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Study Abroad in Greece for Pakistani Students Step by Step Guide 2022


Why Pakistani Students Should Study in Greece

Why Study in Greece

Europe is known as a hub of study abroad destinations. Many things European countries offer to do. You will totally forget the previous while learning about the next European study abroad destination. For choosing the best option students, sometimes, get confused. However, among the top-rated destination not only in Europe but throughout the world, Greece is a well-known and most trusted name.

If you are thinking that how we elaborated Greece as the best out of all the study abroad destination then by following the below-given reasons you will be able to know the true fact about Greece, as a study abroad destination.

Top Rated Universities in Greece

Greece offers top-rated universities throughout the globe. The reasons made these universities best among the top rated universities of the world are included on the teaching system, highly qualified faculties, exceptional study environment, and affordability. Following are the globally top-rated Greek universities

Universities Global Rank
National and Kapodistrian University of Athens 279
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki 347
National Technical University of Athens 414
University of Crete 452
University of Ioannina 601
University of Patras 713

Affordable Education and Lifestyle in Greece

For EU and EEA students Greece offers free education at all the level. However, for international students, it also offers a higher education degree in reasonable or affordable tuition fees. For instance, International students pay 1,500 to 9,000 EURs per year for Master Degree.

A Place of Unique Heritage

Greece is the place offers a unique heritage to see and experience. For example, the temple of Olympia Zeus, which is known as one of the 07 wonders of the world is just one foot away from you if you are studying in Athens. More heritages are also waiting for you there.

A Place of Great Thinkers

Greece is a place that produced many great philosophers the name of them are still alive. From these Plato, Socrates, Parmenides, Gorgias, Pythagoras, Heraclitus, and Thucydides are listed.

A well-known Destination for Tourism

Greece is also known as one of the world’s wonders that attract visitors throughout the world. Diverse landscape, beautiful climate, and over 1,000 islands are all the main reasons to attract visitors.


Admission in Greek Universities For Pakistani Students

Greek institutes offer lots of study program to national as well as international students. The admission requirements of Greece universities for international students including Pakistani students vary from institute to institute or study program to study program. Most of the international students join Greek universities for higher education purposes. Students get enrollment in Bachelor, Master and Doctoral levels study program in Greece Universities. Most of the general requirements for this education level are given below:

Bachelor Degree

Master Degree

Ph.D. degree

Original and attested copies of higher secondary school certificate or diploma

Bachelor degree or 16 years education with required GPA

Master degree or 18 years education with required GPA

University entrance exam passed certificate (required by some universities)

Applicants have to pass the university entrance exam (if required)

All the previously issued transcripts

All previously issued original and copies transcripts

All the previously issued transcripts

Language proficiency proof through IELTS or TOEFL certification with required bands or scores

Language proficiency is required. For this purpose, applicants have to show IELTS or TOEFL exams certificates with required bands or scores

IELTS or TOEFL certification with required bands or scores is required for giving the proof of language proficiency

Applicants must give a declaration that they do not hold any higher education degree from Greek institutes

A declaration that students have not got any degree from Greece previously

A declaration which says you do not hold any higher education degree from any Greek Institute

Applicants have to show good research work in the relevant field

A duly filled and signed application form is required

A completed filled application form with the sign is required

Impressive theses approved by good faculty

Travel or identity documents are required

Travel or identity documents with suitable validity are required

A completed filled and signed application form

Academic Calendar of Greece Universities 2022-2023



Fall/Winter Semester

October to February

Spring/Summer Semester

February to July

Application Process of Greece

  1. Applicants, first of all, chose their right study program.

  2. The very next step is to find the best university according to your selected study program.

  3. Now, take the complete review of the eligibility criteria or admission requirements.

  4. If you are meeting completely with the requirements then apply for admission.

  5. For making your admission proposal secure applicants are recommended to apply for more than universities.

  6. Applicants are to inform that most of the Greek universities offer an online method for application submission. However, if they are facing any issue regarding application submission then they can contact Study Abroad Consultants. After clicking you will be directed to Pakistan’s best consultants

  7. Once, you have submitted your application, you will have to wait for the process. If you will be selected you will be offered an acceptance letter.


