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Study Abroad in Malta for Pakistani Students Step by Step Guideline 2022


Why Pakistani STudents Should Study in Malta

Why Study In Malta

Europe is all time the favorite destination for international students and Pakistani students are not exceptional in this case. If you are looking for the best European country for study purposes then you are to recommend Malta. If you are thinking that how it could be the best then let me know that are you familiar with the Island of Malta.

Beautiful cathedrals, stunning beaches, Catholic Knights and cinematic falcons all are the ways to make Malta an adventurous destination. But, at the same time, another main reason which makes Malta best is its education system. While living in Malta you can also find the following benefits:

English Speaking Environment

Malta offers an English speaking environment. Under this situation, you can easily adjust to the Maltese culture. You can also select your study course in the English language which is the best option.

High-Quality Higher Education System

The higher education system of Malta is of good quality. Throughout the world, thousands of students come to get enrollment in Maltese universities because of its good quality education system.

Worldwide Recognize Universities

One of the main reason to choose Malta is its institutes. Worldwide renowned universities are located in Malta. The University of Malta occupies the 951st position in the worldwide rank. This is just because of the good faculty and education system of the university. Malta universities offer scholarships to the students.

Friendly and Safe Country

Maltese people are too friendlier and they accept and support the foreigners in any way. Moreover, Malta offers a safe environment not only the local inhabitants but foreigners too. So, you are going to get a good experience during your studies in Malta.

A Hub Of International Students

There are thousands of students every year move to Malta for higher education purposes. Even students from your own country you can find there. In such a way you find the option to make worldwide connections which help you to lead a successful career.  

Admission in Maltese Universities for Pakistani Students

While deciding the best destination another thing which is mentionable is the admission policies and requirements by the universities of the destination. Top rated universities, top quality education system, friendly, safe and healthy environment are, no doubt, the good reasons but if you are not eligible to apply for admission then these reasons do not have any meaning.

So, you have to be suggested to must know about the admission process before choosing the destination. Following chart is completely about the admission requirements in several study areas. Moreover, applicants or students are also provided with the application process, admission deadlines, and all other possible assistance.

Bachelors’ Degree

Masters’ Degree

Doctoral Degree

A higher secondary school certificate or diploma according to the Malta education system is required.

According to the Malta education standard, a bachelor degree is required in the relevant field.

A master degree in the relevant field which is meeting with the Malta educational standard requires

An entrance exam (if required) students have to be done. Contact with the university to know whether entrance exam requires or not.

You may or may not be a call for an interview or entrance exam depends on the institute you are going to choose.

Applicants are asked to submit the application with the completely filled application form

A duly filled application form requires to submit.

Applicants must send a duly filled application form without any mistake

An English language proficiency test, IELTS with required bands, overall 6.5, requires

Language proficiency test of English language IELTS with an overall 6.0 band requires

Overall 6.5 bands in IELTS, an English language proficiency certificate requires

Updated Resume

Updated Resume

Updated Resume

Motivation Letter

Motivation Letter

Motivation Letter

References (if required)

References (if required)

References (if required)


You have to give the proof through a financial statement that you are eligible to cover the study and living expenses.

Through a financial statement or bank account statement, you are required to show that you can bear the living and study expenditures

A bank account statement or financial statement requires

Any additional requirement maybe applies by the specific institute you are going to apply for.

You may be a call for any additional requirement from your selected institute

Any other additional requirement may be applied

Admission Application Process of Malta

For a safe application process follow the below-given steps:

  • First of all, choose the right study program for you.

  • Try to find the institute or university which is just according to your selected study program.

  • Meet with all the requirements asked by your selected university

  • If you have done all, then submit your application.

Application Submission

Most of the universities offer an online mode of the admission application. If you are feeling any hesitation in submitting your application you are to be recommended to apply through Pakistan’s Best Study Abroad Consultants. All these are linked with us.

Application Deadlines of Malta Universities

Admission Applications run throughout the year. Applications deadlines vary from institute to institute and study program to study program. For knowing exact deadline direct contact to your selected institute.


