Virtual University VU BS (CS) Lectures and Other Material

Lectures are recorded in a professional studio environment and after insertion of slides, movie clips and other material, become ready for broadcast. Course lectures are broadcast over free-to-air television and are also made available in the form of multimedia CDs. The Virtual University operates its own four television channels (VTV1, VTV2, VTV3 & VTV4). Students listen these lectures in classroom environment in virtual campuses. The students get free Internet facility at all VU campuses to interact with the teachers. All lecture videos of Virtual University courses are also available on a very minor cost.

Best and experienced professors offer their services to VU students. They belong to the best universities and other institutions of the country. Most of the professors hold PhD degrees and even several vice-chancellors of major national universities have taught courses at the Virtual University. In case any student misses any lecture then he/she can get that lecture also on a CD at very minor cost.

Students can get CDs through the Virtual University bookshop ( Not VU only students can get CDs but students and faculty from other universities as well as the public at large can get advantage from these courses. The instructions on these CDs are delivered in Urdu which help the students to understand and follow for all age groups.

Comprehensive reading material / lecture notes in the form of web-enabled content are delivered through a comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS) hosted on the VU Web Servers and available over the Internet. The LMS also provides an e-mail facility to each and every student and discussion boards for interaction within the VU community. Students can ask questions at any time over the Internet using the VU LMS (

The major function of LMS is a Question/Answer board where VU faculty provides answers to questions posed by students on the subject matter. The Question/Answer board provides separate sessions for each lecture of each course. In addition, read-only access is made available to previous question/answer sessions and this provides an extremely useful study resource for students. VU faculty monitors this board on a continuous basis and answers to student questions are provided within a short space of time.

Assignments are submitted through the LMS. Pop-quizzes and practice tests are also conducted through the LMS

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