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Study Abroad in Slovenia Step by Step Information for Pakistani Students

Why to Choose Slovenia as a Study Destination

Slovenia is small in size but it offers the biggest wonders to the visitors. At the same time another biggest benefit, besides tourism, is the study option of Slovenia. Higher education degrees from Slovenia are worldwide recognized and offer you the most prestigious positions not only in Slovenia but throughout the world. Further benefits that allow us to call Slovenia a favorite study abroad destination are listed below:

1.       An English Language Environment

One of the biggest benefits of Slovenia is that it offers English speaking environment. In this way, you do not stuck in a language barrier and can easily communicate with students, teachers and anyone else. Moreover, there are a number of study programs Slovenian universities offer in the English language.  

2.       Slovenia Offers Worldwide Renowned Universities

There are worldwide prestigious universities you can find in Slovenia. Following chart is showing the Slovenian universities that have occupied the prestigious position in the list of worldwide top-ranked universities:  


Times Higher Education Ranking (2022)

Top Universities Ranking 2022

University of Ljubljana



University of Maribor



3.      Quality Education  in Slovenia

Institutes offer to study in small groups of students. In this way, students get more options for asking and learning. Moreover, higher education faculty highly qualified.

4.       The Heart of Europe

Slovenia is placed at the center of Europe and is also known as the heart of Europe. It is also known as the gateway to Europe. You can travel anywhere in Europe from Slovenia.

5.       Breathtaking Landscape

For nature lovers, Slovenia is not less than a paradise. Half of the country is covered by the greenery and forests. One of the biggest tourist attraction shows by this country is Triglav, a mountain with 2864m height. Moreover, beaches and parks also offer great charms to visitors.


Admission in Slovenian Universities for Pakistani Students 2022-2023

If you have decided Slovenia as your study abroad destination then the next procedure that you have to know is the admission policies of Slovenian Universities. Here you will get the complete detail that how you can apply for admission. Moreover, the admission requirements for every single higher education study program including bachelor program, master program, and doctoral program are also listed here:

How To Apply for Admission in Slovenian Universities 2022-2023?

By following the below-given steps you can easily apply for admission in Slovenian University:

Step1:         At the first step ask yourself for twice that what is your interest and what you want to do in the future? Chose the program which you like most and about which you have the confidence that you can overcome the subject easily.        

Step2:         At the second step you have to search the university or institute located in Slovenia which is offering your selected study program.

Step3:         Now, make it sure that you are meeting with all the requirements asked by your selected university for your selected subject. If you are not meeting 100% with the requirements then do not apply for admission because there are rejection chances may occur.

Step4:         Now, apply for admission. Most of the universities offer online admission process. You will apply directly to your selected university. The chances of rejection may also occur due to the wrong admission application process. Students are to recommend that they can apply through Pakistan’s best study abroad consultants for admission.      

Step5:         Once, your application will be approved you will get the acceptance letter. On behalf of this acceptance letter, the embassy will provide your student visa for traveling and studying to Slovenia.

Following are the requirements to apply for admission in Slovenia:

Bachelor Program

Master Program

Doctoral Program

A higher secondary school degree is required

A graduate or honor degree equivalent to the Slovenian education system is required  

A master degree in the relevant subject is required


Slovenian education system is required  


If require then you have to pass the entrance exam

University entrance exam requires to pass if the university asks 

Applicants are required to show good research work

All the previously issued transcripts are required

All the previous degrees with good grades are required 

Impressive theses are also required for the doctoral degree program

English language proficiency test such as IELTS or TOEFL is required

Language proficiency test for English i.e. IELTS or TOEFL is required

All the previous degrees with required grades or GPA are required to show

The duly filled application form is required

Applicants must attach all the required documents with a completely filled application form

Applicants will submit the application with all asked documents along with a correctly filled application form

Financial proof (to cover study and living expenditures) will also be asked to show

In order to bear the expenditures of studies and living you have to show your financial condition

You have to show financial proof which will show that you can bear the study and living expenditures

Application Deadlines of Slovenia Universities 

In most of the universities, the admission application process in Slovenia runs twice a year. However, there are some universities located in Slovenia offer admission thrice a year for bachelor degree. The exact date varies from institute to institute or study program to study program.    


