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A Complete Guideline for Pakistani Students to Study in Belgium from Pakistan 2022


Why Pakistani Students Should Study in Belgium 2022-2023

So you are heard about Belgium and the question is knocking the door of your mind how this could be the best study abroad journey? Then you have to take a brief review on this page. Well, instead of its gorgeous historic moments, series of castles, beautiful infrastructure, delectable foods, amazing festivals there are much more things to draw of this most beautiful area of Europe.

Belgium is relatively small in area but has a mighty global footprint. Belgium offers adventurous tour services and at the same time, it is also known as the house of a quality higher education in Belgium for International students. What are the things that make the education system of Belgium exceptional? If you are thinking the same, then the below-mentioned reasons will be enough for you to choose Belgium as your favorite study abroad destination:

Educational Opportunities in Belgium for Pakistani Students

Every best study abroad destination for Pakistani students is best in providing good quality education. But from the Alumni reviews, it has seen that you are provided with the accuracy of the programs for which you are longing from Belgium Universities. There are almost all types of educational courses are teaching by the high faculties in Belgium.

Top Rated Universities in Belgium for International Students 2022-2023

Worldwide recognize universities are located there in Belgium. Here is the list of worldwide top rated universities located in Belgium you can find:


Worldwide Rank

KU Leuven


Ghent University


University Catholique De Louvain (UCL)


Virje Universiteit Brussel (VUB)


University of Antwerp


Universite Libre De Bruxelles


Universite De Leige


Multilingual Culture

Dutch, French, and German are the three official languages in German. Instead of them, there is fluency in the English Language also come to see by many people. So, it is the way to experience multi languages while studying in Belgium.

A House of Scholarships in Belgium 2022

There are numbers of government and private latest scholarships in Belgium 2022-2023 programs offer to international students.

Following are the government Scholarships programs:

Following are the private Belgium Scholarships programs 2022-2023:

  • Science@Leuven Scholarships for International Students:

  • The IRO Doctoral Scholarship Programme at K.U. Leuven:

  • Liege University Scholarships for International Students:

  • Fulbright Scholarship

Local People are So Friendly

Open heart local people you find in Belgium which offer you a friendly environment to live a sound lifestyle while studying in Belgium. You are offered with delicious foods, living opportunities and festivals by the local people.


Admission in Belgium Universities for Pakistani Students 2022-2023

Every year thousands of international students from various regions of the world come to get enrollment in Belgian Universities. Belgian Universities offer admission from Bachelor to Master and Research degree programs too. In almost all the fields or areas of studies, international students can get enrollment.

Here we are going to explain the complete criteria or requirements to get enrollment in Bachelor, master, and Research or Ph.D. programs.

  • Bachelor Degree in Belgium for Pakistani students 2022-2023

Most of the Belgian Universities offer 3 years bachelor degree with 180 ECTS credits to both national as well as international students. This is the professional academic degree and is the gateway towards a master degree.

  • Master Degree in Belgium Universities Criteria for Pakistani students 2022-2023

There are two options for master degree in Belgium Requirements for Pakstani students 2022-2023. Students can find a 01-year master degree or 02 years master degree with 60 or 120 ECTS credits just according to their choice and taste. Master degree offers with specialized contents and it is the gateway towards the research degree in a specialized subject.

  • Ph.D./ Research Degree criteria in Belgium Universities for Pakistani Students 2022-2023

04 years of professional studies are teaching in the Ph.D. program by Belgian Universities. Students are asked to apply on the base of master degree with a specialized subject or study program.