Estimated Study and Living Cost in Malta

Hopefully, the above-mentioned discussion has made you able to know whether you are eligible to apply for universities in Malta or not. If you are eligible that’s great. Now, the thing that you explore is the study costs and living costs that you are going to face for the completion of your study abroad dream. Here in this section, you will get the complete detail that what are the cost factors affecting your study abroad journey. All the possible pre-departing cost factors and pro-departing cost factors are discussed here. Read all these carefully and assess your budget.

Study Cost

Academic Certificates: Students are to inform that their cost of study starts from the point when you initially start your education. For being eligible for study abroad students have to earn the previous degrees with good and required grades. For obtaining the degree with good grades you have to pay not only efforts but money too. For instance, for earning a bachelor degree thousands of EURs you have to spend.

Language Proficiency Certificate: For any study, abroad destination English language proficiency is required if you are going to apply for a bachelor or master degree program. Applicants are required to pay almost 30,000 PKR for obtaining a language proficiency certificate, IELTS.

Admission Application Process: Most of the foreign universities offer an online mode of the admission application. Hundreds of EURs require to apply for a single admission application. Students are to suggest to apply for more than one application to secure your admission application.

Travel Documents: For traveling abroad, traveling documents i.e. passport and airfares require. Normal passport costs from 3000 PKR to 10,000 PKR. Airfare is also available in thousands of rupees.

Tuition Fee: Tuition fee is the main cost of study. Tuition fee varies from study program to study program and university type to university type. However, students are to inform that they have to spend thousands of Euros for covering the tuition fee.

Living Cost

We hope that from the above discussion you can easily assess tuition fee or all the cost which you will spend on studies in Malta. However, wherever you live you need all the basics of living for having a sound lifestyle. Following are the things that complete a healthy lifestyle. The cost of every single thing has also mentioned. Read these carefully and assess the cost of living for Malta.




From 100 EURs to 200 EURs per month for students’ Hall of residence From 500 EURs to 700 EURs per month for renting flats


One way ticket: 1.50 EURS Monthly Ticket/Pass: Around 26 EURs Taxi Start with normal tariff: 10 EURS

Utility Bills

From 80 to Euros 100 EURs per month (with all basics)


Regular One Time Meal: 15 EURs

Regular Cold Drink: 1.50 EURs

Regular Coffee: 2.00 EURs

Regular Water: 1 EUR


Pair of Jeans: From 65 EURs to 75 EURs

Pair of Shoes: From 75 EURs to 80 EURs

Summer Dress: From 30 EURs to 40 EURs


Cinema Ticket: 07 EURs to 10 EURs


Fitness Club: Around 50 EURs per month

Leisure Time/Picnic

From 100 EURs to 300 EURs (mostly depends on your mood)

Medical/Personal Care

Around 100 EURs are required (mostly depends on your physical or health condition)

Living and Accommodation Options in Malta

After assessing all of your study and living cost the very next step is to find or manage the best accommodation because without the best accommodation system you cannot live a healthy or normal life abroad. How many types of accommodation options you can find in Malta and what are their benefits and cost you will find? All are discussed here for the convenience of the students.

Types/Modes of Accommodations in Malta

Generally, there are two types of accommodation exist for international students and Pakistani students can also choose one from these two general accommodations. These are on-campus accommodation and off-campus accommodation. The modes of accommodation are discussed with complete detail here:

On-Campus Accommodation

Living inside the campus or near the campus is an on-campus mode of accommodation. It is the common mode of accommodation and most of the students prefer this mode of accommodation. One of the main reasons is that international students are new and they feel hesitation in a new place. Under this situation, they want to live inside the campus because they are not familiar with the living standard of a strange place.

Advantages of On-Campus Accommodation

On-campus accommodation offers lots of benefits to the international students and out of these some common are mentioned below:

  • On-campus accommodation offers rooms with all the basic needs.

  • Students provided with both of the types i.e. separate rooms and shared rooms.

  • In some cases, students are provided with foods in on-campus accommodation.

  • On-campus accommodation allows you to make interactions with your classmates, senior and your study faculties.

  • A completely healthy and safe environment you can find through on-campus accommodation.

