Part II

PPSC Chemistry Part II Test

Here you can prepare PPSC Chemistry Part II (Organic Chemistry) Test. Click the button for 100% free full practice test.

PPSC Chemistry Part II MCQ Test With Answer for Chemistry Part II (Organic chemistry)

Candidates who are preparing themselves for PPSC exams, they have to cover several parts of their designated syllabus to complete their practice. For the easiness of the candidates, we have arranged PPSC chemistry online tests for every single part here. This page is specified for Part II and students can practice part II mock test here. The test is organized in the same pattern that is used to arrange the PPSC test.

PPSC Chemistry Part II Syllabus

From the syllabus of Chemistry PPSC exams, Part II is about Organic Chemistry. Organic chemistry covers several topics and while preparing part II students will be able to cover the topics including;

• Structural Concepts And Bonding In Organic Molecules

• Purification And Characterization Of Organic Compound

• Nomenclature Of Organic Compound

• Stereochemistry

• Chemistry Of Hydrocarbons

• Chemistry Of Halogenated Organic Compounds

• Chemistry Of Carbonyl Compounds

• Chemistry Of Carboxylic Acids

• Chemistry Of Nitrogen Containing Organic Compounds

• Chemistry Of Alcohols And Phenols

• Polymers

• Organic Acids And Bases

• Chemistry Of Active Methylene Compounds

• Reaction Mechanism

• Organic Stereoscopy

• Heterocyclic Compounds

• Chemistry of Carbohydrates

• Chemistry Of Proteins

• Chemistry Of Nucleic Acid

• General Organic Chemistry

The test consists of 20 marks and almost all the major questions are covered through this test. Hopefully, we can say that the test will help students to cover the Chemistry part II syllabus.

PPSC Chemistry Part II Test

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