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Benefits and Challenges of Study in South Korea

Benefits and Challenges of Study in south Korea

Change is never an easy thing. All our lives we chase familiarity and resist anything that can cause us discomfort. Our native country, native language and known people are all  in our list of contentment. But when it comes to travelling and staying in a new and different culture, we still try to find similarity for our ease. Besides adopting this discomfort of change, we leave behind our family, friends, home and embrace novelties which gains for us a rise in knowledge and quality of life. However, Pakistanis have the quality to adjust in all cultures because we have lived with diverse culture and totally different religion of Hindus for centuries. The total number of overseas Pakistanis living in around the world is nearly 8 million making us 6th largest Diasporas of the world. South Korea is home to almost 11,000 Pakistanis. So while studying in South Korea you will not feel homesick because there are many Pakistanis you might bump into. Although there are always challenges and benefits of travelling to a new place and some of them are listed as follows:


1-Threatening Activities

We are naturally identified to surrounding and culture of our native country and getting to know something different triggers the feeling of danger and oddness in us. Eating and drinking in public, standing too close to people and putting feet on furniture is considered as bad etiquette in South Korea and on the contrary, Pakistanis have a habit of doing all that. Therefore you will find it odd in not doing all these of your habits there. Bowing is national way of greeting Buddhism and Christianity is religion of 60% of Korean population.


Koreans don’t like to use western language and their national language is Korean which has no similarity to English, making it a huge challenge for foreigners.


The national drink of Korea ” Soju “ has 18% to 25 % alcohol in it. Pork dishes are very commonly eaten therefore you have to be conscious of what you are buying out.

4-Abiding Laws

Smoking in public, street marketing, online gaming and indecent exposure in public are treated strictly and considered as serious offenses. You can’t go out without your Business Registration card or otherwise you will be treated according to their strict laws.

Benefits of Studying n South Korea

1-Best Employment

As South Korea is a developed country, employment chances are not difficult to find, in fact universities help in finding you a good job. Students are allowed to work in Korea for 20 hours per week and minimum wage is $ 5 to 6 (US Dollar) per hour. So a student can minimally earn around a $100 US per week.

2-Best Universities

Not fewer than 18 universities in Seoul are included in QS World University Ranking. They have highly qualified and well trained faculty in universities. They are using modern and updated teaching techniques. Students at South Korean universities are equipped with best skills.  Studying their will benefit students in getting job all over the world and in South Korea too.

Scholarships available for study in South Korea 


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