11th Chapter

9th Class English Chapter 11 MCQs Test

Matric Part 1/9th Class English Chapter 11 MCQ Test With Answer for Chapter 11 (Noise in the Environment)

The Chapter Contain Following Key Topics:
- Recognize the author's purpose and pont of veiw
- Analyze cause and effect relationship
- Write unified paragraph with its necessary elements
- Share information and idas about noise pollution
- Nefotiate solutions to the problem of noise pollution
- Recongnize transitional devices in sentences
- Analyze and use adverb clauses
- Write and revise application and formal letters in extended social and academic environment

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  • S

    Sania Umer 19 / Feb / 2017

    Will you show the correct answers of the questions after test

    • Z

      Zero 21 / Jan / 2016

      nice test