Estimated Study and Living Cost in Slovenia

Study abroad is the wish of every student today. However, it is not a big deal to go abroad for study purposes. But, when it comes about tuition fee and living costs then it becomes a big challenge. But, if you have decided to abroad for higher education purposes then you are to inform that do not be a worry at all and just try to find better ways to beat these challenges. It is true that the study abroad can be expensive but if you would go through proper planning or budget then you may cover this easily.

For the convenience of our students here in this section of the study guide, we have assessed the complete study and living cost that you will face in order to complete your study abroad tour for Slovenia. What are the cost factors for the study? All are described below: 


Study Cost in Slovenia for International Students 2022

Following are the factors affecting your study abroad tour:

Academic Certificates: At any level of education you are going to apply you have to show a previous degree in the relevant subject with good score or grades. For example, for bachelor, master and Ph.D. studies you require a higher secondary school certificate, a bachelor degree, and a master degree respectively. Students pay hard in order to obtain this previous degree. 

Language Proficiency Certificate: For almost all the European study destinations a certificate of English language proficiency is required and Slovenia is not exceptional in this case. Students, in order to prepare, language proficiency test i.e. IELTS pay 10,000 PKR to 20,000 PKR. And in order to prepare for the examination, an examination fee around 30,000 PKR students pay.    

Admission Application Process: Students are to inform that the online admission application process is running by most of the universities. For this application process from 100 EURs to 200 EURs application fee is required.

Travel Documents: In order to travel abroad you need to travel documents. These documents comprise on passport, airfare and some other documents. These documents also charge you.  

Tuition Fee in Slovenia Institutes:

Bachelor Degree Program : Tuition fee runs from 2000 EURs to 5000 EURs

Master Degree Program  : Tuition fee runs from 2500 EURs to 7500 EURs

Doctoral Degree Program : Tuition fee runs from 3000 EURs to 12000 EURs


NOTE: Search Slovenia scholarships here

Living Cost in Slovenia for International Students

Following chart is showing the living cost in Slovenia:




From 80 EURs to 160 EURs per month for students’ dormitories

From 350 EURs to 450 EURs per month for rented apartments  


One Way Ticket: 1.20 EURS
Monthly Ticket/Pass: Around 40 EURs

Taxi Start with normal tariff: 01 EURS

Utility Bills

From 180 to Euros 200 EURs per month (with all basics)


Regular One Time Meal: 06 EURs to 08 EURs
Regular Cold Drink: 1.50 EURs
Regular Coffee: 1.50 EURs

Regular Water: 1.50 EURs


Pair of Jeans: From 60 EURs to 70 EURs
Pair of Shoes: From 70 EURs to 90 EURs

Summer Dress: From 25 EURs to 30 EURs


Cinema Ticket: 06 EURs to 07 EURs


Fitness Club: Around 40 EURs per month

Leisure Time/Picnic

From 100 EURs to 150 EURs (mostly depends on your mood)

Medical/Personal Care

Around 100 EURs are required (mostly depends on your physical or health condition)


Living and Accommodation Options in Slovenia

Accommodation is the basic need for everyone. Wherever you go if you are not finding suitable accommodation then you cannot live a healthy life. In order to maintain your accommodation especially abroad, you face possible challenges. Where you are living? Is it near to the campus or far off to campus? Are you getting the basic facilities in your accommodation? Is it a clean place or suitable according to your temperament? All these things are to be noted while arranging accommodation.

However, here you can find the complete idea that which types of accommodation you can find while living in Slovenia and how you can manage these.

Types/Modes of Accommodations in Slovenia

There are following two main types of accommodation you find and these are nominated for on-campus accommodation and off-campus accommodation. The complete description of these modes of accommodation is described below:

On-Campus Accommodation

The most common mode of accommodation is the on-campus accommodation. Most of the universities offer accommodation option, especially to international students. This is called on-campus accommodation and allows students to live inside the campus or, sometimes, near to the campus.

Advantages of On-Campus Accommodation

Following are the advantages of on-campus accommodation.

  • On-campus accommodation is the way to live inside the campus or near to the campus due to which you can save both your money and time.

  • On-campus accommodation is the way to get more interaction with your classmates and teachers.

