How to Get Good TOEFL Scores in Pakistan

TOEFL scores are mainly based on candidate’s performance on the questions in the test. The candidate is required to attempt at least one question each in the TOEFL Reading and listening sections scores, write at least one essay in writing section, and must complete at least one Speaking task to get TOEFL scores. For the TOEFL test that is managed by the Internet, the candidate will receive four scaled section scores as well as a total score:

Reading Section (Score 0–30)

Listening Section (Score 0–30)

Speaking Section (Score 0–30)

Writing Section (Score 0–30)

Total Score (0–120)

There is no passing or failing scores in TOEFL test, individual higher education institutions as well as agencies set their own score requirements. Scores of TOEFL test are only valid for two years and after that time period these scores are not acceptable and the candidate can take TOEFL test as many times as he want, however he cannot take it more than once in a period of 12 days. If the candidate has already taken a test appointment then he is not eligible for TOEFL Test  to register for another TOEFL test within 12 days of his existing appointment.


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