Off-Campus Accommodation

Besides on-campus accommodation, another way of living international students find in Malta. This mode of accommodation comprised of off-campus accommodation. Actually, sometimes, students are not able to get on-campus accommodation because of the large number of students. And, sometimes, students do not live inside the campus because during their study period they want to explore their study destination. And when it comes to hearing about the European destination, most of the international students including Pakistani students show their interest to explore Europe. Following are modes of accommodation an off-campus accommodation offers you:

Live With Family or Friends

If your family member or friend is living there in Malta then you are the luckiest person because you would not only save your money but you can also keep yourself away from nostalgia or homesickness.

Paying Guest

Maltese people are so friendly and they appreciate the foreigners especially the students who come for the sake of higher education. They allow you to live with them as paying guest.

Private Flats

Private flats are also available for international students. These are, somehow, costly but these are fully furnished with complete privacy.

Shared Apartments

Another best option exists for those who want to live outside the campus but with reasonable cost. The option s to the shared apartment with your classmates or others. In such a way the rent of one accommodation two or three students pay collectively.


How To Get Student Visa For Malta

In order to get study permission in Malta students first have to get an acceptance letter or admission letter. If you have received an acceptance letter or admission letter then you have to gather documents for entrance permission. Like all other European countries, a visa is required to get entrance permission to Malta. Here you can find what the types of student visa are and how you can apply for a student visa?

Types of Student Visa

Generally, there are two types of visa and these are clearly mentioned below:

Short Term Visa (C-Type Visa)

Short term visa which is also called a C-type visa is for those students who go for short studies. The visa is valid for 90 days.

Long Term Visa (D-Type Visa)

If you are going to pursue a long term or regular degree studies then a D-type visa is required which allows students to get stay up to one year. However, it is renewable and students can renew the visa until the completion of their studies.

Documents Required

Following are the general documents require to apply for a student visa to Malta. Read out all these requirements and make sure that you are going to apply a complete application. Note that in case of incomplete application your application may be rejected.

  • Students visa application form (students make it sure that the application form is completely filled and signed)

  • A biometric certificate of the applicants is required.

  • 02 recent photographs with a light background are required

  • Original and valid travel document i.e. passport is required

  • Photocopies of computerized National Identity Card are required

  • An acceptance letter from a recognized Maltese university is required

  • Statement of purpose is required (must mention study course, study duration and your interest in the selected program)

  • Confirmation of airfare is required

  • Confirmation of accommodation in Malta is required. The accommodation confirmation can be comprised of hotel booking, hostel booking, and rented apartment agreement, etc.

  • A birth certificate attested by the foreign ministry is required (must be English translation if required)

  • Marriage certificate (must be attested by the foreign ministry) of the candidates is required (if applicants are married)

  • Divorce certificate (if required and it must be attested by the foreign ministry and in the English language)

  • English language proficiency certificate with required scores or bands is required to submit along with the application

  • No objection certificate from the previous school, college or university is required

  • All the previous academic transcripts or records are required

  • Proof of visa application fee with receipt is required

  • Proof of funding for study and living is required

Where to Apply?

Student after getting their acceptance letter will directly apply for visa application at Malta Embassy located in Pakistan. If you are from Punjab surrounding areas then you will apply for visa application at Malta embassy located at Islamabad. If the applicants are from Sindh and Baluchistan areas then they will apply through the embassy located in Karachi.


Jobs In Malta For International Students

Like all other developed European countries, Malta also allows international students to do work during their studies. Students who are going to apply for long term study program are able to do part-time employment in Malta but under some serious restrictions. The restrictions are about study attendance and study grades. If students are easily maintaining these requirements of attendance and grades then they are able to apply for a job.

During Study Jobs Opportunities in Malta

Part Time Jobs

According to the latest announcement by the government of Malta international students are allowed to do work for up to 20 hours a week in Malta during their studies. This is the latest rule announced by the government to maintain relationships with foreign countries, especially with foreign students. However, students must have a job agreement or offer letter from a suitable employer for this purpose.

Part-Time Internship

In order to obtain advanced level skill along with studies, students are allowed to take internship programs in Malta. For being eligible for the internship programs students also meet with the education requirements i.e. attendance requirements and grades requirements.

Where To Find Part-Time Job?

  • First of all, we recommend the support department of the university. Almost every university completes with a students’ support center. Must contact your support center and ask them to arrange some kind of suitable jobs or internships for you.

