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Study Abroad in Netherlands for Pakistani Students step by Step Helping Guide 2022


Why Pakistani Students Should Study in Netherlands

English-Taught Programs Are In Abundance

English-taught programs are in abundance in by the Universities in Netherland. You can find almost 2,100 English-taught programs by various universities. Under this situation, you can easily find your selected one course in the English language.

Worldwide Recognized Universities in Netherlands 

Netherland offers worldwide recognize universities and these universities have become famous just because of great faculties and learning opportunities. Flowing is the list of universities in Netherland that are recognized globally:


Local Rank

World Rank

Utrecht University / Universiteit Utrecht



University of Amsterdam / Universiteit van Amsterdam



Delft University Of Technology



University of Groningen / Rijksuniversiteit Groningen



VU University of Amsterdam / Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam



A Central Point To Explore Europe

Netherland is located at the place from which you can easily explore Europe. For example, you can easily and within less time can travel to countries like Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, Romania, the UK, Spain, Portugal, Italy, etc. if you are residing in Netherland.

Students Housing Are Cheap

In order to find the students’ accommodation even in the busiest cities of Netherland i.e., Amsterdam and Rotterdam are quite easy and in these main cities, the housing is available in cheap price ranges.

A Multicultural Environment

If you are going to study in Netherland, it means you are going to get involved in the multi-cultural environment. The reason behind it is that there is a large number of nations are residing and offering a variety of cultures. Living among the different nations is the way to explore the world and it is not less than a wonder.

An Innovative Teaching System

Dutch universities are also well-known in offering quality education. And this is the quality of education that involves in the innovations. The tutorials and seminars take place in a small group of students. This thing allows the students to learn better and something at an advanced level.


A large number of scholarships are offered by the Netherlands to students for higher education.


Admission in Netherlands Universities for Pakistani Students 2022-2023

Netherland offers degrees in abundance that are teaching in the English language. Presently, there are almost 2,100 courses or study programs are teaching in the English language to foreigner students. These courses or study programs are ranging from training programs to higher education degrees such as Master programs.

For every single study program, the requirements may vary from program to program, student level to study level and institute to institute. Generally, for bachelor or higher degree programs minimum 55% grades in the previous academic records are required. For diploma degrees, a minimum of 50% marks required in the relevant previous academic records. However, the following are the general requirements for taking admission at different levels of education to study in Netherlands for Pakistani students.

Bachelor Programs

Master Programs

PhD Programs

Secondary school certificate or equivalent program according to Netherlands’ education standard with at least 55% marks

A bachelors’ degree with required CGPA is required

A master degree according to the education standard of Netherland with required CGPA is required

Candidates have to pass university entrance exam if required

Admission test or entrance exam must be passed by the candidates if required

All the previous academic transcripts and records are required to show

All the previous educational records or transcripts

All the previous transcripts or academic records are necessary

Proof of language proficiency through a valid test i.e. IELTS or TOEFL is required

English Language Proficiency through a valid test. For this purpose IELTS or TOEFL are valid.

Universities in Netherland require proof of English language proficiency. Applicants appear for IELTS and TOEFL for this purpose

The duly filled application form is required

Duly filled and signed application form by candidates

The correctly filled application form is required

Applicants have to show good research work in the relevant field or area of studies

Applicants must keep the thing into mind that their grades must be above or equal to the required grades by the selected university

Must meet with the minimum required GPA for being eligible

Impressive theses also mandatory for this purpose

Complete proof of fund is required

Applicants have to give proof of funding for studies and living in Netherland

A motivational letter is mandatory

A motivational letter is required

A letter of motivation is required

You have to buy health insurance while taking admission

Health insurance is required

Applicants have to buy health insurance

An updated resume or portfolio must be attached with your application

Must attach updated resume with your application

Your updated resume or portfolio is required to attach with application


Admission Application Process

Generally, there are two types of application submission process for admission in Netherland:

  • First, universities accept the application through the online application process on the official websites

  • Second, universities accept the applications through Studielink, which an online enrollment system.

Check out which process your university is following and then apply.

Application Submission

Follow the following steps for applying a safe application process:

  • First of all search the subject for which you are willing to do some efforts and contributions

  • Now, search for colleges and universities that fit according to your chosen subject.

  • After choosing a subject and school check out the admission requirements

  • Now, take the language test

  • Now write a motivation letter

  • Apply to the Institute for which you fit

  • Then you will appear for an online interview (if required)

  • If accepted then you will be called to apply for Netherland Study Visa.

