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Study Abroad in Cyprus Single Page Guideline 2022 for Pakistani Students


Why Pakistani Students Should Study in Cyprus

Do you ever hear the name of Cyprus as study abroad destination? If yes then you, probably, familiar with the facts about Cyprus. But, if you are not so familiar about Cyprus and having no idea of its education system then you to inform that it could be your best study abroad destination. 

With sunny and sandy beaches, luxurious hotels, impeccable tourism services Cyprus attracts lots of tourist throughout the world every year. But, besides tourism, the thing which attracts foreigners is the education system of Cyprus. What does Cyprus offer to make its education system strong? Following are the trues reasons will clear this question. 

Higher Education System in cyprus Is Awesome 

The higher education system in Cyprus with reasonable quality offers to the national as well as international students. The idea of this thing we can grab from the fact that the Department of Higher Tertiary Education (DAAE) in Cyprus has taken the potential measures to offer extensions in funding, research, and academic study systems.   

Cyprus Universities Are Renowned Throughout The World  

The top universities located in Cyprus are renowned throughout the world. Good faculty, free and educated environment with constant development these universities are occupying the reasonable positions throughout the world. Cyprus universities also offer the scholarships to inetrantional students.

Bachelor Requirements

Master Requirements

Ph.D. Requirements

Original and attested copies of Matriculation and higher secondary school certificates

Bachelor degree according to Cyprus educational standard with required GPA is required

Master degree with Cyprus educational standard and required marks or GPA is required

Pass university examination test (require in some cases)

Pass entrance exam or admission exam is required in some case

All the transcripts from the previous institutes are required (original and attested copies)

Correctly filled and signed the admission application form

All the previous issued transcripts are required to show at the time of admission

Language proficiency is necessary for Ph.D. or doctoral level of studies. applicants must show IELTS or TOEFL certification with required bands or scores

Language proficiency test i.e. the English language is required with suggested scores. IELTS and TOEFL are the common tests for this purpose.

English language proficiency is required to show. For this purpose, applicants will show their proficiency trough test or certificates of IELTS or TOEFL with required bands or scores

In the relevant field, good research work is required

Applicants are to inform that score or grades in secondary education must be equal to the required merit by university

A completely filled and undersigned application is required to submit

Impressive theses will also be the reason for getting admission safely in Cypriot universities

Bank account statement of student or guardian for proof of study and living cost is required

A brief statement from the bank with the name of a student or guardian is required to show the ability to bear study and living cost

Can you bear the study and living expenditure? The explanation of this fact through the bank account statement of individual or guardian is necessary

The documents are required to be attested or verified by the ministry of education or foreign ministry of the home country

Applicants are required to submit the documents after attesting and verifying from education ministry or ministry of foreign affairs

All the documents must be attested or verified by the ministry of education or ministry of foreign affairs

Academic Calendar in Cyprus

Academic calendars differ from university to university and study level to study level or even from study subject to subject. Applicants are to be asked to direct contact with their institute where they are going to apply. But, for the convenience of the students general academic year is described here: 

Academic Calendar


Fall Semester

Fall semester runs from September to January

Spring Semester

Spring semester runs from January to July


Estimated Study And Living Cost in Cyprus for International Students 2022-2023

Study abroad is always a difficult task to cover. It does not matter where you are going to study. If your destination has a huge difference with the currency of your home country then you can find possible difficulties in managing your studies. 

But, students are to inform that once you have decided to study abroad and you have also chosen your destination. Then remove all the signs of anxiety from your face or mind. Just assess the expenditures of your study and living and plan a budget to manage your expenditures. For this purpose here we have grabbed all the expenditures related to study and living cost of Cyprus. Students can easily assess their costs and try to find a better budget plan for making their study plans come true for Cyprus.  

Study Cost in Cyprus for International Students 

Previous Academic Degrees: Actually the universities from every abroad destination ask about your study background and you have to show the previous academic certificates. Cypriot universities are not exceptional in this case. If you are going to get enrollment in bachelor, master or doctoral program then you have to show a high secondary school certificate, bachelor degree, and master degree respectively. In Pakistan, students pay a heavy amount for earning these degrees. 