Following Are The General Requirements To Get Admission In Belgian Universities 2022



PhD/ Research

Higher secondary school certificate and leaving certificate is required

Bachelor honor degree or 16 years of education is required to apply for a Master degree

Master degree or 18 years of education is required to get enrollment in the Ph.D. program

For bachelor degree, most of the universities require an entrance exam by international students

Bachelor degree must be passed from a recognized university

Applicants must show the previous degree master or Mphil with required grades or CGPA

English language proficiency certificate I.e. IELTS or TOEFL which is internationally recognized is required

English language proficiency certification in any of these IELTS or TOEFL from a recognized organization is required

The impressive thesis under the supervision of professional or qualified teachers are required to submit

Applicants must meet with the minimum grade to beat the admission criteria

Applicants are asked to show the professional experience in the relevant subject

Any other additional requirement required by the university can be applied

University test and interview are necessary to pass

Motivation letter and reference letter are required to show


Application Process in Belgium Universities for Pakistani Students 2022-2023

Likewise the universities of all other developed countries, Belgian universities also offer a proper channel to apply for admission. Following steps will count to apply for a safe application:

First of all, chose the right degree program for you. In Belgium following are considered as the best study programs:

  • Economics

  • Business Administration

  • Computer Science & IT

  • Physics

  • Political Science

  • Now choose the best university according to your study program.

  • Prepare yourself to apply. Make it sure you are fulfilling all the requirements required by the university.

  • Mostly, students are asked to apply online application process. However, students can also find the help of Study Abroad Consultants for this purpose.

  • Make it sure that you are going to apply within deadlines.

  • Once you have applied now wait for your acceptance letter.

Tuition Fee of Belgium Universites for Pakistani students 2022-2023 



PhD/ Research

For bachelor degree, tuition fee ranges from £525- 2,537

For master degree, tuition fee ranges from £3,096-4257

For Doctoral degree tuition fee ranges from €461 to €835 and it varies from university to university

Academic Calendar of Belgium Universities 2022-2023

  • Deadline for applicants who need a visa is 1st of March

  • In the month of October, the autumn semester starts

  • In the month of February, the spring semester starts


How Pakistani Students can Get Belgian Student Visa 2022-2023

Students from all those countries outside from EU/EEA required to apply for Belgian Student Visa. This student visa is the permission to get entrance into Belgium. Once, your proposal of admission accepted from a Belgian Institutes they send an acceptance or offer letter. On behalf of this acceptance letter students are allowed to apply for a student visa. What are the types of visas, what are the general or basics requirements to get the Belgium student visa? What are the application process and visa fee of Belgium for Pakistani students? all are described here.

Types Of Student Visa

Getting entrance permission for various purposes there are various types of visas have shown by the Belgium Government. Following are the types of student visas:

D-Type Students Visa

In order to get entrance permission for study students are asked to apply for D-Type visa. The validity of visa is for up to 90 days. But, for the full-time study program, it is not just enough.


Residence Permit of Belgium for Pakistani students 

Once you have reached in Belgium within Wight days you have to submit the application for a residence permit in Belgium. This residence permit will allow you to live and study in Belgium for the required time. Moreover, this residence permit also allows international students to get a work permit for part-time employment in Belgium during their studies.

Following documents are required to apply for Belgium Student Visa for Pakistani Students:

  • Admission letter or confirmation letter from a Belgian recognized university is required

  • Valid travel and identity documents i.e. passport and ID card are required to submit

  • Two original visa application forms are required.

  • Copies of the educational certificate are required

  • Cover letter or motivational letter is required

  • You have to give a proof of sufficient money to lead a normal lifestyle in Belgium (minimum 604 EURs/per month)

  • A medical certificate is required

  • Health insurance is required

  • Proof of visa fee is required to submit at the time of application submission.

  • A recent Police Character Certificate PCC is required to submit.

Application Process Detail of Belgium student Visa for Pakistani Students 2022-2023

  1. Applicants can apply online visa application and they can also contact at their local embassy or consulate services.

  2. Once you have registered online make it sure that you are providing the complete or sufficient documents with your application form.

  3. Pay visa fee and also add the receipt into your supporting documents.

  4. Once, your application has submitted you have to wait for at least 04 weeks for your visa approval.

  5. Once you will get your visa you are allowed to travel.

For safe application process, applicants are recommended to apply through Study Abroad Consultants of Belgium in Pakistan 

Student Visa Fee of Belgium in Pakistan 2022

Student visa fee for Belgian is 180 EURs.