  • For this purpose, you can also contact your senior students who are already doing part-time employment at some reasonable positions.

  • You can also contact the agencies who grab job opportunities for international students.

  • The best and the common way to find a part-time job or employment is to find it through the internet or social media. You can browse different websites for this purpose and at the same time join some social media groups or pages to get a better result.

Benefits of Part-Time Job And Internship

  • Part-time employment helps the students to meet with the basic living expenditures.

  • You can also save money through part-time jobs in order to cover your tuition fee.

  • Part-time employment keeps you away from homesickness or nostalgia.

  • Part-time employment offers you to build good relations with employers.

  • Part-time employment offers you working experience along with studies.

  • Internships are ways to secure a career after studies.

  • Internship programs offer the exceptional practical skill to the students.

After Study Jobs Opportunities

Malta is friendlier for international students to such an extent that after completing your studies it offers you to take stay for at least six months to find a better job for you. It is according to the new international student's rights by the government of Malta. In case you find the job then you will ask to apply for a work permit on behalf of your employment letter or agreement. Work permit or long term residence in Malta can also lead permanent residence to Malta.


Malta PR & Citizenship Permanent Residence

Permanent residence is the living or resident status of a foreigner to any country. Malta is one of the developed European countries and it offers permanent residence to foreigners under specific conditions. What are the types of permanent residence? And what are the requirements for being eligible to PR? All matters are discussed at this page.

Types of Permanent Residence Permit

There are some different kinds of a residence permit may exist for Malta. But the common ways for non-EU citizens are listed below:

Malta Residence and Visa Program

This type of residence permit allows the foreigners to live independently not only in Malta but all the Schengen areas. Following are the requirements in order to be eligible for the Malta Residence and Visa Program:

  • An investment of EUR 250,000 through government bonds for a minimum of coming five years.

  • A contribution of minimum EUR 30,000 to Maltese Government.

  • If you are going to purchase a property of EUR 320,000 then you are also eligible to apply for Maltese PR.

Following are the benefits of Malta Residence and Visa Program:

  • Free-living in Malta and visa-free travel across Europe.

  • You can obtain permanent residence status for five years and this is renewable.

  • Applicants are to inform that investment is only required for the first five years.

  • No other residence requirement will apply as others have to obey.

  • Your family members can also get the residence permit.

The Global Resident Program Basics

This program of residence status launched recently in 2013 by the government of Malta. This program based on purchasing/renting properties in Malta or to pay taxes as living in Malta. To be eligible for this program following are the requirements:

  1. The applicants must not from EU/EEA, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein areas.

  2. Applicants must not have already obtained the status of residence.

  3. Applicants must own or rent properties in Malta.

  4. Applicants must show the regular and stable sources to sustain themselves and all the dependents.

  5. Applicants have to show valid travel documents.

  6. Medical/health insurance of applicants and dependents is required

  7. Maltese or English language proficiency is required

  8. Applicants must be fit and proper persons without any criminal record

  9. After becoming the resident applicants are allowed to live outside Malta for a period of less than 183 days.

Following are the benefits of The Global Resident Program Basics:

  • With the following special tax status you will be granted:

    • On foreign sourced income there is no tax

    • On remitted income 15% tax

    • On local income 35% tax

    • No inheritance tax

  • It is a fast process of obtaining EU residence. It offers residence with 03 months almost.

  • Your family and dependents are also included in your residence application.

  • You will be granted a work permit of free to work status.

  • You will be able to visa-free travel across Europe.


Citizenship Criteria of Malta for Foreigners 

The permanent residency status can lead you towards citizenship under certain conditions. However, the following are the modes that allow you to get citizenship:

  • Citizenship Through Birth

  • Citizenship By Descent

  • Citizenship Through Naturalization

  • Citizenship Through Investment

  • Citizenship By Marriage

  • Citizenship By Adoption

Following are the benefits of Maltese Citizenship:

  • Citizenship holder can get the opportunities of independent working across Europe

  • Citizenship holder can travel freely across 166 countries

  • Citizenship holder can get free education, medical and other facilities as other local citizens can get

  • You can get the safe, stable and healthy environment

  • You can also bring your family and dependent persons to Malta

  • You can buy the property and start business easily


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