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Hunza Highlights:

Tour Packages
70+ Tour packages to Hunza
Travel Duration (By Road)
From Lahore: Around 18 Hours
From Islamabad: Around 8 Hours
  • The months from June to August are considered the hottest with the highest 29.6°C noted whereas,
  • December and February are the coldest months of the year with the lowest −7.3°C.
Road Condition The roads to Hunza are very well-paved now. You can easily visit Hunza in your own car or bus. The ideal months from April to October can be visited easily whereas, the winters might have snow-filled several roads so must be checked before leaving.
Nearby Attractions
  • Rakaposhi Top: Rakaposhi top is the immense mountain of the Hunza Valley that can be seen throughout the valley.
  • Altit Fort: The masterpiece fort with all the ancient history.
  • Attabad Lake: The most beautiful lake in the country with a depth of 358 feet. 
  • Passu Cone: The 20,033 feet high peak of passu cones is the most captivating peak in the valley.
  • Hussaini Suspension Bridge: A 635 feet long bridge made up of ropes and planks. It is considered the most dangerous bridge which attracts the tourists the most.
Best Time to Visit
The most favorable months to visit Hunza is from April to October.
However, June to August is considered a bit crowded months of the valley.
Hunza Tour Prices
For a tour to Hunza, you can avail yourself of different options for individual travel or group traveling. 
The minimum Hunza tour package from Lahore is of 5 days which is 17,500/- per person.
A couple trip to Hunza of 5 days is 45,000/-.

The beautiful mountainous valley is located in Pakistan's Gilgit Baltistan region by the Hunza River, also known as the Heaven on Earth. Hunza district is located in Pakistan's extreme northwestern corner, bordering Afghanistan and China's Xingjiang region. The valley is rich in beautiful sights of landscapes, historical forts, and various orchid farms that provide the most organic food. 

Karimabad is known as the capital of the Hunza district and is considered the top tourist site in the valley. It provides the scenic view of Rakaposhi (7,788 meters) which is famous among tourists. The Valley is situated at a height of 2,538 meters on the Tibetan Plateau. Hunza Valley is constituted of three regions according to its geography. The valley is famous for its major attractions, especially the view of the famous Ladyfinger peak and Hunza peak. Every year thousands of people enjoy Hunza trips to enjoy the major attractions in Hunza.

The People of Hunza 

The people of Hunza are known for their warm and friendly nature. They welcome all kinds of people who visit the valley, especially tourists who visit Hunza. Due to the modern civilization in the valley, a lot has been changed. Hunzakuts, "the people of Hunza", have a longer life expectancy due to their lifestyle. They adapt to physical activity and a healthy traditional diet. It helps them stay active. Their elderly are able to walk long distances and easily climb stairs. There are a variety of languages that are spoken in Hunza, but the native languages are Burushaski, Wakhi, and Shina. The people of Hunza ‘Hunzakuts’ have the highest literacy rate of about 95 percent among the similar districts of Pakistan. They follow His Highness Karim Aga Khan and consider him their spiritual leader. 

A Brief History of Hunza 

The Hunza Valley was in the control of major ancient Indian kingdoms during the ancient era of the Indian Mahajanapadas. During the 7th century, Buddhism started to rise in the valley. Long before the advent of Islam in the fifteenth century, the region was dominated by Buddhists. Since the arrival of Islam, the majority of people have converted to Islam. As a result, Buddhism's presence in this region is now limited to archaeological sites. According to history, there was a ruling family known as Ayesha, which means "heavenly," and the valley is also known for its heavenly views. On January 4th, 2010, the valley was hit by a landslide, resulting in the formation of Atta bad Lake.

Hunza tour packages:

In recent years, the tourism industry has increased immensely in Pakistan. It has largely contributed to the gross domestic product of the country. It is also expected that the gross domestic product through the tourism industry will increase by the year 2026. The country now has a large range of travel and tourism companies with a variety of tour packages throughout Pakistan and abroad as well. 

The travel companies plan and organize various trips throughout the northern areas of Pakistan. They ensure to provide every facility to their travelers, including conveyance, accommodation, first aid, expert tour guides, reliable drivers, and various activities. There are several packages for individuals, groups, and couples provided by travel companies. They schedule one day, three day, and five-day trips. The trips can be selected according to the schedule provided by the company. 

Hunza tour packages planned by the travel companies consist of five days or more, accordingly. This includes traveling to all the major attractions of Hunza. They provide a travel guide for tourists to enjoy their visit to Hunza and gain all the ancient history as well. Several Hunza Tour packages are:

  • Five-day Hunza tour packages start at 17,500/- per person.
  • Five-day Hunza tour packages for a couple at 45,000/-

The Hunza tour packages include accommodation for the tourists. The known hotels for accommodation you will encounter on your Hunza visit include Eagle’s Nest Hotel, Hunza Inn, Roomy Hotels, Hunza Nexus Grace Resort, Luxes Hunza, Café in Hunza, and several more.

Major Attractions in Hunza Valley 

Hunza is a rich valley when it comes to beautiful scenic views. But, there are several points that are considered the major attractions of the valley and must be included in the Hunza tour packages. The major site attractions of the valley on a Hunza visit are:

  • Ladyfinger top
  • Rakaposhi top
  • Altit Fort
  • Baltit Fort
  • Atta bad Lake
  • Eagle’s Nest
  • Hussaini Suspension Bridge
  • Hoper Glacier
  • Rush Lake
  • Bazaars of Hunza
  • Gojal Valley
  • Khunjerab National Park 
  • Khunjerab Pass 
  • Gulmit
  • Borith Lake
  • Passu Cones
  • Café in Hunza
  • Balakot
  • Babusar Top

Rakaposhi top:

Rakaposhi top is the immense mountain of the Hunza Valley that can be seen throughout the valley. The Karakoram Mountains are 7,788 meters high, and the Rakaposhi top is a part of the Karakoram Mountain range. It gives a breathtaking view from dawn till dusk. 