Application Deadlines in Netherlands Institutes

  • Semester

  • Start Time

  • Spring Semester

  • Starts in September

  • Fall Semester

  • Starts in February


Estimated Study and Living Cost in Netherland

After knowing the admission process the next thing is to know about the study patterns and study cost of the destination where you are going to apply for admission in netherlands. The tuition fee for Non-EU students is, somehow, costly than that of the EU or local students. Except for the tuition fee, there are many other costs affecting factors you face while studying abroad. What are the main costs you have to pay for making your study abroad journey possible? All these are mentioned here at this page.

Study Cost in Netherlands 

Previous Academic Degrees: For being eligible for higher education in Netherland students have to show previous academic degree with required CGPA. Obtaining a degree with the required CGPA requires much cost.

Language Proficiency Test: Like all other well-known studies abroad destinations, Netherland also requires English language proficiency test. Almost 10,000 PKR requires to prepare language proficiency test like IELTS and for appearing to examination almost 30,000 PKR you have to spend.

Admission Application Fee: For a single admission application in the Netherlands university applicants require to pay 20,000 PKR to 30,000 PKR.

Prepare For Travel: After getting approval for study abroad applicants need to fulfill travel formalities. For this purpose travel documents like passport, visa and air tickets are required. These documents show specific costs.

Tuition Fee

Following chart is showing the tuition fee for different levels of studies in Netherland:

Degree Title

Tuition Fee

Bachelor Degree

From EURs 6,000 to EURs 15,000

Master Degree

From EURs 6,000 to EURs 15,000

Doctoral Degree

From EURs 8,000 to EURs 20,000

Living Cost in Netherlands for Students

We hope that the above discussion is enough to get the idea about the study cost for the Netherlands. Now the matter which requires to know is the living cost. You have to know the living style of the place where you are going to reside. The living style within a reasonable cost you can find in Netherland. But, as we know that there is a huge difference exists between Pakistani currency and Netherlands’ currency. This is the only reason, students feel it hard to live in the Netherlands. But, once you have decided then you have to make some possible implements instead of being frustrated about the living cost. Here you will get the complete idea that what is the lifestyle is running in Netherland and what cost is required to spend a healthy or sound lifestyle in Netherland.




Students Residence Hall: 350 EURs Per Month

Single apartment (bedroom) in the city center: 980 EURs Per Month

Single apartment (bedroom) in the outside city center: 780 EURs Per Month


One way ticket: 3.00 EURS

Monthly Ticket/Pass: Around 80 EURs

Taxi Start with normal tariff: 4.00 EURS

Utility Bills

From 150 to Euros 160 EURs per month (with all basics)


Regular One Time Meal: 15 EURs

Regular Cold Drink: 2.50 EURs

Regular Coffee: 2.70 EURs

Regular Water: 1.80 EUR


Pair of Jeans: From 80 EURs to 90 EURs

Pair of Shoes: From 80 EURs to 120 EURs

Summer Dress: From 30 EURs to 40 EURs


Cinema Ticket: 10 EURs to 12 EURs


Fitness Club: Around 30 EURs per month

Leisure Time/Picnic

From 100 EURs to 300 EURs (mostly depends on your mood)

Medical/Personal Care

Around 100 EURs are required (mostly depends on your physical or health condition)


Living and Accommodation Options in Netherland

Accommodation is one that needy thing without which you cannot live a sound lifestyle. You have to take rest, you have to sleep and you have to store your stuff. Where are you living all these requirements are necessary. If you are going for study then you have to live there for at least 02 or 04 years and you have to manage a proper accommodation not only for a good living style but also for paying good attention to your studies.

Actually, in a new place, you do not have any idea about the living style of that new place. So, do not be worry because we are here. Here we are going to make a complete discussion that what types of accommodations will be available for you in the Netherlands and how you can manage these.

Types/Modes of Accommodations in Netherland

Generally, there are two main types of accommodation to live abroad while studying there. Both these with their complete detail are described:

On-Campus Accommodation

It is the most common way of living while studying abroad. Actually, there are students who do not want to get involved in other activities and just want to get focus on studies. For those types of students, on-campus accommodation is the best option. Following are the benefits of on-campus accommodation.

Advantages of On-Campus Accommodation

  • On-campus accommodation provides you the best rooms with almost all the basic needs.

  • On-campus accommodation is inside or near to the campus. In such a way you can save not only your time but your money too.

  • You get the chance to live with your classmates, senior students and even, sometimes, with your teachers. In such a way you can explore much for your study program.

  • On-campus accommodation is a completely safe and healthy way to live.