  • While living inside the campus you can keep yourself updated with every single announcement related to your study program.   

  • On-campus accommodation is the way to get a healthy mode of accommodation.

  • On-campus accommodation offers rooms or halls with all the basic needs that are necessary to live a sound life.  

Off-Campus Accommodation

This is the second main mode of accommodation you can avail while living in Slovenia. Actually, this is the most suitable mode of accommodation for those who want to explore their study destination or those who have the wish to explore the worlds and its different cultures. There are many nations you can find in Slovenia so it could be the reason for you to explore the world.

Living outside the campus can be riskier because you have to manage it by yourself and you will be responsible for your security. However, the following are the common types of off-campus accommodation you can find:

Live With Your Friends And Other Acquaintances

If your friends, relatives, and other acquaintances are already living in Slovenia then you are the luckiest person. Because, in this way, you can get the opportunity to live with your acquaintances which is the way to spend a joyful time during your study abroad tour.

Live in Private Apartment  

Private apartments of flats are the common ways for the students who want to live outside the campus and at the same time if they do not have their friends in there. These apartments are, somehow, expensive but these offer you a luxurious lifestyle.   


How To Get Students Visa For Slovenia

All the Non-EU or 3rd country students require a valid visa in order to get entrance permission in Slovenia. As we know that, Pakistan is listed in the non-EU countries or 3rd countries so, obviously, Pakistani students need a visa to get entrance into Slovenia for study purposes. What types of visas exist for international students and how they can apply or get a visa? All the detail is described here:

Types of Student Visa of Slovenia

There are the following two types of visa exist for international students:   

Long Term or Type-D Visa: Students apply for this visa from their home country in order to get entrance permission in Slovenia. This visa allows the students to enter into Slovenia and students can stay for at least 90 days on this visa.

Temporary Residence Permit: If the student is going to apply for a long-term study program then he/she needs a residence permit which students are asked to apply before expiring their Type-D visa. This temporary residence permit is valid for at least one year and allows students to study freely. However, if your study program is longer than one year then you are allowed to extend the visa. You can extend it until the completion of your study program.  

Required Documents for Slovenia Study Visa from Pakistan

Following documents will be required to apply for a Slovenian student visa or Type-D Visa:

Application Form: A completely filled application along with the supporting documents is required.

Acceptance Letter: An acceptance letter from a Slovenian recognized university is required to apply for a visa.

Travel Documents: You have to show your valid travel documents i.e. passport and airfare may also be required.

Identity Documents: Valid identity documents such as national ID card will be required. Moreover, recent passport size photographs will also be the main part of your application. 

Character Certificate: You need to show a valid character certificate which will be given to you by your local police authorities.   

Evidence of Funds: Embassy will also ask you about the funding in order to bear the expenses of tuition fee and living standard.

Medical/Health Insurance: A proof of health insurance or medical insurance will also be required.

Visa Fee Receipt: A visa fee receipt must be attached with your application. 

Where To Apply For Slovenia Visa?       

After getting acceptance letter applicants will become eligible to apply for the visa. Applicants are asked to apply directly to the consulate to embassy near to your place. However, if you are facing any trouble in order to apply for a study visa to Slovenia then you are to be recommended to apply through Study Abroad Consultants. These study abroad consultants are best in their job and all these are affiliated with ilmkidunya.  

Jobs In Slovenia For International Students

It is true that Europe has become the best destination for international or 3rd countries students. The reason behind it is that it offers great and exceptional opportunities to international students. One of these opportunities is that almost all European countries offer part-time employment to foreign or 3rd countries students. Slovenia is one of these European countries. It is a small sized country but with large opportunities, it occupies the reasonable position within Europe. But, it offers, somehow, a different way to get a part-time employment. 

Students who study in Slovenia can easily get the opportunities for part-time employment. What is the nature of part-time employment? How students can find part-time employment and what are the benefits part-time employment brings for you during your studies? All these topics are discussed here.   

A term “Student Work” used in Slovenia which is the process to allow international students to do jobs in Slovenia as a part-time employer. Students need an employment contract or reference which is called referral forms/referrals without which students cannot avail any employment opportunity.

