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Italy is considered as one of the most beautiful and populous study abroad destination around the world. There are a large number of students come to get enrollment in Italy Universities. There are top rated universities in Italy placed in Italy and the good quality of education and high standard study system makes the Italy a favorite destination amongst the International students round the world.

Italy entertains the international students with lower tuition fee that students can afford and at the same time reasonable cost living Italy gets from the international students. Moreover, the working opportunity while studying in Italy and free Italian scholarships  system all are the points that make contribution in making Italy a favorite destination. For studying in Italy one can choose any single subject or program of study. 





Admission Process in Italy Universities for Pakistani Students?

Once you have decided a best study program for you and you also have matched the university or college according to your chosen subject then the very next step is to go to apply for. Following are the best universities placed in Italy:

  • Sapienza University of Rome (Rome)

  • Polytechnic University of Turin (Torino)

  • University of Padua (Padova)

  • University of Milan (Milan)

  • University of Pisa (Pisa)

  • University of Trento (Trento)

  • University of Florence (Firenze)

  • University of Rome Tor Vergata (Rome)

  • University of Naples Federico II (Napoli)

  • Catholic University of the Sacred Heart (Milano)

These are the worldwide top rated universities located in Italy for International Students. Applicants are to be informed that must apply before checking the eligibility criteria of the universities for your specified or chosen subject. Note that if you are not eligible than do not take a risk of applying because there are 100% sure chance that your application will not be entertained.

So, you are the eligible to apply for admission now come towards the admission process in Italy universities for Pakistani students 2021. Most of the universities demonstrate the online application procedure and it is very rare chance to apply after reaching the destination. However, for the convenience of the students we offer Pakistan’s Best Study Abroad Consultants. These are registered consultants for Italy in Pakistan here and provide complete guide about admission process and study abroad in Italy for Pakistani students.

Following are the documents that are required for admission in Italy Universities:

  • Applicants must fill the complete online application form.

  • Applicants must attach 02 passport size photographs.

  • Applicants must attach previous academic records or transcripts.

  • English Language Proficiency Certificate, i.e. IELTS or TOEFL (if required).

  • Detailed Resume.

  • Personal Statement.

  • Statement of financial system that will prove that you are eligible to apply for study.

Deadlines to Apply in the Italian Universities for International Students:

Universities from Italy declares the deadlines for international admissions round the year and these vary according to the university to university and study program to study program. Students must, for application deadline, must contact with the university for deadlines where they want to apply for.




What is the Study Cost in Italy for Pakistani students?

Like all other countries Italy universities also categorized into two categories i.e. public sector universities in Italy and private sector universities in Italy. Average tuition fee from both these categories is listed below:

Public Sector Universities

From €850 to €1000 is per year average tuition fee from Italian Public Universities

Private Sector Universities

From €6,000 to €20,000 is per year average tuition fee from Italian Private Universities


What is Living Cost in Italy for Pakistani Students 2021?

Normally, the students come to meet with the living requirements including house or apartment rent, food, grocery and transportation. An examination about living cost as living in Italy revealed that students just need from €700 to €1.000 per month.

How International Students get Accommodation in Italy?

Accommodation is the main or serious problem that our students face as living in abroad. It is one of the basic need to spend your life at anywhere. So, as all the countries around the world show several types of moods of living Italy also possesses its best. There are two types of accommodation generally the students can get as living there in Italy such as In Campus Residence and Out Campus Residence.

In Campus Residence

“In Campus Residence” provides the students with residency inside the campus or university. Following modes of in campus residence the students can get:

  • Students’ Halls of Residence

  • Students’ Clubs

  • Students’ Societies

  • Greek Houses  

Out Campus Residence

In “Out Campus Residence” students live outside area of the campus or university. Under this situation the students find their accommodation or residence by their own and afford it also by their own. In this situation students can find following types of accommodation.

  • Private Hotels

  • Private Apartments

  • Single Flats

  • Private Hostels 

  • Paying Guest.

Student Cities in Italy?

Following are the best students cities are considered that arte placed in Italy:


Following are the top universities belong to Florence:

  • University of Florence

  • Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze

  • Lorenzo de' Medici School


Following are the top universities placed in Rome:

  • Roma Tre University

  • Sapienza University of Rome

  • University of Rome Tor Vergata

  • Marconi University


Following are the top universities located in Milan:

  • University of Milan

  • Politecnico di Milano

  • Catholic University of the Sacred Heart

  • IULM University of Milan


Following is the top university located in Siena:

  • University of Siena


Following are the top universities situated in Venice:

  • Ca' Foscari University of Venice

  • Università Iuav di Venezia

  • Venice International University


Following is the top university located in Bologna:

  • University of Bologna




How Pakistani Students can get Student Visa for Italy?

Italy allows the students to get two types of Visas. The students who are going to apply for short term study visa of Italy i.e. less than three months are allowed to apply for “C-Type Visa”. On other hands, the students who want to get entry for more than three months study program are allowed to apply for “D-Type Visa”.

Following are the required documents to apply for Student Visa in Italy for Pakistani Students:

  • Visa application form

  • Recent 02 passport size photographs

  • Valid passport with at least three months of validity

  • Proof of sufficient financial statement

  • Paid health insurance

  • Copies of academic records

  • Invitation letter from University

  • Receipt of visa application fee

Student Visa Fee of Italy for Pakistani students: 

Italian student visa fee is 500 Euros



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