Off-Campus Accommodation

Well, besides on-campus accommodation the second biggest option for you to live is to live outside the campus as an independent. This is the best option for those who want to explore their study destination along with their studies. Actually, to explore the study abroad destination is a good thing because it offers you new mates and you can also explore the different cultures through different nations living around you. Following are the modes of accommodation you can find through off-campus accommodation:

Live With Your Friends Or Family

Is it a weird heading for you to live with your family or friends because you are at abroad? No, it is not weird. In some cases, students want to go to the places where their family members or friends are already residing for some purpose. So, if the case is obeying on you then you are lucky. Because you can spend good time with the people you know already.

Live As A Paying Guest

European people are so loving the idea of this fact you can take from the fact that they allow you to live with them but you have to pay little for that. Netherland is not an exceptional case in this matter. You can easily manage accommodation as a paying guest with local people.

Private Room Or Apartment

It is the mode of accommodation offers you a living style with complete privacy. You live independent and just obey your own rule to live a sound life. However, this mode of accommodation can be costly than others.

How To Get Student Visa For Netherlands

All the non-EU students require a student visa for getting entrance permission to the Netherlands. Pakistani students are to inform that they are one of those who listed under non-EU students. So, you have to manage a visa for traveling to the Netherlands for study purposes. What types of student visa exist and what is the procedure to get a visa? All these points are discussed here at this page.

Types of Student Visa

Generally, there are two major types of student visa exist for foreign or non-EU students. Find out these types and the ways to get the visa:

Provisional Residence Permit (MVV)

Provisional Residence Permit (MVV) is an entry pass which requires by both who are going for having short term and long term stay. This permit or visa is valid for at least 03 months.

Residence Permit (VVR)

Students who want to get stay in the Netherlands for more than three months to pursue a regular degree program they need to apply for Residence Permit (VVR) before expiring their entry visa or Provisional Residence Permit (MVV). This permit is actually an ID card for the students allow them to stay until the completion of their studies in the Netherlands.

Documents Required

Following are the documents require to apply for visa or residence permit to the Netherlands for study purposes:

  • A completely filled and assigned visa application form is required

  • A valid passport is required

  • Two recent photographs are required

  • A birth certificate is also mandatory to show

  • All the previous academic transcripts are required to show

  • An official confirmation letter or acceptance letter from a Dutch institute is required

  • Photocopies of all the original documents are required to attach

  • Students have to show a complete study plan or study purpose throe a statement (Statement of purpose)

  • The financial proof is required to show (around 870 EUR/month for bearing study and living cost in Netherland)

  • Travel and health insurance proof must be attached to the visa application

  • Visa application fee receipt is required to attach. (Visa fee is 317 EURs)

  • Applicants from some specific countries are required to show a Tuberculosis test report.

  • Biometric information is also mandatory

How to Apply?

Once, you will be accepted by a Dutch university for studies, the university on your behalf will apply for a residence permit to the embassy. Then you will call by the embassy located in Pakistan. There you will give biometric confirmation and you will also be called to show a Tuberculosis test report.

Visa Application Process:

Students will apply for a visa before 03 to 05 months of their study session. Once, you will apply you will be asked to wait for at least 90 days for visa approval. The visa or residence permit for long term studies is valid for up to 03 months. It is renewable and you have to renew it before expiring. Students can renew the residence permit until the completion of their studies.


NOTE: You can apply Netherlands scholarship here

Jobs In the Netherlands For International Students

The Netherlands is friendly to international students to such an extent that it allows them to do part-time employment during their studies. Are you going to Netherland for study purposes or already pursuing a degree there and are looking for part-time employment? Then you are to inform that you are able to find or do a job. Who is eligible for doing a part-time job? And what is the procedure to get a job during studies? All you can find here.

During Study Jobs Opportunities

Part Time Jobs

The working ability and procedure is quite different for the international or Non-EU students as compared to EU/EEA and Swiss students. applicants out of EU require a work permit for doing part-time employment in the Netherlands. The Netherlands allows the international or non-EU students to work for at least 10 hours a week and students can also do full-time work in the vacations period which runs from June to August throughout the year.

Part-Time Internship

International or Non-EU students are also allowed to join traineeship activities in the Netherlands during their studies. Traineeship or internship can be done in a work placement where students can get the practical skills in the field for which they are currently studying.

Students who have completed their graduate studies in the Netherlands are not allowed to do an internship. However, for practice or training, they allow staying under certain conditions which are called “residency with the purpose of work experience”. Under this situation, students allow staying for up to six months.

