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Admissions Fee & Duration in Pakistan

Doctor of Pharmacy(Pharm D) is a 5 year degree program.It helps to prepare students to make contribution in pharmacists companies.The students specializing in the Doctor of pharmacy will take the same total number of courses as any other pharm D student.Pharm D students have the opportunity to serve as a teacher in colleges & universities.Here you can see the Doctor of pharmacy Fee Structure 2023 of Pakistan's different Universities from which you can get to know about pharm D low fees colleges.

Pharm D Fee Structure in Pakistan 2023

Pharm D Fee Structure in Public Sector Colleges

There is a difference between private and regular student for Pharm D colleges fee structure in public sector. Regular student pay more fee than private student because universities facilitate regular classes for the students. Private students prepare exams privately like from academy, personal teacher etc, and only attend the annual examination therefore,they pay low fee for admission. Here is the fee structure for pharm D in government colleges and universities.

Sr.No Public Sector Charges Amount
1 Annual Tuition Fee (Fee Range ) Rs. 13,000 – 90,000
2 One time Admission Fee Rs. 2,000 - 5000
3 Prospectus Fee Rs. 500 – 1,000

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Fee Structure of Pharm D in Private Colleges

There are many universities in Pakistan that are offering Pharm-D, but every university has its own fee structure for D Pharmacy for private and regular students. You can get admission in D Pharmacy private colleges according to your financial aspects and interests as there is high amount of charges in private sector colleges. In order to give you an idea, we have provided you the general range of pharm D course fee details in private sector in various cities such as Pharm D fee structure in Lahore as follows:

Sr.No Private Sector Charges Amount
1 Annual Tuition Fee (Fee Range ) Rs. 140,000 – 400,000
2 One time Admission Fee Rs. 50,000
3 Prospectus Fee Rs. 3000

Pharm D Fee Structure of Pakistan Colleges and Universities

In Pakistan, there is a need of Pharmacy as health level is not upto the international standard. So it should be focused more for public health awareness. In order to get admission in Pharm D program, we have provided you Pharm D Fee structure 2023 along with Pharm D fees per year of major medical colleges and universities from the following colleges and universities list:

Punjab University Pharm D Fee Structure 

Doctor of Pharmacy program covers a period of five years. Each year ends with a professional examination. The subjects are approved by the Academic Council of University of the Punjab, Lahore and Higher Education Commission. D pharmacy fee structure in Punjab university link is http://pu.edu.pk/program/show/3801/Punjab-University-College-of-Pharmacy Following is the fee structure of PU D Pharmacy:

Students Duration Yearly Fee (Rs.)
Regular 5 years 14,360
Private/Late 5 years 14,460

University of Karachi (UOK) Pharm D Fee Structure 

University of Karachi has two programs for Pharm D i.e. Morning shift and evening sift. You can take admission according to your requirements. If you want get admission in Karachi then its important for you to know D pharmacy fee structure in Karachi university. Following is the pharm D fee structure in Karachi University:

Program Duration Total Fee (Rs.)
Morning 5 years 45000
Evening 5 years 75000

University of Peshawar (UOP) Pharm-D Fee Structure

You can get the idea about pharm D total fees through pharm D yearly fees and Pharm D tuition fees. Its fee is mentioned at http://pharmacy.uop.edu.pk/index.php/Home_controller/pharm_d/fee The fee structure of university of Peshawar is as follows:

Program Duration Yearly Fee (Rs.) Total Fee (Rs.)
Morning 5 years 50,000 to 90,000 57,250 to 97,250
Evening 5 years 80,000 to 90,000 86,250 to 97,250

University of Lahore (UOL) Pharm D Fee Structure

Thousands of students seek to get admission in Pharm D of Lahore University so Pharm D fee structure in Lahore University UOL is necessary to know. D pharmacy fee structure in University of Lahore is mentioned as follows: 

Program Duration Yearly Fee (Rs.) Total Fee (Rs.)
Morning 5 years 140,000 to 165,000 1,836,900

Iqra University Pharm D Fee Structure 

Iqra University is offering low fee charges for D pharmacy course. Therefore those students with financial problems can apply to it. https://iuisl.iqra.edu.pk/fee-financeupdated/ is its fee structure URL.

Duration Yearly Fee (Rs.) Admission Fee (Rs.)
5 years 210,000 11,000

University of Central Punjab- UCP Pharm D Fee Structure 

University of Central Punjab has approved the following pharm D fee structure in UCP. D Pharm in UCP has 10 semesters. We have also provided Pharm D course fee details in Hyderabad other than Punjab so that the students can know Pharm D fee in Pakistan. Following is the Pharm D fee structure of University of Central Punjab:

Duration Admission Fee (Rs.) Semester Fee(Rs.) Total Fee (Rs.)
5 years 25,000 214,000 1,663,000

COMSATS University Pharm D Fee Structure

COMSAT University has uploaded latest fee structure for Pharm D along with other programs such as Bachelor of Architecture, Designing, MBA, MS etc. It also has D Pharm registration fees. Its fee link is https://lahore.comsats.edu.pk/admissions/fee.aspx

Duration Admission Fee (Rs.) Registration Fee (Rs.) Examination Fee (Rs.) Yearly Fee (Rs.)
5 years 22,000 5500 4000 111,500

AUST University Pharm D Fee Structure 

Abbottabad University of Science & Technology AUST has high amount of semester fee as it a private university. AUST also gives benefits in the form of scholarships and financial support. https://aust.edu.pk/fee-tariff/ is its fee structure for Pharm D and other programs.