Language Proficiency Test: For every single study program students are required to show the exceptional level of English language proficiency. For Pakistani students, IELTS and TOEFL are the common certifications. You have to pay from 5,000 PKR to 10,000 PKR for preparation and then for the examination, you have to pay around 30,000 PKR. 

Application Process: Most of the universities offer online application submission process. For submitting the application students have to go through a proper channel. Students are to inform that for single admission application 20,000 PKR to 30,000 PKR is required.    

Travel Documents: Travel documents are required to make sure your journey towards your destination. For Pakistani travel document i.e. passport normal fee is 5,400 PKR. It can vary from validity to vilify or passport pages to pages. 

Visa Fee of Cyprus: 

Tuition Fee: From university to university tuition fee of Cyprus University vary. However, the tuition fee can also vary from study level to study level i.e. bachelor, master and doctoral. For exact information, you can contact your institute. However, here is a brief estimation we have grabbed for our students:

Study Program

Study Cost

Bachelor Program

Study cost runs from 3,000 EURs to 3,600 EURs per year

Master Program

Study cost runs from 2,000 EURs to 2,500 EURs per year

Doctoral Program

Study cost runs from 2,000 EURs to 2,500 EURs per year

Pharmaceutical Degree

Study cost runs from 6,000 EURs to 7,000 EURs per year

Living Cost in Cyprus for Students

We hope that from the above estimation you can easily assess your study cost for study in Cyprus. Now, here we are going to take a brief estimation of living expense in Cyprus. 



Accommodation (Students Hall)

350 Euros to 400 Euros per month

Accommodation (Private room in City Center)

Accommodation (Private room out of city center)

550 Euros to 600 Euros per month

450 Euros to 500 Euros per month

Utility Bills

120 to Euros 150 EURs per month


Around 1000 EURs per month


One way ticket of City is around 150 EURs


Pair of Jeans: From 60 EURs to 70 EURs

Pair of Shoes: From 60 EURs to 70 EURs

Summer Dress: From 30 EURs to 40 EURs


50 to 100 EURs per month


Cyprus Study Visa Intake 2022-2023

Visa is, actually, the sign of permission to get entrance into the country for which you are wired or unknown. Whatever your reason to visit you need a visa for a country which does not allow you to get free entrance. For the Non-EU students especially Pakistani students a visa is required to get entrance permission in Cyprus for study purposes. Applicants must keep it in mind that Here at this section students are provided with the complete detail that how to apply for a Cyprus student visa, what are the documents required to apply for a visa, what is the duration for visa processing and what is the visa cost.

How to Apply for Cyprus Visa?

An international student who is going to apply for full-time study with at least 12 credit hours in a semester is required to apply for the visa.

Applicants who will get an acceptance letter or confirmation letter from the cyprus university will apply for visa application to the consulate or embassy located in their home country. However, applicants are also provided with the facility to apply and get a study visa from Cyprus. The second option is for those who do not have the Cyprus embassy in their home country.

For Pakistani students, it is to be informed that Cyprus consulate or embassy exists in Pakistan. So, they have to apply for a visa from Pakistan before departing to Cyprus.

Documents Required to Apply for Cyprus student Visa from Pakistan

Acceptance Letter: A valid acceptance letter from a recognized Cypriot university is required.

Application Form: A completely filled and signed application form is required to submit.

Academic Transcripts: All the previous academic transcripts are required to show your educational background.

Documents of Identity: Recent passport size photographs (04 in number) are required.

Document of Travel: Travel document i.e. passport with validity is required to obtain a visa.

Language Proficiency: Embassy also wants to know the language proficiency level.

Fee Receipt: Embassy will ask for a proof of paid fee. Applicants will submit the receipt of paid fee along with their application. The application fee ranges from 15 to 30 EURs.

Police Clearance Certificate: A character certificate from your local or home country police department is required to show your character into your country. The certificate from the police department is not older than one year.

Bank Account Statement: Bank account statement with the name of applicants or guardians is required to show. This statement will show that the applicants can bear the expenses of study and live in Cyprus.

Application Process of Duration: Applicants through following steps will submit the visa application:

Once applicants will get the acceptance letter they will be eligible to apply for the visa.

