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How to Get Study Visa of South Korea

How to Get Study Visa for South Korea

Search for Your University

After the decision of choosing the country you want to move for studies comes the search for the Rigt University. It can be very tricky and important too,  because the choice of university will directly effect on the success of your career. All the universities offering courses for foreign students have provided their requirements in detail and also application form is usually available on their website. South Korea has world’s most high ranked universities especially in engineering and information technology fields. South Korea has very easy policy for its foreign students; full scholarship is also given to efficient candidates along with other expenses .Therefore you must search for the right university to avail all the benefits their state universities are relatively less expensive than private institutes.

When to Apply

Admission application time starts from January to February and the result is announced in April. You have to complete all your documents before January.

Acceptance Letter

Right after the selection of university, you have to go thoroughly into their requirements. They will need your previous documents including recommendation letter from your home university. All your achievements and certificates proving your eligibility for the scholarship will be very helpful for you. You must hurry to apply for visa after the acceptance letter.

Bank Statement

You will have to provide a bank statement giving a prove that you have enough money to cover all your study and living expenses.

Business Registration Certificate of Korean university

After completion of all your required documents asked by your university, the university will provide its business registration card. Without this document your visa can’t be preceded for finalization.

Language proficiency

If you are applying for a course which requires Korean language proficiency then getting it done is highly recommended because it will decided your eligibility for admission. A few programmes will require language proficiency exams usually held in August after your acceptance in April. Keep in touch with your university for accurate dates.

Required documents

South Korea has very easy visa process and everything is done on time. They will not waste your time. Here is the list of required documents:

1-Passport (must be valid till next six month after the expected date of your departure).

2-Copy of passport.

3- Colored photo must be taken in past six month or new).

4-Recommendation certificate from your home university.


Firstly you must start organizing all the documents before January. Arrange a well detailed bank statement, university certificates and also contact your home university’s international office for better information and take their guidelines. Try to get everything in your hand before the deadline provided by Korean universities and also apply in more than one university.


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