Best Tips of IELTS Test for Pakistani Students

The things you must know about IELTS Test

o   The candidate must try to register himself for IELTS test no less than 2 months before he or she select test date because after that he / she might find some difficulty in searching for a seat.

o   The candidate can check for IELTS results in Pakistan after 13 days of test.

o   The candidates can again re-appear in the test as often as he like to improve his score.

o   Try to answer all the questions as there are no negative marks for incorrect answers.

o   The total time duration for IELTS test is 2 hours and 45 minutes.

o   The candidate must be sure that he has visited the spot of the test some days before the test date. The candidate must reach at least half an hour earlier than the given time. Reaching late could send your tension levels rising and the exam needs the candidate to be completely relaxed and ready to give of your best.

o   The British Council provides the online preparatory courses for IELTS. A four day exhaustive course is held before the upcoming date of the IELTS test in Pakistan. The course might be a good idea as the course provides the candidate’s an insight into IELTS accompanied by lots of practice.

o   There is no break among the modules of the test which means that for almost 3 to 3.5 hours, candidates cannot eat, drink as well as go to the washroom. That’s why the candidate must be ready for this situation.

o   Take your original and valid passport with you as it is compulsory. Similarly takes the letter which gave you the spot of the test as well as your roll number. The acceptance for the IELTS fee is another important document that might be at times asked for. Take it also with you.

o   Take a few sharpened pencils, a pencil sharpener, an eraser as well as pens with you. Do all the constituents of the test with pencil. For listening as well as for reading, the use of pencil is a compulsion.

o   Time is a critical factor and hence takes a watch along with you and provides appropriate time to every section of the test.

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