Estimated Study and Living Cost in Greece

Study cost is the main factor affecting directly to the study abroad journey of international students. Every year thousands of students make a plan to study abroad but a lot of students exist who leave their dreams in a way without bringing them to the destination because they cannot afford the study cost. Actually, a huge difference exists between Pakistani and European currency which deals in Euros. In the case of Greece, the same difference comes to see. That is why, sometimes, it comes as a hard challenge to face.

Well, study cost is, no doubt, a big challenge but at the same time another big challenge comes to see, is the living cost. It does not matter where you are living. You need all the basic essentials to have a normal lifestyle. These basic essentials costly while living in Greece. Well, here we are going to give you a complete assessment which will allow you to make a proper budget plan for study and living in Greece.

Study Cost

Following are the study costs you must pay for making your journey come true:

Previous Academic Certificates

For obtaining admission at any level students need to show the academic background. If you are going to get enrolment in bachelor, master or doctoral program then you have to show secondary school certificate, bachelor degree, and master degree respectively. No doubt, for obtaining these degrees from recognized institute students have to pay the heavy amount.

Language Proficiency Test

Greece institutes require language proficiency certificates. Students are to inform that they get preparation of these test in almost 5,000 to 10,000 PKR. Currently, the IELTS examination fee is almost 30,000 PKR.

Application Process

For application process students have to pay some reasonable amount. Students apply for more than one universities and single university application process fee rounds from 20,000 PKR to 30,000 PKR.

Visa Fee

Students need a D-type visa for the full-time study program. The fee of the D-Type visa is 90 EURs.

Tuition Fee

Following is the fee structure for International students including Pakistani students:

Bachelor Degree Bachelor Degree International students pay 1,100 to 9,000 EURs per year for Master Degree.
Master Degree International students pay 1,500 to 9,000 EURs per year for Master Degree.
Ph.D. or Doctoral Degree Around 1,500 EURs is a fee of Ph.D. or Doctoral degree in Greece for International students.


Living Cost

Of course, you have got the complete idea of your study cost for Greece. Now, we are going to discuss the living cost for Greece. Following is the structure designed for assessing the living cost in Greece.

Academic Calendar



Accommodation (in city center)

230 Euros to 300 Euros per month

Accommodation (outside of city center)

210 Euros to 350 Euros per month

Utility Bills

100 to Euros 120 EURs per month


Around 200 EURs per month


Around 300 EURs (Monthly Pass)


Pair of Jeans: From 70 EURs to 80 EURs

Pair of Shoes: From 60 EURs to 80 EURs

Summer Dress: From 20 EURs to 30 EURs


50 to 100 EURs per month

How To Get Greek Student Visa

For obtaining entrance permission most of the international students require a visa. Actually, all the students out of EU or EEA require a visa for getting entrance permission into Greece for studies or higher education purposes and Pakistani students are not exceptional in this case.

Students are to inform that first they will apply for admission in any recognize Greek university. Once, their proposal submitted and they will be provided with acceptance letter only then they will become able to apply for the visa. Remember that without getting an acceptance letter from a Greek university you will not be able to apply for a student visa or student permit of Greece Here the student will find the complete detail that what are the types of visa for study purpose? What the required documents are? And how to apply for a visa?

Types of Student Visa

Following are the general types for visa:

Short Term Visa (C-Type Visa)

This is also known as the Schengen visa and is offered to the students who are going to apply short term duration. Students are allowed to get 90 days or 3 months stay in Greece on behalf of this visa.

Long Term Visa (D-Type Visa)

This is also called a residence permit. All those applications who are going to enroll in regular or full-time study program are asked to apply for the D-Type visa. The visa is valid for one year and is also extendable if needed.

Documents Required

Following are the required documents to apply for Greece residence permit or study permit:

Acceptance Letter: A completely filled and signed application form is required.

Valid Travel Documents: Valid Travel document such as passport with at least 6 months validity is required.

Identity Documents: National ID card or one recent photograph are required to submit.

Visa Fee Proof: A receipt of paid visa fee you will submit while submitting your application.

Medical Clearance Certificate: A medical clearance certificate which will show your complete health status is required to submit.

