Punjab Boards 10th Class Urdu and English Medium Books

Punjab Boards 10th Class Urdu and English Medium Books

The impact of books is more vivid in the education career. Books are considered as the major parts of the education system. Without books the education system can never be said as complete. The knowledge offers through the books is more than taking knowledge through other sources. And in education system the books are prepared by the most prestigious scholars of the nation or country. They gathered the antique level of education in specified manner for the specific level of education. However, we happily declaring the bulletin to our beloved students of 10th standard that they can get a complete set or course of books that are embossed for 10th standard.

10th class is considered as the major portion of education system throughout the world. Pakistan is never exceptional in this case. 10th standard of education is considered as the gateway towards the higher education. A good result in 10th standard offers you to take step into the higher journey of education. After completing the 10 standard of education the education system becomes specified or divided into various challenging classes. Till the matric level students asked to study the specified collections of books. However, after matriculation the students are allowed to choose the subjects of study just according to their own tastes and interests.

The books that we are provided here are the same text that are prepared by the government of Pakistan. The books are available in text or PDF form that every student will be able to get through an easy defined method. Students can take the complete view of the books and, furthermore, they are also going to be allowed to download these books.

Like 9th standard students of 10th standard are also classified into the same three categories. These categories are involved on Science group with computer studies, science group with biology studies and arts or humanity group of study. Students of science groups are asked to study the pre-defined and selected subjects. However, there is an option for the humanity group students to choose at least two optional subjects along with the compulsory subjects. The overall general subjects are comprised on Books of Urdu, English, Islamiyat Compulsory, Mathematics, Pak Studies, Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Punjabi, Civics, Education, Islamiyat Elective, General Science, Home Economics and some others.

Reasons To Provide The Online Sources Of Education

Following are the reasons to provide the Online Books or eBooks to the students:

  • It is considered as the need of latest running trends of the world.
  • Online education or study sources are available through flexible duration of time.
  • Online study sources including web sources and app sources have an easy access.
  • Online study sources are the ways to save money. This is because almost all the online study resources are free to browse.
  • It is also the way to save time. Because there are sources, for instance, Ilmkidunya.com that is provide the assistance about every single aspect about knowledge at one platform.
  • Students waste their much time in wondering here and there for collecting the helping materials. So, they can find all the helping material just after clicking some clicks.

From all the platforms on internet in providing educational assistance Ilmkidunya.com is the one that has dominated all over the platforms in Pakistan. It is running by a dedicated team that always keep ready to make the students aware even with a single sort of help. We provide the starting point of education after delivering the Admission Forms to the students. After getting enrolment students are provided with the Online Study Resources. These study resources are enough to get a good level of preparation of whole of the course or study session.


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