Career Opportunity after Pharm D

There are many career opportunities after D Pharmacy degree such as in Doctor of Medicine from which you can know Pharm D scope in Pakistan. Check out this page if you are waiting for Pharm D employment opportunities. After completion of Pharm D degree, a candidate must spend six months or one year as an internee in any field for good job. Every student has a dream to get good job after the completion of Pharm D degree because every student study and work hard for good,handsome, and reasonable salary.  

Career After Pharm D

The scope of D pharmacy in Pakistan can be judged in government sector and private sector with the help of job opportunities for Pharmacist. There are many career options after Pharm D in Pakistan for the students which can explain scope of Pharm D in Pakistan

D Pharmacy Scope in Pakistan

D pharmacy scope in Pakistan is increasing day by day as it is a professional degree. Pharmacy study in the colleges and universities is provided at the graduate and master's level. 21 universities are registered with the Pakistan Pharmacy Council for D Pharmacy. Some Pharm-D career prospects along with Pharm D jobs list and salaries are given below through which you will know best jobs after Pharm D.

Pharm D Scope in Pakistan Government Sector

  • Lecturer in government Universities and colleges
  • Jobs in Pakistan Pharmacist Association
  • Drug Inspector
  • Drug Testing Laboratories
  • Hospital Pharmacist at Govt hospitals

Scope of Pharm D in Pakistan Private Sector

  • Public & Private Hospitals
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Home Health Care
  • Own Retail Pharmacies
  • Distribution setup
  • Retail and community Pharmacy
  • Hospital Pharmacist at private hospitals
  • World health organization
  • Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan
  • Universities and Medical Colleges
  • Research Institute
  • Forensic Pharmacist
  • Cardiology

D Pharmacy Salary in Pakistan

Pharm D salary in Pakistan varies company to company. Moreover, the salary package for Pharm D in private sector and in government sector is also different. From the following salary ranges, it will be cleared that how much a pharmacist is earning in Pakistan. The salary package is based on the qualification as well. 

Category General Salary Package
Fresh Rs.25,000/month
Government Rs.50,000 to Rs.90,000/ month
Private Rs.30,000 to Rs.150,000/ month

After Pharm D Which Course Is Best?

A student who has been completed Pharm D degree and want to get admissions for higher studies in Pharmacy field,there are many higher education in Pakistan like Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacology,Master of Pharmacy two years,Pharm D three years etc.

Doctorate and Post-Doctoral Courses

  • Pharmaceutics
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • Pharmacology
  • PHD in pharmaceutical science
  • Postdoc in pharmaceutical science

Master of Pharmacy

  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • Pharmaceutical Technology
  • Clinical Pharmacy
  • Pharmacology
  • Quality Assurance
  • Pharmaceutical Analysis and Quality Assurance
  • Pharmaceutics

D Pharmacy Jobs Age Limit

The candidate must be of 18 years if he/she want any sort of job in Pakistan while for a pharmacist, he/she must be above 22 years as they need completion of Pharm D degree and then after it, they can do work as a pharmacist.  

Pharm D FAQs

  • Q: Which jobs are offered after Pharm D?
    Ans: After completion of Pharm D course, there are various job opportunities for the students. After completion Pharm D, you can become Retail Pharmacist, Clinical Pharmacist, Patient Safety Physician, Scientific Director, Clinical Scientist for Research, Medical Science Liaison and Clinical and Medical Affairs Director. You can also work in pharmacy after completion of Pharm D.
  • Q: Which degree program is best after Pharm D?
    Ans: There are various post graduate degree programs which are offered after Pharm D. PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences, MS or PhD in Pharmacology, MD and MPH etc are the best degree programs after Pharm D.
  • Q: What is the scope of Pharm D in Pakistan?
    Ans: Pharmacists mostly work in pharmacy and pharmaceutical companies. In Pakistan, there is high scope of Pharm D degree. The students which do Pharm D course can get good jobs. They can get jobs in pharmaceutical companies.
  • Q: Is it easy to find job after Pharm D?
    Ans: After completion of Pharm D degree, you can find job easily. It also depends on your grades. If you don’t want to do a job then you can open pharmacy and can make better earnings.
  • Q: What are the career opportunities after Pharm D?
    Ans: There are various career opportunities after the completion of Pharm D course. The jobs like hospital pharmacist, entrepreneur, researcher, lecturer, clinical pharmacists and medical writer etc are offered after Pharm D.
  • Q: Which programs are offered after Pharm D?
    Ans: After completion of Pharm D course, the students can go for post graduate programs. The students can do Master of Arts in Clinical Medicine, Master of Science in System Medicine, Master of Science in Pharmacology and Physiology and PhD programs after Master degree.
  • Q: What is the scope of Pharm D in foreign countries?
    Ans: The students can go abroad after completion of Pharm D for getting job. It is not easy to find job in foreign countries with only Pharm D course. The students need to do some post graduate course or the course required by respective country for getting good jobs. In foreign countries, only pharmacists can run a pharmacy.
  • Q: Which country is best for finding job in Pharm D?
    Ans: If you want to get high salaried jobs after Pharm D, then you should go for abroad. The scope of Pharm D is not too much in Pakistan. You can get better jobs in foreign countries like Switzerland, Canada or UK after Pharm D. The demand of Pharm D is higher in Louisiana and Mississippi.

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