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Urdu is regarded as our national language. Urdu is also a major subject. Urdu is a Turkish word and its meaning is ‘’horde”. As it is one of the major subjects for FSC students, it is utmost important to prepare it the best. Students word hard to get maximum marks in Urdu. Ilm ki dunya made the most helpful and importance 2nd year urdu notes for you to get the maximum marks in Urdu subject. Online notes of Urdu for class 12th are available to our students.

12th Class Urdu PDF Notes

Chapters Chapter Name Medium
1 Manaqib Umar Bin Abdul Aziz Urdu Medium
2 Tashkeel e Pakistan Urdu Medium
3 Nawab Mohsin ul Malik Urdu Medium
4 Mehnat pasand Khirad Mand Urdu Medium
5 Akbari ki Hamaqatein Urdu Medium
6 Pehli Fatah Urdu Medium
7 Dastak Urdu Medium
8 Hawai Urdu Medium
9 Molana Zafar Ali Urdu Medium
10 Qartaba ka Qazi Urdu Medium
11 Mawasalat Urdu Medium
12 Molvi Nazeer Ahmad Urdu Medium
13 Ek Safarnama Urdu Medium
14 Ayub Abassi Urdu Medium
15 Hissa Nazam Urdu Medium
16 Hissa Ghazal Urdu Medium

Urdu 12th Class Chapter 1 Notes PDF Download (Download App For 12th Class Notes)

Chapter Name: Manaqib Umar Bin Abdul Aziz

Khulasa Ch 1:

Short Questions Ch 1: 11 Questions

Solved Exercise Ch 1: 3 Questions

Chapter 2 Notes PDF Download Urdu Intermediate Part 2

Chapter Name: Tashkeel e Pakistan

Khulasa Ch 2:

Short Questions Ch 2: 11 Questions

Solved Exercise Ch 2: 6 Questions

2nd Year Chapter 3 Notes Urdu PDF Download

Chapter Name: Nawab Mohsin ul Malik

Khulasa Ch 3:

Short Questions Ch 3: 9 Questions  

Solved Exercise Ch 3: 5 Questions

Chapter 4 Urdu Notes For Class 12 

Chapter Name: Mehnat pasand Khirad Mand

Khulasa Ch 4:

Short Questions Ch 4: 9 Questions 

Solved Exercise Ch 4: 4 Questions

Urdu Notes Chapter 5 Intermediate Part 2 PDF

Chapter Name: Akbari Ki Hamaqtain

Khulasa Ch 5:

Short Questions Ch 5: 10 Questions  

Solved Exercise Ch 5: 8 Questions

Chapter 6 Notes PDF Download Urdu 2nd Year

Chapter Name: Pehli Fatah

Khulasa Ch 6:

Short Questions Ch 6: 11 Questions

Solved Exercise Ch 6: 5 Questions

Urdu Notes Chapter 7 Intermediate Part 2 PDF Download

Chapter Name: Dastak

Short Questions Ch 7: 12 Questions

Solved Exercise Ch 7: 8 Questions

PDF Download 2nd Year Chapter 8 Urdu Notes

Chapter Name: Hawai

Khulasa Ch 8:

Short Questions Ch 8:  42 Questions

Solved Exercise Ch 8:  6 Questions

Urdu Intermediate Part 2 Chapter 9 Notes PDF Download

Chapter Name: Chiragh Hassan Hasrat

Khulasa Ch 9:

Short Questions Ch 9: 11 Questions

Solved Exercise Ch 9: 5 Questions

Chapter 10 Notes PDF Download Urdu 2nd Year

Chapter Name: Qartaba Ka Qazi

Khulasa Ch 10:

Short Questions Ch 10: 12 Questions  

Solved Exercise Ch 10: 6 Questions

12th Class Chapter 11 Notes Urdu PDF Download

Chapter Name: Muwaslaat K Jadeed Zarai

Khulasa Ch 11:

Short Questions Ch 11: 12 Questions  

Solved Exercise Ch 11: 4 Questions

Chapter 12 Notes PDF Download Intermediate Part 2 Urdu 

Chapter Name: Shahid Ahmad Dehlvi

Khulasa Ch 12:

Short Questions Ch 12: 11 Questions

Solved Exercise Ch 12: 5 Questions

Urdu Notes Chapter 13 2nd Year PDF

Chapter Name: Aik Safar Nama jo kahi ka b nahi hy

Khulasa Ch 13:

Short Questions Ch 13: 12 Questions

Solved Exercise Ch 13: 5 Questions

Chapter 14 Notes PDF Download Urdu Intermediate Part 2

Chapter Name: Rasheed Ahmad Siddiqui

Khulasa Ch 14:

Short Questions Ch 14: 14 Questions

Solved Exercise Ch 14: 5 Questions

Urdu Notes Nazam 1 Class 12th PDF Download

Nazam 1: Hamad

Nazam 1 Explanation:

Solved Exercise Nazam 1: 5 Questions

PDF Download 2nd Year Nazam 2 Urdu Notes

Nazam  2: Naat

Nazam 2 Explanation:

Solved Exercise Nazam 2: 7 Questions

Urdu Intermediate Part 2 Nazam 3 Notes PDF Download

Nazam 3: Khuda Sarsabaz Rakhy Is Chaman ko Meharban ho kr

Nazam 3 Explanation:

Solved Exercise Nazam 3: 6 Questions

Nazam 4 Notes PDF Download Urdu 12th Class

Nazam 4: Islami Masawaat

Nazam 4 Explanation:

Solved Exercise Nazam 4: 8 Questions

2nd Year Nazam 5 Notes Urdu PDF Download

Nazam  5: Suragh E Rahroo

Nazam 5 Explanation:

Solved Exercise Nazam 5: 7 Questions

Nazam 6 Notes PDF Download Intermediate Part 2 Urdu 

Nazam  6: Admi

Nazam 6 Explanation:

Solved Exercise Nazam 6:  Questions

Urdu 12th Class Nazam 7 Notes PDF Download

Nazam 7: Nojawan Sy Khitab

Nazam 7 Explanation:

Solved Exercise Nazam 7: 7 Questions

Nazam 8 Notes PDF Download Urdu Intermediate Part 2

Nazam 8: Aik Kohistani Safar k Doran me

Nazam 8 Explanation:

Solved Exercise Nazam 8: 5 Questions

2nd Year Nazam 9 Notes Urdu PDF Download

Nazam 9: Taghaeyur

Nazam 9 Explanation:

Solved Exercise Nazam 9: 7 Questions

Nazam 10 Notes PDF Download 12th Class Urdu

Nazam 10: Kitaat

Nazam 10 Explanation:

Solved Exercise Nazam 10: 8 Questions

Urdu Notes Ghazal 1 Class 12th PDF Download

Ghazal 1: Khawaja Meer Dard

Ghazal 1 Explanation:

PDF Download 2nd Year Ghazal 2 Urdu Notes

Ghazal 2: Khawaja Meer Dard

Ghazal 2 Explanation:

Solved Exercise Ghazal 2: 11 Questions

Urdu Intermediate Part 2 Ghazal 3 Notes PDF Download

Ghazal 3:  Sheikh Ghulam Hamdani 

Ghazal 3 Explanation:

Ghazal 4 Notes PDF Download Urdu 12th Class

Ghazal 4: Sheikh Ghulam Hamdani 

Ghazal 4 Explanation:

Solved Exercise Ghazal 4: 8 Questions

2nd Year Ghazal 5 Notes Urdu PDF Download

Ghazal 5: Mirza Asad Ullah Ghalib

Ghazal 5 Explanation:

Ghazal 6 Notes PDF Download Intermediate Part 2 Urdu

Ghazal 6: Mirza Asad Ullah Ghalib

Ghazal 6 Explanation:

Solved Exercise Ghazal 6: 9 Questions

Urdu 12th Class Ghazal 7 Notes PDF Download

Ghazal 7:  Allama Muhammad Iqbal

Ghazal 7 Explanation:

Solved Exercise Ghazal 7: 13 Questions

Ghazal 8 Notes PDF Download Urdu Intermediate Part 2

Ghazal 8: Faraq Gorakhpoori

Ghazal 8 Explanation:

2nd Year Ghazal 9 Notes Urdu PDF Download

Ghazal 9: Faraq Gorakhpoori

Ghazal 9 Explanation:

Solved Exercise Ghazal 9: 4 Questions

Ghazal 10 Notes PDF Download 12th Class Urdu

Ghazal 10: Tabish Daihlavi

Ghazal 10 Explanation:

Solved Exercise Ghazal 10: 5 Questions

Download 2nd Year Urdu Notes Pdf 2023

Our most honourable and qualified teachers prepared these 12th class urdu notes for our hardworking students so, that our students can prepare themselves best. Our teachers tried their best in making these class 9 urdu notes and these urdu 2nd year notes are surely of greatest importance. These notes are providing to you in the best pdf form such as of 2nd year urdu chapter 1 khulasa.

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In these notes, you can also learn how to present you exam and how to prepare and get the maximum marks in Urdu exam. You can easily download the most important and the well represented notes in pdf form and can save these notes. Download notes of Urdu for 2nd year 2023. You can do online preparation from here. Online lectures are also available which you can take. Ilm ki dunya always helps their hardworking students, and a lot of students prepared from these notes and they are really improved. 12th class Urdu notes 2022 are available in pdf.

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So, don’t miss the opportunity and download these notes. In the world of internet, don’t waste your time in other activities and come here and prepare yourself the best for your examination and your future. Now, you don’t need to worry to create notes.We are providing you the best form so you should make sure to avail this opportunity. 2nd year notes Urdu pdf is especially created for our hardworking students.


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