Estimated Study and Living Cost in Belgium for Pakistani Students

From the greatest and affordable places in the region of Europe, Belgium is the one. Belgium, no doubt, offers you the great adventurous experience and at the same time the thing which is noticeable you can afford your adventures easily. But, the question is that what is the exact amounts or prices you have to pay for studying and living in Belgium?

Here the complete calculation has provided to the students how much they will spend before arriving and how much it costs to get the study experience in the availability of delicious waffles and chocolates.

Before Departing Costs

What are the costs students pay to assess their study abroad journey? All possible aspects of assessment you will find here:

Academic Certificates: For obtaining admission in higher education in Belgium for Pakistani students need a secondary school or undergraduate degree to show. The Pakistani education system is on the growing point nowadays. For obtaining secondary and undergraduate degrees students pay a lot of money.

Language Skill Test: After getting secondary school or undergraduate degree another thing which is the main part to make your journey possible is language proficiency test for Pakistani students. For almost all the study abroad destinations, Pakistani students are required to show English language proficiency. This takes a lot of charges. For example, an IELTS test requires almost 30K PKR for appearing.

Admission Process in Belgium Universities for International students 2022: Once, you have gathered your academic and supporting documents then you are to be recommended to apply for admission. Students are to be suggested to apply for more than one universities for making their admission safe and secure. Students are to inform that from Pakistan 20K to 30K they spend for sending an admission application to European Countries.

Travel Documents: Once, you have got admission then you need travel documents to make your journey possible. Passport is the only travel document makes your journey possible towards other countries. 5400 is the normal fee for an ordinary passport. It may vary from passport category to category.

Belgium Student Visa Fee for Pakistani Students: 180 EURs is the Belgium student visa fee which students have to pay before getting their visa.

Pocket Money: You are going to distant places from your home. You won’t get anyone to help you financially. So, you have to take a potential amount of money with you for your personal expenses. Well, this depends upon you how much do you spend.

After Departing Costs

Following are the costs factor you will face after reaching your destination:

Accommodation: After reaching to the destination there are many challenges students find to resolve. One of them is accommodation. Accommodation is the basic need without which student cannot survive healthily. Around 500 EURs a student spends for having good and reasonable accommodation.

Tuition Fee: Before talking about the cost of study students have to know that Belgium has divided into three different regions. These regions involve in the Capital region, Flemish region, and Walloon region. International students pay not more than five times than that of the EU students in the Flemish region. In Walloon region fee structure is different but it starts from 1000 EURs. The Capital region is, somehow, costly.

Living Style: Belgium offers a secure and healthy environment to live a sound lifestyle. At the same time, it also offers a good lifestyle within a reasonable price range. Following is the cost of living according to areas has defined:


Cost of Living


From 780 to 1,230 EURs


From 890 to 1,300 EURs


From 750 to 1,200 EURs

Leuven /td>

From 800 to 1,300 EURs


From 700 to 1,100 EURs


Living and Accommodation Options in Belgium for Pakistani students 2022-2023

What are actual things make your living style proper? This is another question rises from the student's side. All the basic things that you need for a normal living style are discussed here. Moreover, students are also provided with the modes of accommodation that are normal in Belgium.


Accommodation may be of communal or individual. This all depends upon your mode and nature. Following are the types of accommodation are common in Belgium:

University Halls Of Residence: Students are to be informed that university halls of residence are the best way of accommodation. This is also called as on-campus accommodation. Students can find other basic living needs by this mode of accommodation. Around 200-400 EUR/month students pay for university halls of residence.

Private Rooms: Students who do not get the facilities of on-campus accommodation in Belgium for Pakistani students are to be asked to get private rooms. Flats, hostels and private rooms are the common modes of accommodation in Europe. Belgium also offers this mode of accommodation. Around 500 is the cost of private rooms for students accommodation.

