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9th Biology English Medium Chapter 8 Preperation

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Matric Part 1/9th Class Biology Chapter 8 Short Question Test With Answer for Chapter 8 (Nutrition)

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Chapter 8 Biology: NUTRITION

Nutrition chapter covers the entire topic related to food consumption and nutrients.

  • The chapter describes the role of nutrition in both animals and plants .Students will learn about the nutritional components of food for example carbohydrates, fats and proteins in this chapter
  • Moreover, this chapter also explains the role of specific nutrient like minerals and vitamins in the survival of human body as well as plants.
  • The chapter describes a balance diet and its components .This topic also highlights the diseases caused by the deficiency of certain nutrients.
  • The chapter also explains the issues of malnutrition and obesity
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    9th Class Biology Chapter 8 Online Preparation

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