Benefits of Part-Time Job And Internship

  • A part-time job is the way to finance your studies and you can also easily bear the expenditures of living style.

  • You can interact directly with the people and employers.

  • While working with the local people you can easily learn the language.

  • You can take a good working experience while studying in the Netherlands

  • An internship makes you able to get practical experience during studies.

  • You can make good contacts with employers.

  • Through internship programs, you can find better employment opportunities for the future.

After Study Jobs Opportunities

your career there in the Netherlands. Netherland allows the students to take stay after studies for career purpose. Following are the opportunities are available for international students after completing their graduation in Netherland.

Search Year (Orientation):

Students after completing their education can stay for finding jobs in the Netherlands. The cost of this application is around 660 EURs. This status or application allows the student to stay for up to one year in order to find the job. If you find the job equal to 27,336 EURs salaries per year then your visa will be approved.

High Educated Migrant

If you have obtained a higher education degree of master or Ph.D. level then you can apply for work on behalf of this degree. However, a work permit will still require for this category.

High Skilled Migrant

If you are having high skill and your salary is equal to the status of 38,141 EURs per year then you are eligible to apply for high skilled migration.


If you are going for research work in Netherland then you are also allowed to work there without a work permit0.


Netherlands PR & Citizenship Permanent Residence

Netherland is one of the most beautiful countries not only of Europe but over the world. The chance to live in the Netherlands is to explore Europe. This is because the Netherlands is collated in the center of Europe. Netherland like all other developed European countries offers permanent residence to international or non-EU candidates. What is the way to apply for permanent residence of Ntherlands and who is eligible to apply for permanent residence? All these matters are discussed in this page.

Types of Permanent Residence Permit

There are some types exist to apply for permanent residency in Netherland but the common one for international or non-EU persons is to apply after spending a long stay in the Netherlands. The rest are permanent residence through sponsorships and permanent residence through asylum.

Who is Eligible To Apply For Netherland PR?

Applicants who are following the below-given requirements are eligible to apply:

  • Applicants who are living in the Netherlands for the last five years continuously

  • Applicants who are having a valid temporary residence permit are eligible.

  • If you are sufficiently combined in Dutch society, you are eligible.

What are the Requirements to Apply for Dutch PR?

Applicants must follow the below-given requirements to apply for Dutch PR:

  • Applicants must live in the Netherlands for the last consecutive five years.

  • Applicants must hold a temporary residence permit for some genuine reasons including employment, family reunification, and high skilled migration, etc.

  • The proof of sufficient long term income is mandatory. Income must be equal to 1,152.60 EURs per month of a single person.

  • Applicants must not be at any kind of risk by public national security

  • Applicants must give the proof that they are integrated with the Dutch society

  • You have to give proof through a civic integration test that you can fluently speak Dutch or can write or read Dutch.

What Documents Do You Need To Submit?

Certain documents are required to submit while submitting your proposal:

  • Copy of valid passport or related travel ID

  • Proof of monthly income through a bank account statement

  • A civic integration test or any other comparable diploma

Fee And Processing Time

From 150 EURs to 200 EURs is the processing (non-refundable) fee. Almost six months are required to process your application.

Benefits of Dutch Permanent Residence


Netherland offers citizenship to foreigner candidates in some ways. Out of these naturalisation and option are the common procedures for non-EU applicants. However, citizenship through birthday and former citizenship, etc.

Citizenship Through Naturalization

Applicants under the following conditions can apply for Dutch citizenship through naturalisation:

  • Applicants must be older than 18.

  • Applicants must live in the Kingdome of Netherlands uninterruptedly for the last five years with a valid residence permit.

  • A valid temporary residence permit or residence is mandatory for immediately prior to the naturalisation application.

  • Applicant must be sufficiently integrated with Dutch culture. Applicants must show that they can speak, write and understand Dutch. For this purpose, a civic integration diploma is required.

  • Applicants must not be involved in any criminal activity throughout their stay in the Netherlands.

  • Applicants are required to renounce their current nationality.

Citizenship Through Option

Under one of the following conditions applicants may be considered for Dutch citizenship by Option

  1. Applicants who are an adult and were born in the Netherlands and are currently residing through a valid residence permit are eligible

  2. Applicants who are an adult and were born in the Netherlands and are living uninterruptedly for the last 03 years are eligible

  3. Applicants who are minor and acknowledged by a Dutch citizen

  4. You are married to a Dutch citizen or registered as a legal partner of a Dutch citizen for the last three years, then you are eligible

  5. You are 65 years or older and are living in the Netherlands for the last 15 years in Netherland then you can also claim for citizenship through option system.


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