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Updated Guide to Study in Switzerland for Pakistani Students 2022

Why International Students Study In Switzerland?

Switzerland is known as the Federal Republic of European Union which is spotted as the best place around the world to make visits and adventures. But the statement is not just at this point because Switzerland is also known as the best study abroad destination around the world as it also ofeer fully funded scholarships to international students. Switzerland is known as the world’s happiest and safe country. This provides the students with large numbers of high standard educational institutes to study abroad in switzerland. Moreover, Switzerland provides education facilities in low cost tuition fee of Switzerland institutes and low cost residence to the international students. Furthermore after study benefits are also incredible by Switzerland to the international students. So, all these things make Switzerland a best destination for study abroad.


2021 Admission Process in Switzerland for Pakistani Students?

First of the students choose the program and after choosing their program they should look that which are the universities that offering their selected program. There are top worldwide rated universities are in Switzerland and these are listed below:

  • University of Zurich

  • ETH Zurich

  • École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

  • University of Geneva

  • University of Lausanne

  • University of St. Gallen

  • University of Bern

  • University of Basel

  • International Institute for Management Development

  • University of Fribourg

After selecting the university students must come to check the eligibility criteria for the switzerland university. The eligibility criteria is somehow differs for different universities or subjects. Students before going to apply must make it sure that they are eligible. In case you are not eligible at a single aspect than must not apply.

Most of the institutes offer an online procedure to apply for admission or study in Switzerland for Pakistani students. Students should go through the official website of a Switzerland university for application process. Moreover, Pakistan’s Best Study Abroad Consultants you can also find for easy process. 

Following are the required documents for admission in Switzerland:

  • Application form in assigned printout

  • Two photos of passport size

  • Previous academic certificates or transcripts

  • Language Proficiency Certificate for switzreland's native, like IELTS or TOEFL for international standard

  • Detailed CV

  • Proof of financial statement

  • Personal statement (if required)

Following are the deadlines that Swiss Universities announce round the year

Fall Session: From 1 December to 28 February

Spring Session: From 1 May to 30 September


What is the Study and Living Cost in Switzerland?

Study Expence of Switzerland for Pakistani Students

Average rate of education cost in Switzerland is low. There are two types of universities exist in Switzerland i.e. public sector universities and private sector universities. Both possess the different cost of study.

Public sector universities cost of Switzerland

Bachelor Degree cost is 1.5 to 2.00 Lac (PKR) per year

Master Degree cost is 1.5 to 2.00 Lac (PKR) per year

PhD Degree cost is 10 to 20 Thousands (PKR) per year

Private sector universities cost of Switzerland

Private sector universities in Switzerland for international students are very costly as compared to the public sector universities. The average cost of private sector Swiss universities for bachelor to master degrees are from 1 lac to 20 lac (PKR) per year.


What is Living Cost in Switzerland?

Living cost is so reasonable in Switzerland but as we know that it is the more developed countries as compared to Pakistan. So, it could be costly. Following is the average rate is calculated for general living.

  • Average rate of rent for a two bedrooms apartment is about £1500 or above per month in the most populated cities like Zurich and Geneva.

  • Health Insurance is about £250 per month.

  • You will face transport cost of £250 per month.

  • For single person the average rate of grocery items is £400 per month.

  • The fee of telephone, internet, TV and other related items comprise on £200 per month.

How to get Accommodation in Switzerland?

There are several ways of accommodation one can get as living there in Switzerland. Following are the common that are the recommended and best for the students:

On Campus Accommodation

This mode of accommodation offers the students to live inside the universities or colleges. Following are the moods of living students can get under on campus accommodation:

  • Students’ Halls of Residence

  • Students’ Clubs

  • Students’ Societies

  • Greek Houses

Off Campus Accommodation 

Off campus accommodation is different than that of accommodation on campus. Students search the living opportunities by their own and following are the moods of living off campus accommodation offers:

  • Private Hotels

  • Private Apartments

  • Single Flats

  • Private Hostels 

  • Paying Guest

Student Cities in Switzerland?

Following are the cities that are known as the top rated and students’ friendly Swiss cities:


Following are the top universities belong to Zurich:

  • ETH Zurich (ranked as the 10th best university around the world)

  • University of Zurich (ranked as the 73rd best university around the world)


Following are the top universities belong to Lausanne:

  • Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (ranked as the 12th best university around the world)

  • University of Lausanne (ranked as the 146th best university around the world)


Following is the top university belongs to Geneva:

  • University of Geneva (ranked as the 98th best university around the world)


Following is the top university belongs to Bern:

  • University of Bern (ranked as the 167th best university around the world)


Following is the top university belongs to Basel:

  • University of Basel (ranked as the 149th best university around the world)


How to get Student Visa for Switzerland?

There are 2 categories of Swiss Student Visa i.e. Switzerland Student - C Visa & Switzerland Student - D Visa. C Visa is for the stay of 3 months duration and D Visa is for the stay longer than 3 months.

Applicants after getting acceptance letter must apply for visa before the admissions deadlines. Deadlines for admissions in Switzerland Universities are mentioned above.

Following are the required documents for Student Visa:

  • Duly filled Application form (03 forms for D Visa)

  • Passport size 04 photographs

  • Valid passport for at least 3 months validity

  • Letter of acceptance

  • Proof of payment for visa and other charges

  • Letter of Motivation

  • Detailed Resume

Switzerland Student Visa Fee:  

Swiss student visa fee is 7,100/- (PKR)




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