Program Duration Fee(Admission include)Rs. Semester Fee (Rs.)
Morning 5 years 106,300 91,100

Baqai University Pharm D Fee Structure

Baqai Medical University is trying to develop an ideal education level for the students with the help of Doctor of Pharmacy. It is also charging with university dues per annum. Its fee structure can be found at http://baqai.edu.pk/Fee-Structures.php

Duration Admission Fee (Rs.) Yearly Fee (Rs.) Security Deposit (Rs.) University Charges/Annum (Rs.)
5 years 50,000 2,30,000 5000 62,000

Dow University Pharm D Fee Structure

Dow University of Health Sciences (DUHS) offers MBBS and BDS undergraduate programs in the field of medical, biomedical sciences, public health, allied health sciences and business management programs. Many universities also offer Pharm D self finance such as Dow University is offering D Pharmacy self finance. You can find its fee structure at https://www.duhs.edu.pk/new/admission-tuition-and-fee-structures-ug/ Folowing is the fee structure for 2018. It has not updated the fee structure:

Program Admission Fee (Rs.) Yearly Fee (Rs.) Transport Fee (Rs.) Total Fee (Rs.)
Merit 33,000 128,865 15,000 1, 89, 365
Self-Finance 33,000 260,150 15,000 3, 36,686

University of Management & Technology- UMT  Pharm D Fee Structure

D pharmacy is offering in UMT also. It is well known university for DPT and Pharm D. Folowing is its fee detail:

Duration Program Type Learning Investment (Rs.) Quarterly Fee (Rs.)
5 Years Morning 1,600,000 80,000

Salim Habib University Pharm D Fee Structure

SHU is also offering scholarship 2023 for Pharm D and other programs. This scholarship is based on merit. You can get its detail at https://www.shu.edu.pk/Home/fee_structure_financial_aid. Following its DPT fee structure:

Admission Fee(Rs.) Security Deposit(Rs.) Tuition Fee/Semester(Rs.) Lab Fee/Semester (Rs.)
15,000 10,000 120,000 10,000

Ripah International University Pharm D Fee Structure 

Ripah is offering Pharm D in various categories such as in M-Phill and Ph.D. Its fee is in high amount as compared to other universities. Its fee structure can be found at https://www.riphah.edu.pk/fee-structure-2022/. which includes local and foreign students' fee.

Admission Fee(Rs.) Registration Fee(Rs.) Tuition Fee/Semester(Rs.) Examination Fee (Rs.) Enrollment Fee(Rs.) Total 1st Semester Fee(Rs.)
17,200 17,800 150,873 12,600 13,600 212,073
USD 500 USD 100 USD 2530 USD 250 USD 163 USD 3543

Quaid-e-Azam University Pharm D Fee Structure

Quaid e Azam University is offering pharm D in morning and evening shifts. Both have different fee structures. You can find its full detail at https://qau.edu.pk/bachelor-fee-structure/

Shift Admission Fee(Rs.) Library Security(Rs.) Department Security(Rs.) Tuition Fee (Rs.) Services Fee(Rs.)
Morning 13,800 5500 6000 30,570 19,080
Evening 14,150 5500 6000 71,660 18,210

Superior University Pharm D Fee Structure

Superior University has high amount of fee for D Pharmacy programs. Its fee structure is as follows:

Admission Fee(Rs.) Misc. Charges/Semester(Rs.) Tuition Fee/Semester (Rs.) Total Fee(Rs.)
20,000 7500 174,900 1,692,950

University of Sargodha Pharm D Fee Structure

UOS is offering regular and self finance fee structures. Regular fee is for those students who comes on merit. Its fee detail can be found at https://su.edu.pk/feestructure/15

Category Tuition Fee/Semester (Rs.)
Regular 45,875 to 38,875
Self-Finance 67,250 to 58,750

Hamdard University Pharm D Fee Structure

Fee of Pharm D can be paid through Pay order or Demand draft in favor of "Hamdard University Karachi". The students must clear all dues in order to get registered in the D Pharmacy program.

Duration Admission Fee(Rs.) Tuition Fee/Semester (Rs.) Semester Fee/Semester(Rs.) Exam Fee/Semester(Rs.) Security Fee/Semester(Rs.)
5 Year 13,400 84,700 11,550 3,850 84,700 to 120,500

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