Applicants must attach all the above mentioned supporting documents along with their application.

Applicants are asked to submit their file or application at the local consulate or embassy near to them.

Once their application will be submitted, they have to wait for some days and normally within 02 weeks applicants get their visa if there is no any objection happens.

Visa Fee: 34,17 EURs is student visa fee. However, students may have to apply some additional amount for renewal of the visa.


Living and Accommodation Options in Cyprus

The accommodation arrangement is the major task for the students to do for making their study abroad journey safe and easy. Find accommodation is the very next challenge when students plan the budget for their studies and living. But, once again, we will inform our students that do not worry at all. This is because here at this sections students are completely provided with the modes and options of accommodation they can find for living Cyprus.

Types of Accommodation in Cyprus

Cyprus is the most beautiful place to live and to explore the exceptional experience of the world. International students find both of the options of accommodation i.e. on-campus accommodation and off-campus accommodation. Both ways have their own taste and benefits. Following is the complete discussion about these both options are arranged. Check out this detail and choose your best option.

On-Campus Accommodation in Cyprus Universities

On-campus mode of accommodation means students live inside the campus or close to the campus where they have enrolled for the study. This is considered as the best option than that of off-campus accommodation. The main reason behind it is that the foreigners do not familiar with the living style and living standard of a new country. They cannot easily adjust to it. So, they have to stay inside the campus. Off-campus accommodation is reasonably less costly. Students can find accommodation between 350 and 400 EURs.

Benefits of On-Campus Accommodation in Cyprus

Following are the main benefits of on-campus accommodation: 

  1. On-campus accommodation can save your money and time at the same time.

  2. You can get more security and safety while living inside the campus.

  3. Easy access towards restaurants, cafeteria and play area on-campus accommodation option provides to the students.

  4. Students, in some cases, also provide with fresh meal facility even in their rooms.

  5. The accommodation option by your campus offers you well-furnished rooms.

  6. All the basic needs including furniture, electricity, gas, washroom, internet TV and telephone provided by the on-campus accommodation.

Off-Campus Accommodation

Well, if you are not so shy and can adjust yourself in a new environment then you can get the options of off-campus accommodation. Sometimes, due to lack of opportunity students do not able to find on-campus accommodation and sometimes students are excited in exploring the world while studying abroad. So, under these circumstances, students also look for the option of off-campus accommodation.

Following are the types of off-campus accommodation:

Living With Friends Or Family

If your family members or relatives are living already there in Cyprus then it is the best option for you to explore the world. You can overcome the living standard of Cyprus easily with a proper guideline from your family.

Paying Guest

Cypriot people are so loving. They welcome the foreigners and they even allow them especially students to live with them. Paying guest in Cyprus is the best and easy mode of accommodation.

Private Apartments

There are also students exist who do not compromise with their privacy. For those students, the best option is to rent their own apartments.

Shared Rooms

If you are looking for an off-campus mode of accommodation and at the same time you want to save your money then shared apartment of the room is the ideal option for you.


Jobs In Cyprus For International Students During Study Jobs Opportunities

Are Student Allow to Get Job While Studying In Cyprus?

Well, it is the most common discussion comes to see in case of study abroad program that students ask whether they will be allowed to work during studies or not. The same case is seeing by the students who are willing to get study opportunities in Cyprus.

Students are to inform that Cyprus generally does not allow the international students to get involved in any activity other than studies like finding a part-time job in cyprus. However, it is difficult but not impossible. This is because under some genuine reasons Cyprus allows the international students to get involvement in jobs and internship activities.

Actually, there are some study programs for which students must have the practical skills to appear for the examination. For this purpose, students are allowed to do part-time jobs or internships. But, for obtaining these opportunities students must have an employment or internship contract from a legal organization or they need to get permission from the institute at which they are enrolled.

Part Time Jobs in Cyprus

If they get permission then students are allowed to work for up to 20 hours a week. However, the duration can exceed during summer vacations and other vocational periods.

Part-Time Internship

As we have discussed above that for some study programs students are asked to get practical skills. For this purpose, the internship is the ideal situation. But, for obtaining internship opportunity students have to get internship contract or permission from the university.

