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11th Class Physics MCQ Test With Answer for Physics Full Book

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ICS Part 1 Physics Test

Here at this page, you are going to be directed towards physics subject online test. However, an online test of other subjects including Computer Subject Online Test, English Subject Online Test and all others you can also find here. Physics is the main branch of science subject. At intermediate or ICS level students teach at, somehow, advanced level with Physics subject. We hope that this online test system will be helpful for you to make good practice. For further preparation, students are also provided with Inter Past papers. All those students who are waiting for their final examination are to inform that they will be provided with ICS Date Sheets 2020 just after announcing from the relevant body.

Moreover, students who will appear for annual examination will also be able to get their ICS Result 2020 on this site. So, keep visiting ilmkidunya.com and stay updated.

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11th Class Physics MCQ Test With Answer for Physics Full Book

Sr. # Questions Answers Choice
1 The SI unit of work is
  • A. Newton
  • B. Joule
  • C. Mol
  • D. Calorie
2 The entropy of the universe with passage of time is.
  • A. Increases
  • B. Decreases
  • C. Remain constant
  • D. Increases and decreases
3 A person has 6 friends. In how many ways, can be invit one or more of his friend to the movies.
  • A. 30
  • B. 63
  • C. 6!
  • D. 6!/2!
4 Cloud formation in atmosphere is an example of.
  • A. Isothermal process
  • B. Isochoric process
  • C. Adiabatic process
  • D. Isobaric process
5 Which one is renewable source of energy.
  • A. Coal
  • B. Uranium
  • C. Biomass
  • D. Natural gas
6 Bright fringes are also called as
  • A. Minima
  • B. Maxima
  • C. Wave front
  • D. Ray of light
7 Oscillation of shock absorber of a car is practical example of.
  • A. simple harmonic motion
  • B. Forced oscillation
  • C. Damped oscillation
  • D. Undamped oscillation
8 Particle physics is concerned with those particles which
  • A. Composed of matter
  • B. Break the matter
  • C. Change the matter
  • D. None of these
9 Viscosity is represented by Greek letter
  • A.
  • B.
  • C.
  • D.
10 Critical angle is that angle of incident ofr which angle of refraction is.
  • A. 90 <sup>o</sup>
  • B. 45 <sup>o</sup>
  • C. 42 <sup>o</sup>
  • D. 24 <sup>o</sup>

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