Rental Apartments/Studio: If you are a shy person and do not want to live with your classmates at university residence halls and you also do not want to share the flat and private rooms, then students studio is the best option for you. But you are to be informed that these are costly than that of other modes of accommodation. Around 600-700 EUR/month is the average cost of studio accommodation.

Other Modes of Accommodation

European are so friendly and loving nature people. They appreciate the foreigners especially students who move to distant places for the sake of studies and good career level. they allow the foreigners to live with them as paying guest. You can share the rooms with the native people within reasonable expenditures.

Students can also share the rooms with their senior and classmates. In this way, they can save money for other original purposes.

Where To Find Accommodation?

Once, you have done with the accommodation types then you have to look for the safe ways to find the best accommodation. Avoid the frauds and pay to the right persons. However, here we have found the possible ways to find secure accommodation:

  • First of all contact with your university supporting department. They will teach you about a single aspect that you need.

  • If you have any family member or relative then you can easily find the best and secure accommodation because the family members know the rules and regulations already.

  • Contact with real estate agents which are registered. They find the best option for you.

  • You can search through online web portals. But make it sure that the web portals are genuine.

Living Options/Style in Belgium

There are some major things that contribute to offer you a normal but healthy living style. Following is the list of living components with their expenditures:



Food and Grocery

Around 500 EURs/Months

Public Transport

Around 50 EURs/Months

Books and Course

Around 50 EURs/Months

Health Insurance

Around 30 EURs/Months


Around 10 EURs Cinemas Tickets

Electricity and Gas

Around 103 EURs/Months

Phone and Internet

Around 100 EURs/Months

Branded Pair of Jeans

Around 85.06 EURs

Pair of branded Shoes

Around 85 to 100 EURs


Latest Jobs In Belgium For International Students 2022-2023

Most of the international students to meet with their basic living requirements look for a job. Due to the high difference in currency Pakistani students, sometimes, feel it difficult to bear their expenditures. Under such circumstances, they look for part-time jobs in Belgium.

Does Belgium Allow International Students To Do Job?

We have already discussed the fact that Europe is so loving nature to foreigners, especially to students. It allows international students to work at least 38 hours a week or 475 hours a year. But, international students are strictly prohibited to break the rule under which they are allowed to work part-time.

How Pakistani Students can Get Job in Belgium?

Following are the eligibilities to apply for part-time jobs in Belgium for Pakistani students:

  1. Students are allowed for part time jobs only when if they have a genuine working contract from a company or employer.

  2. Students have to show a written contract with an employer or company.

  3. Only full-time students can apply for a part-time job.

  4. Students are to be asked to fulfill their academic and attendance requirements for obtaining job opportunities.

  5. Applicants are asked to apply for C type work permit to get the job opportunity while studying in Belgium.

C-Type Work Permit For Students

It is the type of residence permit for those who live temporarily in Belgium i.e. for study purposes and others.

Students are allowed to take the complete rights of employment but under the limited time which allowed to them.

How To Find Jobs While Studying?

Once, you have got the residence permit or C type work permit then you have become eligible to apply for work.

  1. Now, you need to find jobs. For this purpose, you can apply inside your institute. Several types of part-time jobs are available even into your campus.

  2. Meet your senior students and roommates who are already engaged with part-time jobs activities. They will be helpful for you.

  3. Meet your local consulate at Belgium they will also support you to find a job.

  4. Search on social media platforms. This platform also, sometimes, helpful to find a job.


After Study Working Opportunities in Belgium for Pakistani Students 2022-2023

Once, you have got a degree from Belgium then you have open the doors of opportunities for you. Now, this is the time to move on and break the grounds. Belgium employers and companies appreciate the graduates who have done their degrees from Belgian universities.

Once, you got the degree you are not allowed to search and take for a job at student visa. You have to come back to your home or Pakistan and then apply for a job.

