally, a student needs an amount equal to ¥5,000 for per month transportation.

Medical: Normally, a student needs an amount equal to ¥2,500 for per month Medical.

Mobile Phones: Normally, a student needs an amount equal to ¥2,000 for per month Mobile Phones Bills.

Additional: There are some additional charges come to face by the students and these are include on drinks, cigarette, clothes, cinema tickets and other fun. These kinds of expenditures and costs depend upon the students that which kinds of funs he or she wants to get as living there in Japan.


Japan Accommodation Budget for Pakistani students

Accommodation is considered as another basic requirements that students must need for having a sound living style. There are different kinds of moods of living Japan offers to the international students. The commons are the mentioned below:

Student’s Hall of Residence: Students can afford or manage this mood of accommodation from ¥60,000 to ¥100,000 per month.

Hostels: Hostels are manageable for the international students in ¥60,000 per month.

Private Hotels: From ¥60,000 to ¥100,000 students can afford the private hotel rooms.

Apartments/Flats: Apartments or flats in Japan for the international students are available from ¥50,000 to ¥100,000 per month.

Paying Guest: The cost of living as paying guest depends upon the condition of the house and facilities.

Student Cities in Japan?

Following are the cities which are known as the best cities for the students as studying in Japan.


Following are the top universities situated in Tokyo:

  • University of Tokyo

  • Tokyo Institute of Technology

  • Waseda University

  • Keio University

  • Tokyo Medical and Dental University (TMDU


Following are the top universities situated in Hiroshima: 

  • Hiroshima University

  • Hiroshima Institute of Technology

  • Hiroshima City University

  • Hiroshima Shudo University

Yasuda Women's Univ


Following are the top universities situated in Kyoto:

  • Kyoto University

  • Ritsumeikan University

  • Doshisha University

  • Ryukoku University

  • Kyoto Sangyo University


Following are the top universities situated in Osaka:

  • Osaka City University

  • Osaka Institute of Technology

  • Osaka University of Economics

  • Soai University

  • Osaka Jogakuin College


Following are the top universities situated in Sapporo:

  • Hokkaido University

  • Sapporo Medical University

  • Hokkaido University of Education

  • Sapporo University

  • Hokkaido University of Science


How to get Student Visa for Japan from Pakistan?

There are three types of student visas:

Short Term: For 90 Days.

Mid Term: For 90 Days but less than 20 weeks.

Long Term: From 06 month to 03 years.

Following are the required documents to apply for Student Visa of Japan from Pakistan for Pakistani Students

  • Completely filled application form

  • Academic records in English & Japanese language

  • Motivation letter

  • Job experience (if any)

  • Valid passport

  • Photographs

  • Medical History

  • Bank Account Statement with an average amount of an average of ¥2,000,000


Visa Fee oF Japan Student Visa from Pakistan 

  • Single entry Visa: 3,000 yen.

  • Double entry Visa: 6,000 yen.

  • Multiple entry Visa: 6,000 yen.

  • Transit entry Visa: 700 yen.



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