8th Chapter

ICS Part 1 Economics Chapter 8 MCQs Test

First Year Economics Chapter 8 Online MCQ Test for 1st Year Economics Chapter 8 (Human Resource)

This online test contains MCQs about following topics:

Labour,Efficiency of Labour ,Mobility of Labour,Malthusian Theoryof Population,Optimum Thory of Population ,Over Papulation Problems in Pakistan,Labour Force ,Unemployment in Pakistan

First Year Economics Chapter 8 Online MCQ Test for 1st Year Economics Chapter 8 (Human Resource)

Sr. # Questions Answers Choice
1 The human effort applied to the production of goods is called in economics
  • A. labour
  • B. skill
  • C. experience
  • D. services
2 An example of labour is
  • A. gambler
  • B. jogger
  • C. computer engineer
  • D. all of the above
3 They are included in labour expect
  • A. college principle
  • B. professors
  • C. office clerk
  • D. students
4 Productivity of labour can be increased by
  • A. raising minimum wages
  • B. reducing profits
  • C. increasing skills of workers
  • D. punishing absentee workers
5 x<sup>2</sup> - y<sup>2</sup> = 10 This function can be termed as .
  • A. Expicit function
  • B. Implicit function
  • C. Linear function
  • D. Constant function
6 According to Malthus, population increase by
  • A. arithmetic progression
  • B. geometric progression
  • C. systematic progression
  • D. automatic progression
7 Unemployment due to mechanization of agriculture is
  • A. seasonal
  • B. structural
  • C. industrial
  • D. personal
8 Underemployment of labour means
  • A. a worker does not get full time job
  • B. a worker is not happy with present job
  • C. a person does not get job according to his qualification
  • D. a and c of above
9 Which is NOT an advantage of division of labour
  • A. workers spend less time moving from job to job
  • B. workers becomes dependent on other workers
  • C. workers become more efficient at performing repeated task
  • D. machinery is more easily introduced to perform simple tasks
10 Efficiency of labour is not affected by
  • A. attitude of worker
  • B. attitude of employer
  • C. attitude of wife/husband
  • D. all affect

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