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If you are willing to get a degree from a European destination then Latvia would be one of the best choices. This former Russian state resides on the eastern shore of Baltic Sea. The country lies between Estonia and Lithuania and has a boundary connection with Russia. The coastal border is however, shared with Sweden. This small country is all equipped with beaches, rivers, marshes and forests. 1.95 million People are currently dwelling here. Riga, the capital, is the largest city. Languages spoken in Latvia are Latvian (official) and Russian, whereas, English is preferred in business dealing and tourism.

Latvia offers the most pleasant weather and the food is a combo of traditional versus contemporary. Rye bread is available in miscellaneous flavors which are eaten with every food. Halal foods however are rarely available.


Latvia Higher Education for International Students:

Latvian higher education prospects could be divided in two distinct categories that are academic and professional studies. Latvian universities generally follow the Bologna system with three study levels including bachelors, masters and PhD. Like most of the countries, bachelor degrees are completed in a time period of three or four years while master’s degrees take one or two years for completion. The academic year starts in September and ends up in June. Lativia also offer Fully funded latvia scholarships to the students for higher education. 

The language of instruction is Latvian in most of the institutions but with time more English medium institution are being set up to cater the increasing number of foreign students.

Nowadays, Latvia is considered as a top study destination for the quality of education, the country is delivering to international students, as well as it is one of the most beautiful and serene place to live and study .The key features that include Latvia in the list of the most preferred study destinations are:

  • Bachelor / Master/ Doctorate level Programs conducted in English

  • Globally Recognized Degrees

  • Government approved Universities

  • Exchange learning opportunities

  • Affordable Tuition Fee

  • Accommodation facilities

  • Reasonable living costs


Latvia Student Visa for Pakistani Students:

Pakistani students require a Latvia visa to enter in Latvia. Foreign students need a residence permit before entering Latvia. To get this permit, candidates must receive an official invitation from the University. Student must provide the invitation number upon submitting the documents when applying for the permit.

When a student gets admission, the university takes the responsibility to apply for the residence permit to the Office of citizenship and Migration Affairs (OCMA). This residence permit is issued for 3 months.


Tuition fees in Latvia for international students

Latvia is being popular for its affordable tuition fee. Fees vary for different programs and are different in different universities.1600-15000 Euro per year for 3 to 4 year study programs is the range for tuition fee in Latvia. However, study programs in Arts, literature, engineering, science, commerce, computer software sciences, and information technology etc cost a bit low. The tuition fee for professional degrees like medicine, pharmacy and dentistry is generally 15000 Euro per year.

The following table shows an average tuition fee range for different study programs.

  • Medical Sciences 7,000 – 15,000 EUR

  • Business Studies and Management Sciences 2,000 – 6,000 EUR

  • Engineering and Technology 2,200 – 4,000 EUR

  • Mathematics and Informatics 2,000 – 4,000 EUR

To check the exact amount the student should visit the official website of the university.


Living Cost in Latvia for International Students:

The average living cost in Latvia ranges between 600 Euros to 700 Euro per month. Living in dorms or hostel will further lower this cost, however, private accommodations are expensive. South Asian students usually share their accommodation and thus cut their cost on food and living.

The health insurance policy should be at least 42,600 Euro which is a basic requirement for foreign students in Latvia.

Renowned Institutions in Latvia:

University of Latvia: ranked 47th in the QS University Rankings. The university ids located where around 15,000 students are studying.

Riga Technical University (RTU): ranked 64th in the EECA ranking this year and was the first technical university of the Baltic States.

Riga Stradins University: ranked in the 111-120 range. Riga Stradins has 7 1,775 international students.

Popular Latvian Courses for International students:

The following courses are very popular among foreign students:

  • Information Technology

  • Hotel Management

  • Environmental Science

  • Aviation Transport

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Health

  • Medical Physics

  • Business Management

  • Computer Systems

  • Medicine

  • Geomatics

  • Chemistry

  • Electrical Technologies

  • Telecommunications

  • Food Science

  • Civil Engineering

  • Mechatronics

  • Agriculture

  • Pedagogy

  • Entrepreneurship



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