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The biology is a science group subject, which carries 75 marks in exams. We are providing the best material to the students such as the Biology Chapter 2 Book, Notes, Paper Scheme, Guess Paper, Video Lectures, MCQs test, and Test Sessions. These resources are intended to aid students in preparing for exams, improving their understanding of the subject, and enhancing their performance.


10th Class Biology Chapter 7 Table of Contents


10th Class Biology Chapter 7 Book in PDF

Students who are studying in 10th class they can get the Biology chapter 7 book pdf with free of cost for Punjab and Sindh Board. Specifically, the textbook covers Chapter 7 of the Biology curriculum. Students can access this resource online without any cost, which could be beneficial for students who may not have access to physical textbooks or are looking for a more convenient way to study.

Board Download in English Download in Urdu
Punjab Board Biology Chapter 7 Book PDF  Biology Chapter 7 Book PDF
Sindh Board Biology Chapter 7 Book PDF  --


10th Class Biology Notes of Chapter 7 in PDF

The Chapter 7 Book notes solution class 10 are available in both English and Urdu languages. The purpose of these notes is to provide a comprehensive and concise summary of the chapter's key concepts and topics, which can be used by students to prepare for exams or to revise the material covered in class. Class 10 Biology chapter 7 notes pdf may include important definitions, diagrams, and explanations of various biological processes topics.

Board Download in English Medium Download in Urdu Medium
Punjab Board Biology chapter 7 Notes PDF Biology chapter 7 Notes PDF


10th Class Biology Chapter 7 Video Lectures

There are video lectures available for class 10 Biology for the students to watch Chapter 7 in detail. These Biology chapter 7 video lectures are likely to cover the various topics discussed in the chapter. Students can get benefit from these video lectures as they can visually see the concepts being explained, which can help them better understand and retain the information. 



10th Class Biology Chapter 7 Online MCQs Test

The Online MCQs Test of 10th class Biology Chapter 7 is a digital assessment tool that provides students with the opportunity to test their understanding and knowledge of the topics covered in Chapter 5 of Biology textbook. Class 10 Biology Chapter 7 Online MCQS test which require students to select the correct answer from a set of options. By taking the Online MCQs Test, students can identify areas where they may need further review or practice, and can use this feedback to improve their performance and achieve better academic outcomes.


Board English Medium Urdu Medium
Punajb Board Attempt the Ch 7 MCQs Test Attempt the Ch 7 MCQs Test


10th Class Biology Chapter 7 Guess Paper 2024

10th class Biology chapter 7 guess paper for students who studying in 10th class Punjab, Sindh, Federal and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK). The class 10 biology chapter 7 important questions guess paper specifically covers Chapter 7 of the Biology syllabus. A guess paper typically contains important questions and topics that are likely to appear in the upcoming exam. By providing this guess paper, students can prepare for their Biology exam more effectively and increase their chances of achieving a good score.

Boards Download in English Download in Urdu
Punjab Board Biology Ch 7 guess paper   Biology Ch 7 guess paper 
Federal Board Biology Ch 7 guess paper  --
Sindh Board Biology Ch 7 guess paper  --
KPK Board Biology Ch 7 guess paper  --



10th Class Biology Pairing Scheme 2024

Biology pairing scheme  shows the structure and format of the Biology paper for the exam. Students can download the Biology Pairing scheme Chapter 7 class 10, which will provide them with information on the distribution of marks, the number of questions, and the type of questions that will be asked in the exam. The paper scheme is specifically designed for students who are studying in Punjab and Federal Boards, which are educational boards in different regions of Pakistan.

Boards  Download 
Punjab Board Biology Pairing Scheme
Federal Board Biology Pairing Scheme


10th Class Biology Test Session 2024

The Chapter 7 class 10 Biology test Session is organized chapter-wise, which means that students can attempt tests for specific chapters in the subject. In this case, students can attempt the chapter 7 test, which focuses on a particular topic or theme in Biology. The test session provides an opportunity for students to assess their comprehension of the subject and identify areas where they may need to improve their understanding.

Test Session 2024  Join Test Session
Biology Join Complete Test Session


10th Class Biology Model Paper 2024

The availability of 10th class Biology Model papers for students of Federal Board on this page. The FBISE Biology model paper class 10 are intended to help students better prepare for their exams by providing them with a format and structure that is similar to the actual exam. By practicing with the Model papers, students can get a better understanding of the types of questions they might face in their exam and develop their answering techniques. The Model papers can potentially help students improve their performance in their exams and achieve better grades.

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