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Physics is the technical and interesting subject. In physics, we study about the matter and energy and their interaction. Physics is one of the most important science subjects. Many students find difficulty in its preparation. If you are looking for the 1st year physics notes for its preparation, you can easily get notes at Ilm ki dunya. These notes are most carefully prepared for your better preparation of various topics such as vector addition by rectangular components.

1st Year Physics MCQs with Answers PDF

The link for downloading these 11th class physics notes pdf is available at our website from where you can easily download. Ilm ki dunya works hard to provide you the best for your studies. These notes are provided to you free with 1st year physics MCQs with answers pdf. Ilm ki dunya always tries hard for you. The students of class 12th can download these notes free. Notes of physics for 1st year pdf, Past paper, guest paper and online video lectures are also available.

11th Class Physics PDF Notes

Chapters Chapter Name Medium
1 Measurements English Medium
2 Vectors and Equilibrium English Medium
3 Motion and Force English Medium
4 Work and Energy English Medium
5 Circular motion English Medium
6 Fluid Dynamics English Medium
7 Oscillations English Medium
8 Waves English Medium
9 Physical Optics English Medium
10 Optical Instrument English Medium
11 Heat and Thermodynamics English Medium

Class 11th Physics Notes

Applicable For Punjab Boards
Medium English Medium
Syllabus Current Syllabus
Coverage 1 to 11 Chapters
Notes Format PDF
Total Pages 616


Physics 11th Class Chapter 1 Notes PDF Download (Download App For 11th Class Notes)

Chapter Name: Measurements

MCQs Chapter 1: 117 Questions

Short Questions Ch 1: 9 Questions

Long Questions Ch 1: 13 Questions

Chapter 2 Notes PDF Download Physics 11th Class

Chapter Name: Vectors and Equilibrium

MCQs Chapter 2: 141 Questions

Short Questions Ch 2: 21 Questions

Long Questions Ch 2: 11 Questions

11th Class Chapter 3 Notes Physics PDF Download

Chapter Name: Motion and Force

MCQs Chapter 3:  115 Questions

Short Questions Ch 3: 14 Questions

Long Questions Ch 3: 12 Questions

Chapter 4 Notes PDF Download 11th Class Physics  

Chapter Name: Work and Energy

MCQs Chapter 4: 111 Questions

Short Questions Ch 4: 10 Questions

Long Questions Ch 4: 9 Questions

Physics Notes Chapter 5 Class 11th PDF

Chapter Name: Circular motion

MCQs Chapter 5: 127 Questions

Short Questions Ch 5: 13 Questions

Long Questions Ch 5: 22 Questions

Chapter 6 Notes PDF Download Physics 11th Class

Chapter Name: Fluid Dynamics

MCQs Chapter 6: 96 Questions

Short Questions Ch 6: 12 Questions

Long Questions Ch 6: 9 Questions

Class 11 Physics Notes Chapter 7 PDF Download

Chapter Name: Oscillations

MCQs Chapter 7: 130 Questions

Short Questions Ch 7: 13 Questions

Long Questions Ch 7: 13 Questions

PDF Download 11th Class Chapter 8 Physics Notes

Chapter Name: Waves

MCQs Chapter 8:  121 Questions

Short Questions Ch 8: 11 Questions

Long Questions Ch 8: 15 Questions

Physics 11th Class Chapter 9 Notes PDF Download

Chapter Name: Physical Optics

MCQs Chapter 9: 110 Questions

Short Questions Ch 9: 12 Questions

Long Questions Ch 9: 13 Questions

Chapter 10 Notes PDF Download Physics 11th Class

Chapter Name: Optical Instrument

MCQs Chapter 10: 124 Questions

Short Questions Ch 10: 11 Questions

Long Questions Ch 10: 13 Questions

Physics 1st Year Notes Chapter 11 PDF Download

Chapter Name: Heat and Thermodynamics

MCQs Chapter 11: 151 Questions

Short Questions Ch 11:16 Questions

Long Questions Ch 11: 22 Questions

Importance of 1st Year Physics Notes PDF 2022

You can download the notes for 11th class of physics in pdf files and can save them for your better preparation.  Physics notes for class 11 also have the solutions of numerical for Punjab Board. Physics 1st year notes contain important formulas and their derivation. The answers of all the questions and the exercises are available in solved form.

Physics Class 11 Notes

The important things are highlighted and tips are given to you that will help you to memorize difficult things.Physics is a tricky and technical subject so these notes of physics 1st year in English medium and physics notes 1st year Urdu medium are of greatest importance.These physics class 11 notes are well arranged and chapter-wise.

Physics Notes for Class 11

Download these class 11 physics notes for getting good marks. You don’t need to worry about your preparation and making notes because now you can prepare well by preparation at Ilm ki dunya. We will keep adding more sources for you best preparation. Download the 1st year notes physics the best preparation .Your comments will appreciate our struggle.

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