Altit Fort

Altit Fort is an ancient fort located in Karimabad, the capital of the Hunza valley. The Fort is a masterpiece of ancient crafts. It was home to the hereditary rulers of Hunza. Around 1100 years ago, the fort was the residence of Mir. Altit Fort. However, now the fort is a museum for the tourists that visit Hunza from around the world. 

Baltit Fort 

Another historic fort in Hunza is the Baltit Fort, a must-visit on your Hunza visit. It is said that the fort was built 600 years ago, but the fort has undergone many renovations and rebuilds. Originally, the Baltit fort was known as the home of the Mirs of Hunza. Later, one of their sons was shifted to Altit Fort. 

Attabad Lake

Attabad Lake is a result of a disaster in the Gojal region of the valley. The lake is constituted between the gigantic Karakorum Mountains as a result of huge land sliding in 2010. It is one of the most beautiful places in the Valley. Due to its tremendous beauty, the lake is considered one of the top lakes in the country. The depth of the lake is almost 358 feet, whereas the length is 13 miles. It is famous among tourists for its beauty, cleanliness, and deep blue water stream.


Gulmit is a major tourist spot in Hunza. You can find a variety of colors in nature in Gulmit. It also includes the view of Passu Cones and several more high peaks. The weather in Gulmit is pleasant, which makes it even more interesting for tourists to stay. 

Borith Lake

While exploring Gulmit, you will come across the beautiful Borith Lake. The lake is only accessible by jeep from Husseini Village.

Passu Cones

The 20,033-feet Passu Cones are located in the Gulmit valley of Hunza. Passu Cones is one of the major attractions in Hunza, famous among tourists for its captivating view of the Karakoram highway.

Rush Lake

Rusk Lake is another beautiful lake in the Hunza Valley, with an amazing view of freshwater streams. It is recognized as Pakistan's highest lake.

Hussaini Suspension Bridge.

The Hussaini Bridge is considered one of the most dangerous bridges in the world. It is made up of huge wooden planks and rope, with a wide gap between each plank. The bridge is said to be 635 feet long.

How to Reach Hunza Valley?

There are several routes from different cities to reach Hunza Valley. Some major tour packages include

Hunza tour packages from Lahore

There is no direct route to Hunza from Lahore by air or train. To reach Hunza from Lahore, you can opt for either a bus or a car trip. Different travel companies arrange a variety of Hunza tour packages throughout the season. The Hunza tour packages from Lahore begin on the highway connecting Lahore and Islamabad. From Islamabad, the trip continues to Narran. Through the Karakorum highway, the road trip towards the Hunza-Gilgit road is filled with mountainous views, pleasant weather, and marvelous hills. The Hunza-Gilgit road is considered the most scenic road in the northern areas. The first destination of the Hunza visit will be Karimabad, the capital of Hunza. The cost of a trip to Hunza varies depending on the days. The Hunza tour packages include accommodation, conveyance, activities, and food facilities. 

Hunza trips from Islamabad:

Hunza does not yet have the facility of an airport, while Gilgit has a well-developed airport. People can also land at Gilgit airport from Islamabad and then take a ride of around four hours to reach Hunza. The valley of Hunza can be reached by a road trip, which will be more of a beautiful experience. To reach Hunza from Islamabad you can take a route of the Hazara motorway Several Hunza tour packages are offered from Islamabad. Different tourism companies have different Hunza trip costs. It includes the type of conveyance, accommodation, and days to stay.

Hunza tour packages from Karachi:

Various Hunza tour packages from Karachi are offered with different packages. Some tour packages consist of a complete road trip, whereas some include an air trip as well. You can book a tour package according to your requirements. Hunza trip costs vary depending upon various factors of accommodation with the type of hotel, conveyance, fun activities, the number of days, and several other facilities.

Map of Hunza 

FAQs about Hunza:

  • Why is the Hunza Valley famous?
    Hunza Valley is famous for its amazing and breathtaking views. Ancient history, historic forts, and the captivating sights of lakes are what the valley is famous for.
  • When can we visit Hunza?
    The most popular months to visit Hunza are from April to October. The summers, on the other hand, are a little crowded.
  • Is Hunza part of Pakistan?
    Hunza is in the northwestern part of Pakistan. It borders Afghanistan and China.
  • What is the height of the Hunza Valley?
    The height of the Hunza valley is estimated to be 2,438 meters (7,999 feet) above.
  • Is Hunza heaven on Earth?
    Due to the captivating sights in the valley, Hunza is considered heaven on Earth.
  • What is the best time to visit Hunza?
    The Cherry Blossom season includes a variety of colors and pleasant weather. The most preferred months to visit are from April onwards.
  • Is it safe to visit Hunza?
    With the increase of modern civilization, it has made it easier to visit Hunza. The carpeted roads and the hotel stays have improved over the years. However, it is preferred to visit Hunza in the summer season.
  • Can we travel to Hunza by air?
    There is no direct flight from Hunza to Hunza. However, you can travel to Gilgit by air and reach the valley by car from there.
  • Can I go to Hunza from Lahore?
    Yes, you can visit Hunza from Lahore. Numerous travel companies offer various Hunza tour packages from Lahore.
  • How much does it cost to visit the Hunza Valley?
    The cost of the trip can vary depending on the destination and the accommodation. There are several packages provided by the travel companies that include all the charges.
  • Are there Hunza tour packages from Lahore?
    Yes, there are several well-known tour companies that offer Hunza tour packages. You can avail any package according to your availability.


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