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12th Class Menu

The 12th Class Urdu Book 2021 will be difficult to get at the start of the academic year because of high demand by all students as it is a compulsory subject, which consequently results in the shortage of Urdu books. Those students who are unable to get their books fall behind in lessons because teachers heavily rely on textbooks to teach students. An alternative to this problem is Urdu e-books, we have compiled all the chapters from the 2nd year Urdu Book pdf from Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board.

12th Class Urdu PDF Book Punjab Board

Chapters Chapter Name Medium
1 Manaqib Umar Bin Abdul Aziz Urdu Medium
2 Tashkeel e Pakistan Urdu Medium
3 Nawab Mohsin ul Malik Urdu Medium
4 Mehnat pasand Khirad Mand Urdu Medium
5 Nasar 5 Urdu Medium
6 Nasar 6 Urdu Medium
7 Nasar 7 Urdu Medium
8 Nasar 8 Urdu Medium
9 Nasar 9 Urdu Medium
10 Nasar 10 Urdu Medium
11 Nasar 11 Urdu Medium
12 Nasar 12 Urdu Medium
13 Nasar 13 Urdu Medium
14 Nasar 14 Urdu Medium
15 Nazam 1 Urdu Medium
16 Nazam 2 Urdu Medium
17 Nazam 3 Urdu Medium
18 Nazam 4 Urdu Medium
19 Nazam 5 Urdu Medium
20 Nazam 6 Urdu Medium
21 Nazam 7 Urdu Medium
22 Nazam 8 Urdu Medium
23 Nazam 9 Urdu Medium
24 Nazam 10 Urdu Medium
25 Ghazal 1 Urdu Medium
26 Ghazal 2 Urdu Medium
27 Ghazal 3 Urdu Medium
28 Ghazal 4 Urdu Medium
29 Ghazal 5 Urdu Medium
30 Ghazal 6 Urdu Medium
31 Ghazal 7 Urdu Medium
32 Ghazal 8 Urdu Medium
33 Ghazal 9 Urdu Medium
34 Ghazal 10 Urdu Medium
35 Ghazal 11 Urdu Medium
36 Ghazal 12 Urdu Medium

Download 2nd Year Urdu Book Pdf

From this webpage, you can download the 12th Class Urdu PDF, which requires only minimal effort on your part. You can download the book chapters free of cost from here. In addition to this, the book is the latest edition, which is being used by schools all over Punjab. The 2nd year Urdu Book PDF can be downloaded to your computer or mobile phones, either way the e-book is in high quality so you do not need to worry about that. Moreover, there is no limit on the number of your downloads, you can save the book to your devices as many times as you want.