Police Clearance Certificate: A police clearance certificate is required which will show your character of living i.e. have your involvement in any offense or not.

Health Insurance: At the time of visa application submission applicants are also required to show international or travel health insurance certificate which will cover at least 30,000 EURs.

Financial Statement: Financial Statement is required which will give the proof that you can bear the study and living expenses for studying and living in Greece.

Language Proficiency Proof: Must give Greek language proficiency proof or English language proficiency proof.

Application Process

Applicants, first of all, will get the acceptance letter from recognizing Greek university. Then they will require to gather the complete supporting documents. Then they will apply application to the consulate nearby them or the online mode of application will run to process your application. However, if you are not so familiar with the application process then you are to be recommended to apply through Pakistan’s Best Study Abroad Consultants. Visa application process lasts until one month normally.

Visa Fee

Short Term C-Type Visa: Visa fee is 60 EURs

Long Term D-Type Visa: Visa Fee is 90 EURs 

Living and Accommodation Options in Greece

Living and Accommodation Options in Greece No doubt, applicants face many challenges while submitting their application for admission and for the visa too. But, once, if you have got the admission and visa then do not think that you have clear all the challenges. This is because the main or biggest challenge you will find after reaching your destination. This biggest challenge is to manage your accommodation and living style in Greece.

Here we have grabbed all the possible information which will enable you to know the modes of the accommodation offered by Greece.

Types of Accommodation

Students are provided with several types of accommodation in Greece. These are included on on-campus accommodation as well as off-campus accommodation. Both these types of accommodation have their own specifications and tastes. Following is the detail about these modes of accommodation:

On-Campus Accommodation

Almost all the recognized institutes i.e. colleges and universities of Greece offer accommodation option to international students. Students hall of residence is designed inside the campus or nearby the campus for this purpose. This is considered as an ideal case of living for international students. This is because international students are not so familiar with the living style and at the same time on campus accommodation provide the potential chances of growth, especially to international students.

Benefits of On-Campus Accommodation

Following are the mentionable benefits students can find as living inside the campus or near to the campus:

  1. Students are provided with both opportunities shared and separate apartments just according to their need.

  2. On-campus accommodation option exists with all the basic needs of having a sound lifestyle.

  3. Students are, sometimes, provided with three-time food facilities as living in On-campus accommodation.

  4. Well-furnished and clean rooms are provided to the students.

  5. All the utilities or services including electricity, internet, AC, TV, and telephone, etc. are provided to the international students through on-campus accommodation.

Off-Campus Accommodation

Students who get fail in finding on-campus accommodation and those who are not having the taste to live inside the campus or want to explore the city where they are living can get many other ways of accommodation. This type of accommodation mode called off-campus accommodation. Following are the common modes of off-campus accommodation are discussed below and are easily accessible while living in Greece:

Private Apartments

Private apartments on rent are available in almost all the cities of Greece. This is the best way if you want to explore the city of the real Greek culture while your study stays in Greece. You will meet with the local or native people to get their experiences. The expenditure depends on the facilities and availability of the apartments.

Shared Apartments

This is another best way of off-campus accommodation to share the apartment of someone. In this way, you can get the company of someone and at the same time, you can also save some amount of money.


As living in Greece you can also get the opportunity to live with the native people as their paying guest. This is another ideal way to have a healthy lifestyle in Greece.


Jobs In Greece For International Students
During Study Jobs Opportunities

In European countries, international students are provided with the potential assistance or aids to ease their study program. Greece is not exceptional in this case. In the above sections we have read that it offers affordable tuition fee ranges, good living style within an affordable range, Greece scholarships are also provided to the international students to make them stress-free and much more. Now, another mentionable thing we have to discuss is whether Greece allows international students for employment or not.

Part Time Jobs for Students

International students are to inform that they can get the opportunity of employment while studying in Greece. According to the foreign affairs, international students are allowed to work up to 30 hours a week. However, in some special cases, for example, in summer vacations students are also provided with full-time jobs opportunities in Greece. The only reason to provide the employment opportunity is to offer the potential ways to students to make their studies easy. For obtaining employment opportunity students have to get permission from their institute and at the same time, they also require a job offer from a company or employer.

