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  • Limited seats

Eligibility Criteria

10% (Matric) + 40% (Inter/A-Level) + 50% (Entry Test) = Aggregate

Employment Areas

Digital copywriter, Editorial assistant, English as a foreign language teacher, Educational institutions,Web content manager


College & Universities

across pakistan offering this course

Multan Post Graduate College

Multan Post Graduate College

Ali Fatimah College of Science...

Ali Fatimah College of Science...

University of Okara

University of Okara

University of Management and T...

University of Management and T...

Women University Swabi

Women University Swabi


This program is designed specifically for the students who want to attain a master’s level knowledge of English language and literature and to improve their English language skills and the ability to study and evaluate literature. The course covers the historical development of English, its various genres, through the ages. The combination of language and literature enables students to see the integration of linguistic features and devices in literary texts. Moreover, it initiates learners into the theoretical grounding of literature and offers study of literary texts in their social and historical contexts, and ways of interpreting them, theories of learning and teaching language and modern concepts of linguistics.

Program Objectives

  • MA  English helps the English Language's Teachers and students and opportunity to deep understanding of English Language teaching from both practical and theory based  perspectives with opportunity to examine and research the problems related to English Language Literature in Pakistan.
  • This program involves 2 years of taught accessed modules and final year spent in research and writing a comparison.
  • MA English Prepares you with ideas to show your area of interest like speaking skill of many students
  • The program encourages students to study a wide range of texts, both past and contemporary, and consider the variety of theoretical and critical approaches of language and literature available at the beginning of the twenty-first century.
  • The course also focuses on reviewing and rethinking knowledge and assumptions about literature and literary meaning with acquiring knowledge of linguistic, literary, critical and cultural theories.

MA English Program Duration

MA English is two years study program.Some Universities and colleges offer MA English in Semester system & total 4 semester.

Language Proficiency

  • A reading,listening and writing knowledge of English Language is required to Bachelor's Students.
  • Graduate students,fulfill their language requirment starting in the program.
  • All international students coming to study MA English in Pakistan is required to demonstrate their Proficiancy in English Literature and linguistics.

How to Plan study for MA English ? 

Here is complete study plan of two-years for success in MA English Examinations

Year One (First Three Months)

  • Classical (Poetry,Chaucer,Miltion,Donne,Pope,Wyatt,Surrey)

Year One (Four to Six  Months)

  • Drame (Sophocles,Marlowe,shakespeare,Wilde)
  • Novel (Trollope,Jane Austen,G .Eliot,Hardy)

Year One (Seven to Nine Months)

  • Essay(of truth,of revenge,of death,of great place,of studies)
  • Jonathan Swift
  • Bertrard Russel
  • Edward Said
  • Seamus Heaney

Year One (Ten and Eleven Months)

  • Poetry (Adrienne Rich,Sylpia Plath ,Richard Wilbur,  John Ashbury)
  • Drame (O'Neal , Miller )

Year One (Twelve Month)

Revise the complete given syllabus of Paper-I

                Year Two (Paper-II)

Year Two(First Three Months)

  • Poetry II  (Blake,Coleridge, Keats)

Year Two(Four to Five Months)

  • Section B  (Philip Larkin ,Seamus Heaney ,Ted Hughes ) 

Year Two(Six to Seven Months)

  • Drama II (Isben ,Chekov,Brecht ,Beckett ,Edward Bond)

Year Two(Eight to Nine Months)

  • NoveL(Conrad ,Joyce ,Woolf  ,Achebe )

Year Two(Ten to Eleven Months)

  • Practical Criticism (Aristotle,Raymond William's,Catherine Belsey,T.S. Eliot  ,Philip Sidney)

Year Two(Twelve Month)

Revise the complete given syllabus of Paper-II

The number of English speaking people is large and therefore, finding practical solutions to apply your newly acquired skills is easy. However, the degree can be as versatile as one can imagine; the Career Opportunities available to students enrolling in the program are plenty.

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