The referral forms/referrals students can find through employment agencies which are specially organized for Student Work. If you want to enroll in the employment agencies then you need to provide the following documents:

  • Identity Documents

  • Slovenia bank Account

  • Slovenian Tax number

  • Enrolment Proof (A Certificate)

  • Residence Proof (If Required)

The agency provides you a list of part-time jobs from which you can choose your best. However, if you find a job on your own then you have to report the agency where you have enrolled. The agency will provide you that job through referrals.   

Part-Time Internship in Slovenia

Students who want to get practical skills during their studies can also get the opportunities of the internship. But this can happen through an internship contract or by the permission from your institute.

Benefits of Part-Time Job And Internship

  • You can cover the expense of your tuition fee through a part-time job.

  • You can also cover your living expense if you are having a part-time job.

  • You can get the working experience during your study period.

  • You can make good relations with the employer during your study.

  • You can get better interaction with local citizens.

  • You can get a good grip on the language.

  • The internship offers good practical skill during studies.

  • You can get better career opportunities through internship programs.

After Study Jobs Opportunities

For all the students who have done their graduate degree in Slovenia are required to get a work permit in order to obtain a full-time or permanent job in Slovenia. In order to obtain work permit, applicants or students must have an employment letter or contract from a suitable employer or company.

First of all, you look for an opportunity and if you will be considered for a job by an employer or company then the company will apply a work permit for you to the embassy. The work permit is extendable and employee can take stay as long as he is contracted by the employer.   


Slovenian Permanent Residence And Citizenship

Slovenia is the most beautiful country located in the center of Europe. Where it offers beautiful landscapes, castles, mountains, and beaches for tourists and also offers the best quality education to the foreigner students. At the same time, it also offers the opportunity to be settled in Slovenia. International people can apply for permanent residence status and also for citizenship status to Slovenia.

Permanent Residence

The permanent residence permit is the status according to which permit holders can live as long as they want. However, generally, it is valid for up to five years. Applicants can renew this status and under certain conditions, applicants can also claim for citizenship during this permanent residence status and before ending this permanent residence status. Below is the detail that who is eligible to apply for permanent residence to Slovenia and what are the initial or general requirements in order to apply for permanent residence to Slovenia. Readout all the instructions carefully before going to apply.

Who Can Apply?

Applicants who are currently residing in Slovenia for working or some other genuine purposes for the last five years can apply for permanent residence to Slovenia.

However, there are candidates exist who can apply before five years of legal residence status and these are listed below:

  • An applicant who shows his/her residence in the interest of the state. However, the opinion from the competent or another state requires for this.

  • Applicants who are foreigners but the descendant of Slovenians

  • Applicants who are the family members of the persons who are currently residing in Slovenia with a valid permanent residence permit or Refugee status. Applicants can apply for a permanent residence permit after residing two years legally in Slovenia on the temporary residence permit. 

What Are The Requirements To Apply?

Following requirements may apply in order to apply the proposal of permanent residence for Slovenia: 

  • Applicants must show that they are residing in Slovenia for the last five years with any genuine purpose.

  • Applicants have to show valid travel and identity documents

  • Applicants are asked to show regular sufficient income.

  • Applicants are asked to show verified security concerns

  • During taking the decision of permanent residency of Slovenia applicants must be residing in Slovenia.

Rights Of Permanent Residence In Slovenia 


Slovenia offers citizenship to foreigners through the following eligibilities:


Citizenship For Entrepreneurs 

A person who is willing to start his/her business in Slovenia can apply for citizenship. EURs 7,500 in paid-up capital is the required investment for this purpose.

Citizenship By Birth Or Adoption

If you are from the parents of foreigner but you took birth in Slovenia then you can claim for Slovenian citizenship. On the other hand, if you are a foreigner but you have adopted by Slovenian parents or Slovenian citizen then you can also be considered for Slovenian citizenship.

Citizenship By Marriage

If you marry with a Slovenian spouse and live with him/her for a specific time period then you can also be eligible for Slovenian citizenship.

Citizenship By Naturalization

Applicants who are currently residing in Slovenia for the last 10 years then you can also apply for Slovenian citizenship. Before going to apply, to make it sure that you are residing for the last continuous five years. 

Citizenship By Descendant 

If you give the proof of Slovenian ancestry then you can also be eligible to apply for citizenship.



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