Part-Time Internship

In some cases, students are also provided with internship programs during and after their studies. Students are to inform that they need to get permission from their institute at which they are studying for the internship program. Internship programs are mostly unpaid and the only purpose of the internship is to get practical skills related to your studies.

Benefits of Part-Time Job And Internship

  • Part-time jobs are the ways to get potential financial aid for the completion of your studies.

  • Students can get working experience during their study period.

  • Students can build a good relation with local people and employer which may be helpful after completing their studies.

  • Students can get a good communication level while working with a multicultural environment.

  • Internships provide a good level of practical skills related to your studies.

  • You can get employment opportunities for a future time.

  • By making good relations with your employer you can get better career opportunities in the future.

Types of Students Jobs In Greece

If students get jobs according to their studies then it is well and good. In case you are not provided with the jobs according to your studies then do not be worried because there are many other opportunities you can get from Greeks. Following are the common students’ jobs:

  1. Subject Tutor

  2. Translator

  3. Delivery Boy

  4. Gas Station Jobs

  5. Helpers

  6. Salesmen

  7. BarTender

  8. Waiters

After Study Working Opportunities

Once you have completed your education you can get the possible ways to make your future bright from Greek land. This is because Greece offers employment opportunities to foreigners after completing their graduation from Greek.

Work Permit og Greece

But, for all the applicants outside from EU/EEA areas require to apply for a work permit without which the employment concept is not so clear.

How To Apply 

Applicants, first of all, apply for a long term visa or D-Type visa which allows the applicants to get stay for at least 90 days. Applicants will apply this from their home country.

After reaching Greece applicants will apply for a Work permit within 30 days. Remember that you need a valid employment contract for obtaining a work permit.

Process Time

Approximately 30 days are required to process your work permit

Student Visa Fee of Greece

Around 50 EURs is a fee for a work permit

PR and Residence of Greece

Permanent Residence of Greece for Foreign Students

Greece allows foreigners to get permanent residency in Greece under certain circumstances. Who is eligible for Permanent residency? What the documents required for permanent residency and what benefits the PR holder can get all are described below:

Who Is Eligible?

Greece allows international people to obtain permanent residency under the following conditions:

Applicants who need a fast residency must purchase a property of 250,000 EURs in Greece.

They can also purchase more than one property equal to an amount of 250,000 EURs

The property must be owned or in possession by the owner.

If the applicant has attained the property through a legal entity then he has to show 100% shares of the company.

The non-EU citizen who is the owner of one or more legal entities can also be provided with permanent residency if he is the sole owner.

Documents Required

Applicants need to show the following documents in order to obtain permanent residency:

  • A valid visa of Greece

  • Original and copies of passport

  • Recent 02 photos of passport size

  • Medical insurance proof

  • Health certificate issued by a Geek public hospital

  • Local residency proof

  • Sufficient financial resources proof to have an easy stay in Greece

  • Employment contract proof (if required)

Benefits of Permanent Residence of Greece

Once you will get the permanent residency then you can get the following benefits:

  • You will be able to travel across Europe freely

  • Greece offers the cost of living in affordable range as compared to the rest of the European countries

  • The permanent residency offers you the rights of free or lower tuition fee education

  • You can also apply for the PR of spouse and children under the age of 21

  • All the healthcare benefits you can obtain as other citizens get

  • This is the time to enjoy the beautiful landscape and sunny weather

  • After a certain interval of time, you can also apply for citizenship


Citizenship is considered as the legal connection between a person and a country. Greece under several circumstances offers citizenship to foreigners. For foreigners, the most common way to get citizenship is to get through the naturalization process.

What Are The Requirements To Apply For Citizenship Through Naturalization?

  • Be an adult or above than age of 18 at the time of application submission

  • Applicant must not have any criminal impediment during his/her stay in Greece

  • Applicant must not be expelled from Greece

  • The applicant is required to show a legal residence for at least 05, 07 or 03 years.

  • Applicant must hold a long term residence permit

Following Are The Required Documents To Apply For Citizenship Through Naturalization

  1. A valid copy of naturalization statement

  2. A valid copy of passport

  3. Copy of residence permit

  4. Copy of income statement for the last financial year

  5. Copy of birth certificate (if required)


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