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Study Abroad in Mexico Guide for Pakistani Students 2022


Why Pakistani Students Should Study in Mexico  

Here is complete info is arranged for our students who are interested to take Study Abroad tour. We always recommend our students with best things and in case of study abroad we recommend the countries that are really superb for our Pakistani students to make a study abroad tour. Now, at this time another best destination we are going to recommend our students who do not have decided any destination yet and are looking for the best one. Those students are to be suggested that Mexico is the one best worldwide study abroad destinations.

Now, the question that take birth is that why you choose Mexico for study abroad? Then, let us show that how could it be the best decision by you to take your study abroad tour in Mexico. Mexico is known as the Latin American country and bordered with the most beautiful states of America such as California, Texas, Arizona and New Mexico. Mexico enriches with the beautiful sites and one from these sites is Chichén Itzá which is known as the new wonder of the world. Mexico after the separation from USA becomes a strong country and provide safety and well living standard to the inhabitants and visitors. Moreover, there are universities located in Mexico that offer good quality education. Universities in Mexico lay under the top 200 universities of the world. So, all these statements about Mexico expose Mexico as a best destination to go there for study purposes.


Admission Process in Mexico 2022 for Pakistani Students?

For getting admission in the Mexican Universities and Colleges for Pakistani students are asked to apply directly to the admission office of the university. Students must choose the program for which they want to make study. After choosing the subject they need to choose the best university according to their chosen subject. Students are to be informed that the admission policies are different from university to university so they need to make a direct contact towards the university for which they want to apply.

Following are the top rated universities 2022 located in Mexico:

  • Universidad Abierta y a Distancia de México

  • Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education

  • Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León

  • University of Guadalajara

  • Autonomous University of Mexico State

  • Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez

  • Universidad del Valle de México

  • Universidad Iberoamericana Ciudad de México

  • Universidad La Salle

  • Autonomous University of Baja California

  • Autonomous University of Sinaloa

  • Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México

Following are the general documents that are required for getting admission in Mexican universities:

  • Previous academic records.

  • Photographs.

  • Required CGA or grade in the previous degree.

  • English Language Proficiency Certificate such as IELTS or TOEFL.

  • Proof that you are financially strong.

  • Any other additional requirements allotted by your selected university.  

Deadlines of Mexico Universities 2022

The deadlines vary from university to university, program to program and session to session. There are three types of sessions run for the admissions process in Mexican Universities and these are of spring session, summer session and winter session. Generally, the admissions start at the start of these weather sessions, however, dates can be different. So, one have to contact with the chosen university directly for getting proper info. 


What is the Study and Living Cost in Mexico for Pakistani Students?

As compared to the Canada & the USA Mexico offers a fair study cost to the international students.

Study cost is necessary to pay for the internationals students for getting admission and education from the top rated universities of the world. However, the students also entertain with the best scholarships of Mexico and loan system in specified circumstances. Following are the cost of study that the international students face:

Undergraduate Programs Cost: Students have to pay $378 and $818 for each academic year for Public universities and tuition fee in Private universities of Mexico Universities ranges from $1,636 to $16,353 per year.

Master Programs Cost: In the Private Universities the cost of Master Degree is $20,000 or more for each year.


What is Living Cost in Mexico for International Students?

As living is Mexico students face many other costs or charges instead of education or study charges. For living anywhere a normal person need to cover the basic requirements and these basic requirements are included on housing or accommodation, utility billing, Grocery items, foods, entertainment, heath care and some others. One person can cover these expenses in an average amount of $1,865 per month.  

How to get Accommodation in Mexico?

Students can get different kinds of accommodations as living there in Mexico. Following are the moods of living or accommodation in Mexico:

Hostels & Dormitory: These are especially build for the students by the Universities and Government for having a good student living standard.    

Apartments in Mexico: Students get private apartments for living an independent life.

Hotels: Hotels are the well luxurious ways to live a good life in Mexico but at the same time these are, somehow, expensive.

Homestay: As living in Mexico if you are friendlier with the local people and you have the total grip on language than you can chance to live with them in their houses. 

What are the Students Cities in Mexico?

Following are the cities located in Mexico that are considered as the best cities for international students:

Mexico City

Following are the top universities in Mexico City:

  • National Autonomous University of Mexico

  • Instituto Politécnico Nacional

  • Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana

  • Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México

  • Universidad Iberoamericana Ciudad de México

Playa Del Carmen

Following are the top universities in Playa Del Carmen:

  • Universidad Del Sur Playa Del Carmen

  • Universidad Riviera

  • Universidad UNID


Following are the top universities in Mérida:

  • Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán

  • Instituto Tecnológico de Mérida

  • TecMilenio University, Mérida

  • Universidad del Mayab, Escuela de Medicina


Following are the top universities in Mazatlán:

  • Polytechnic University of Sinaloa

  • Technological Institute of Mazatlan

  • TecMilenio University, Mazatlán


Following are the top universities in Guanajuato:

  • Universidad de Guanajuato

  • Universidad Politécnica del Bicentenario

  • Universidad Santa Fe A.C.


How to get Student Visa for Mexico?

There are two types of Students Visa of Mexico for Pakistani students and these types are mentioned below:

Visitor student visa: This visa issues to the candidates who are going to have a short term stay for less than 180 days.

Temporary Resident Student Visa: This visa issues to the candidates who are going to have a long term stay for more than 180 days.

Following are the required documents to apply for Student Visa in Mexico:

  • Original Passport.

  • Photocopy of the bio page of passport.

  • Original letter of acceptance and admission letter from any Mexican university.

  • Bank account statement to give a proof that you are able to afford the study and living cost in Mexico.

  • In case you got the scholarship of Mexico you are asked to show the scholarship letter.

  • Passport size photograph 01 with white background.

  • Any other additional document required by Embassy. 


Maxico Student Visa Fee 2022: 

The visa fee is from $ 17 to $ 36 depending upon the nationality and the duration of the course. 



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