Benefits of Part-Time Job And Internship in Cyprus

Following are the genuine benefits students can find through part-time jobs and internships:

  1. Part-time jobs help students to maintain their budget of study cost and living cost.

  2. Nostalgia is a bad disease by which international students suffer. Part-times jobs kill such diseases.

  3. Part-time jobs allow you to make the local people your good acquaintances.

  4. Internships offer exceptional practical skills that can lead you towards a good career path.

  5. During internships, you can get the opportunity to find permanent employment opportunities.

After Study Jobs Opportunities

Who Is Eligible To Apply For?

Cyprus offers opportunities for permanent employment to the foreigners who have done their higher education from Cyprus and those who have done their studies from somewhere else but having the wish to do work in Cyprus.

Foreigners are to inform that Cyprus offers the working opportunities only such situation when there is no person available for the vacant positions with the relevant skills.

Required Documents to apply for Work Permit of Cyprus

  1. Application forms number M.58 and M.64 are required

  2. Photocopy of travel document such as a passport

  3. Criminal record certificate with clean character is required

  4. The medical certificate with the proof of good health

  5. A bank guarantee letter with 200-500 Cypriot Euros is required

  6. A valid employment contact which will show the stamp of the Department of Labour of the Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance and Revenue Stamp Registrar’s stamp is necessary to show.

  7. Application submission fee i.e. 20 Cypriot EURs


PR & Citizenship of Cyprus

Cyprus Permanent residency to foreigners, who show their great interest and loyalty for Cyprus. According to the recent survey of 2017, a report has come to see that there are 2.4 million people migrated to the EU from non-EU countries. So, people are tending to move on Europe and European countries allow people with exceptional working skill, prolonged stay in Europe and Cyprus is one of those countries. One of the best and quick way to get permanent residency in Cyprus is to apply through investment. However, there are some other ways also exist.

All the possible ways to get permanent residency in Cyprus are discussed here. Read out all these carefully and examine which is the best option for you:

Permanent residency Through Investment

If the applicant has the property or investment equal to 300.000 EURs he can claim for the permanent residency to Cyprus. It is considered as the best and fast way to get permanent residency in Cyprus.

Permanent Residency through Prolonged Stay

Applicants who are currently residing in Cyprus for the last continuous five years in Cyprus are also welcome by Cyprus to join it through Permanent residency permit

Permanent Residency through Family Member

Permanent residency can also be obtained on behalf of the family member who has got the permanent residency already from Cyprus.

Benefits of Permanent Residency

Once you will obtain the permanent residence then you will be able to get the following rights and benefits:

  1. Cyprus residence permit is, under certain conditions like PR through investment, a lifetime residence permit and the holders do not need to renew this

  2. Residence permit through family member allows you to get the residency for at least five years.

  3. Once you have got the residence permit you can easily apply for Schengen visa. Moreover, it is expecting that Cyprus will enter soon into the Schengen areas.

  4. With a lower crime rate and lower living cost you can get the stress free lifestyle in Cyprus.

  5. By showing physical appearance in Cyprus after getting permanent residency you can also claim for Cypriot citizenship.

  6. Cyprus does not apply the Inheritance tax

  7. All the basic educational and medical facilities you can get as the local citizens are getting in Cyprus.

  8. You will have the rights to live and work freely in Cyprus after obtaining permanent residency in Cyprus.

Citizenship of Cyprus

Cyprus is so loving and acceptable country to such an extent that it does not only offer Cyprus permanent residency but also offers Cyprus citizenships to the foreigners. Applicants who are currently living in Cyprus for at least 07 years. For claiming the citizenship or Cypriot passport it is necessary for the applicants to show 5 years continuous stay in Cyprus.

However, another best and fast way also exists for obtaining Cypriot citizenship and that is to apply through investment. If you can invest an amount equal to 500,000 EURs then you can claim for citizenship of Cyprus.

Moreover, there are some other genuine reasons also available for obtaining citizenship and these are included on citizenship by birth, citizenship by descent, citizenship by naturalization, Cyprus citizenship by registration, and citizenship by marriage, etc.


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