There are following working opportunities or work permits Belgium allows to international candidates:

Work permit Type B

Work permit type B is the permission to get entrance into Belgium for work purposes. This permit allows the candidates to work for specified positions at specified employers or companies. The validity of this work permit is for 12 months. However, you will be able to extend or renew this.

This permit is offered to the candidates on behalf of employers’ sponsorships and in some cases, the labor market tests are also required to be passed.

Work Permit Type A

Work permit type A is different than that of the permit type B. this permit allows the candidates to work anywhere without any restrictions

This permit issues to the candidates who are working or living on permit type B for at least 10 years. Applicants with the following categories are not allowed to apply for A-type permit:

  1. Highly skilled workers

  2. Au pairs

  3. Trainees

  4. Workers on temporary assignment

  5. Researchers

  6. Guest professors

Professional Card:

Those applicants who are looking for self-employment or business activities in Belgium are required to apply for Professional Card. they can perform all types of legal business activities as living in Belgium.


PR & Citizenship of Belgium 2022-2023

If you are residing in Belgium for at least five uninterrupted years and are longing to have more stay in Belgium then you are allowed to claim Permanent residence for Belgium.

There are certain types of permanent residence international candidates can find and on behalf of these permanent residences, candidates are also allowed to apply for citizenship under certain circumstances.

Following are the types of permanent residence to Belgium:

Electronic Residence Card Type B (Unlimited Stay)

All the applicants from a third country or country outside from EU are allowed to apply for Electronic residence card type B. applicants who are currently residing in Belgium for at least uninterrupted five years on the basis of employment are allowed to apply. Holders are registered with foreigners’ registry.

Holders of Electronic residence card type B are allowed to absent for at least one years from the territory of Belgium. But the holders cannot exceed the limit from one year. You have to come back to Belgium and keep your residency rights protected.

Electronic residence card type C (Establishment Rights)

Holders of electronic residence card type B has the ability to apply for electronic residence card type C which allows you to get establishment there in Belgium. Holders of electronic residence card type C get registration in civil registry than that of the foreigners’ registry.

The benefits of the civil registry are that you are to be entitled to several types of social welfare assistance that others are not provided.

Electronic residence card type D (A long Term Residency Status)

If you are residing in Belgium for five years of interruptions then you have also become able to apply for a long term residency status, electronic residence card type D.

The applicants who are having a monthly income of EUR 793 (plus EUR 264 per dependent) are allowed to apply for this residency status.

Applicants must be covered by the health insurance and must show they are not a risk for public security to be eligible for this status. Holders of this status also register with the civil registry.

For the maximum years of six continuously year the holders of D card can leave the Belgium territory. But, they must remain in the EU during this period. However, the holders of this residency status are also allowed to leave the EU for 12 consecutive months.

All the blue card holder applicants with five years stay without any interruption can also apply for this long term residency status.


How Pakistani students can apply for permanent residency in Belgium?

All those applicants who are non-EU national will submit their specific application to the local municipal office. For review, to the federal immigration office, your proposal or file will be submitted. In case your file will be considered as successful then you will be offered with the relevant residence card type.


Under certain circumstances, Belgium offers citizenship to foreigners. Following is the detail:

Who is Eligible?

  1. Applicants must be registered in the population registry

  2. Have a legal stay of at least five years

  3. Knowledge of one of the national languages is required

  4. Participation in economic life and social integration is required

How Pakistani students can Apply for the Citizenship of Belgium 2022?

  1. Applicants need an appointment to apply for.

  2. What are the Required Documents?

  3. Birth certificate

  4. Payment receipt of the registration fee

  5. Above mentioned eligibility proofs

  6. Marriage certificate (if applicable)

  7. Birth certificate of the child (if applicable)

Student visa Application Fee of Belgium for Pakistani students 2022-2023

  1. The application fee is 50 EURs

Application Process

  1. 6 months are required. 

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