What is SI Scholarship For Global Professionals?

The Swedish Institute Scholarships offer funding for international students to pursue master's programs in Sweden, covering tuition fees, living expenses, and travel grants. These scholarships aim to facilitate global talent exchange, academic excellence, and cross-cultural understanding within Sweden's renowned educational institutions.

SI Scholarship Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate for Swedish Institute Scholarship is very high. Last year total of 8,231 applications was received by SMFA and 5907 applicants enrolled in masters programs in Swedish institutes while 400 of them got a scholarship for their one-two year masters study program.


Swedish Institutes Scholarship For Masters

SI scholarships are not for undergraduate study programs, only for graduate students who want to pursue master's in Swedish Universities. Goal-oriented, talented, and extraordinary students are accepted by the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs for scholarship funds.


Important Facts

       No of scholarships       


       Host Country              


       Study Level              



       Swedish universities       

       Scholarship Grant       

       Fully Funded       


       20th February       


SI Scholarship Benefits

SI Scholarship winners will get the following benefits after being selected for the master’s program in Sweden.

  • Full tuition fee grant (directly paid by SI to the university)

  • Monthly stipend of 11,000 SEK as living expenses

  • Health insurance (in case of any illness and accident)

  • A travel grant of 15,000 SEK will be paid one time at the beginning of the study program

  • SI network for future global professionals membership (to build links for professional growth)

  • SI alumni network membership (for professional development)

SI scholarship does not provide any additional funds for

  • Family members

  • University admission fee

  • Change study program


List Of Countries Eligible For SI Scholarship

SI does not offer scholarships to all international students but it does to 41 countries. Pakistan is one of the eligible countries that can apply for the Swedish Institute Scholarship program. Some of the eligible countries are as follows

  • Pakistan

  • Azerbaijan

  • Brazil

  • Georgia

  • Philippines

  • Ukraine

  • Zambia

Courses For SI Scholarships

Students who want to be scholarship winners can choose SI scholarship programs that more relate to the united nation 2030 agenda of development. Here is the SI scholarship subject list that can relate to the development agenda

  • Economics

  • Disaster management

  • Geography

  • Public Health

  • Sanitation

  • Urban Development

  • Planning

  • Conservation Sciences

  • Sustainable sources of energy development

  • Law


Swedish Institute Scholarship Eligibility

Applicants have to fulfill the following criteria to be eligible for the scholarship


Citizenship/ Residency For SI Scholarships

  • Applicant must have residency in a country eligible for SI Scholarships


Work Experience For Swedish Institute Scholarships

  • Applicants must have a 3,000 hrs. work experience from three organizations

  • Must have to certify their experience in application

  • Must have leadership experience as an employer

  • Experience in the united nation development field will be preferred


Leadership Experience For SI Scholarships

  • Leadership experience includes the involvement of the applicant in leading the organization/ team and implementation of new strategies

  • Priority will be given to applicants who demonstrated strong leadership experience


Admission To Swedish University

  • Must have a Swedish University admission letter

  • Applicants must be able to pay tuition fees for a master's program in a Swedish university

  • Must be eligible to pay University’s admission fee by the deadline of 1st February

  • Must be admitted to a master's study program in any Swedish University


Subjects For Master’s Programs

  • Must be an applicant for a master’s program eligible for SI scholarships

  • Priority will be given to those applicants who choose the subjects relevant to issues of their country


Swedish Institute Scholarship Age Limit

  • There is no age limit for SI Scholarships, though the scholarships are not awarded to that applicants who is residing in Sweden for the last two years.


Dual Nationals

  • Dual nationals with SI-eligible countries can apply for the scholarships by selecting one country in citizenship


Students Who Are Not Eligible For SI Scholarships

  • Already residing in Sweden

  • Previously won Swedish Institute Scholarship for masters study or have attended any summer course in Sweden

  • Currently studying any master's course at Swedish University

  • EU/ Swedish residents cannot apply for the SI scholarship

  • Dual nationals of the non-eligible country (not listed in SI Scholarships)

  • Late admissions are not eligible for SI Scholarships

SI Scholarship Application Process

Most of the applicants worried about how they can win the Swedish Institute Scholarship. Here is a complete step-by-step application process for SI Scholarship.


Step-I: Apply For the Master’s Program

  • Students have to apply online to any four master’s programs by 16 January

  • After applying, official site will assign an eight-digit application number (the student will put this number in the SI Scholarship application) 

  • Submit the university’s application fee (non-refundable) by 1st February


Step II: Apply For SI Scholarship

  • After successful admission to any Swedish University, Submit an online application for SI Scholarship


Step-III: SI Screening And Evaluation

  • After the deadline, the organization screen the students by checking eligibility criteria and eliminate all non-eligible applicants from the list

  • Eligible candidates will be evaluated and scored after a complete cross-check of all information provided by the applicant.


Step-IV: University’s Admission Notification

  • Selected applicants will receive an admission notification from the University

  • Admitted applicants will automatically be selected for SI Scholarships


Step-V: Final Evaluation And Announcement

  • After evaluation, SI will shortlist the selected candidates

  • Students will get an official scholarship offer from SI Scholarship Program


Documents Required For SI Global Professional Scholarships

SI doesn’t accept any other extra document for scholarships, but never neglect the required ones. The list of required documents is as follows


Curriculum Vitae

  • The detailed CV should not be more than three pages

  • Additional pages will not be considered


Reference Letters

  • Reference letters must be signed and stamped by the referred organization

  • Reference letters should be typed, printed, and then signed and stamped

  • Always upload one reference letter as a single pdf file

  • Two reference letters from two different people must are required (Educational institute)

  • One work-based reference letter (company/ organization)


Proof Of Work Experience

  • Must fulfill the SI-required work experience

  • Work experience certificate must be signed and stamped by the referee and referred organization


Copy Of National Identity

  • Applicants have to submit proof of their nationality

  • They can attach a valid copy of their passport or ID card as national identity

  • Before submitting be sure about the expiry of the document


SI Scholarships Timeline


Calendar Date

Apply for master’s program

17th Oct- 16 Jan

Apply for Global Professional Scholarships

10th Feb- 28th Feb

SI screening and evaluation

1st Mar-29th Mar

University’s admission notification

30th March

Announcement of SI Scholarships

31st Mar- 27th April


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