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Chemistry is a major subject for science students. For intermediate students, it is most important subject which also contributes in entry tests. So, it is utmost important to prepare this subject in best way. If you are looking for 1st year chemistry notes, then you don’t need to worry, we are providing you the most precious and important notes for FSC part 1 free. You can prepare notes online and also can download them in the pdf files.

11th Class Chemistry PDF Notes

Chapters Chapter Name Medium
1 Basic concepts English Medium
2 Experimental Techniques English Medium
4 Liquids and Solids English Medium
5 Atomic Structure English Medium
6 Chemical Bonding English Medium
7 Thermochemistry English Medium
8 Chemical Equilibrium English Medium
9 Solution English Medium
10 Electrochemistry English Medium
11 Reaction Kinetics English Medium

Class 11th Chemistry Notes

Applicable For Punjab Boards
Medium English Medium
Syllabus Current Syllabus
Coverage 1 to 11 Chapters
Notes Format PDF
Total Pages 713


Chemistry 11th Class Notes ChapterWise PDF Download (Download App For 11th Class Notes)

Ilm ki dunya provides you the online notes of chemistry for 1st year. This is the best source of preparation for the students and they must avail this opportunity. Download chemistry 1st year notes so that you can prepare the best for your upcoming examination and of important topics such as differentiate between sigma and pi bond or polymorphism in chemistry or difference between sigma and pi bond alongwith exercises.

Chemistry Class 11 Chapter 1 Solved Exercise Notes PDF Download

Chapter Name: Basic concepts

1st year chemistry chapter 1 solved exercise numericals pdf includes isotopes, atomic mass, moles, molecular mass etc. 

MCQs Chapter 1: 40 Questions

Long Questions Ch 1: 20 Questions

Solved Exercise Chemistry Chapter 1: 25 Questions

Chapter 2 Notes PDF Download Chemistry 11th Class

Chapter Name: Experimental Techniques

MCQs Chapter 2: 20 Questions

Long Questions Ch 2: 5 Questions

Solved Exercise Chemistry Chapter 2:  9 Questions

11th Class Chapter 3 Notes Chemistry PDF Download

Chapter Name: Gases

MCQs Chapter 3: 35 Questions

Long Questions Ch 3: 20 Questions

Solved Exercise Chemistry Chapter 3:  24Questions

Chapter 4 Notes PDF Download 11th Class Chemistry 

Chapter Name: Liquids and Solids

MCQs Chapter 4: 30 Questions

Long Questions Ch 4:  31 Questions

Solved Exercise Chemistry Chapter 4:  12 Questions

Chemistry Notes Chapter 5 Class 11th PDF

Chapter Name: Atomic Structure

MCQs Chapter 5: 35 Questions

Long Questions Ch 5: 22 Questions

Solved Exercise Chemistry Chapter 5:  25 Questions

Chapter 6 Notes PDF Download Chemistry 11th Class 

Chapter Name: Chemical Bonding

1st year chemistry chapter 6 solved exercise has chemical bonding, ionic compounds, number of bonds, bond order and other topics.

MCQs Chapter 6: 30 Questions

Long Questions Ch 6: 14 Questions

Solved Exercise Chemistry Chapter 6: 16 Questions

Chemistry Notes Chapter 7 Class 11th PDF Download

Chapter Name: Thermochemistry

MCQs Chapter 7: 15 Questions

Long Questions Ch 7:  10 Questions

Solved Exercise Chemistry Chapter 7:  21 Questions

PDF Download 11th Class Chapter 8 Chemistry Notes

Chapter Name: Chemical Equilibrium

1st year chemistry chapter 8 solved exercise contains law of mass action, exothermic reversible reaction, rate of change of reaction of concentration and many more.

MCQs Chapter 8: 30 Questions

Long Questions Ch 8: 15 Questions

Solved Exercise Chemistry Chapter 8: 25 Questions

Chemistry 11th Class Chapter 9 Notes PDF Download

Chapter Name: Solutions

MCQs Chapter 9: 20 Questions

Long Questions Ch 9: 15 Questions

Solved Exercise Chemistry Chapter 9: 23 Questions

Chapter 10 Notes PDF Download Chemistry 11th Class

Chapter Name: Electrochemistry

This chapter explains important topics such as what are cathode rays in class 11. Cathode rays consist of electrons which can travel from the negatively-charged cathode and then move to positively charged anode by reaching at the other end of the vacuum tube. 

MCQs Chapter 10: 25 Questions

Long Questions Ch 10: 20 Questions

Solved Exercise Chemistry Chapter 10: 16 Questions

Class 11 Chemistry Notes Chapter 11 PDF Download

Chapter Name: Reaction Kinetics

MCQs Chapter 11: 89 Questions

Long Questions Ch 11: 18 Questions

Solved Examples Chemistry Chapter 11: 5 Questions

Advantages of 1st Year Chemistry Notes PDF

You can get many benefits and advantages from these notes. By these notes of chemistry 1st year, you will learn how to prepare more things in less time. A lot of solved short questions are available such as 1st year chemistry mcqs with answers pdf.Important things are highlighted and well represented along with solved exercises such as solved exercise of chemistry class 11 chapter 1.

Chemistry Notes for Class 11

Many tips and mnemonics are given in these chemistry class 11 notes that will help you to memorize. Chemistry notes for class 11 have difficult concepts that are presented in easy way.11th class chemistry notes Urdu medium 2024 and 11th class chemistry notes English medium 2024 are available.By preparing these class 11 chemistry notes, you can score the maximum marks.

Chemistry Class 11 Notes

You can save your time and your money by preparing online of various chapters.These notes are prepared according to your PTB. A lot of students struggle for getting the good marks in FSC as their future depends upon these marks. Hard-work is the key to success. In the same way smart work is also of great important. Preparation through the 11th class chemistry notes pdf is the best way of preparation that also saves your time.

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