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Pakistan most commonly known as the Islamic Republic of Pakistan has an extensive range to offer international students along with a  rich diversity in its culture, lands and individuals and also well-respected universities.

The higher education commission in Pakistan extended significantly following the independence of state from Britain in 1947. Today the system is administered by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC), which manages finance, exploration outputs as well as the quality of teaching.

The higher education commission of Pakistan recognizes approximately 174 varsities in the country, including both government and private sector, and some which are armed or professional in focus.

Scholarships in Pakistan:

The universities in Pakistan, the government of Pakistan as well as other private and government sector organizations every year offer large number of scholarships to the brilliant students from inside and outside the country.

These scholarships are of different criterion and given to the aspirants on various basis. Some of these scholarships are merit based, some are need based while some grants are given to the needy poor deserving students, and some scholarships are also provided to candidates on the basis of their sports record.

For the ease of aspirants who wants to continue their further studies on the basis of scholarships offered by various higher education institutes and government, we have published here all the latest scholarships for both national and international students.

From the given list of scholarships in Pakistan you can chooses the one according to your eligibility and need.   

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