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Study Abroad in Indonesia for Pakistani Students Complete Guideline Apply Indonesia Student Visa 2022


Why Pakistani Students Should Study in Indonesia 

Are you looking to get study abroad tour in Asia then you are not on the bad pathway. Yes!! Asian countries are best to get higher education degree. If you are looking forward for the best Asian country then you are to be informed that there are several countries that offer the best education and the degrees are acceptable by these countries all around the world. From these fine destinations the Indonesia is the one.

Indonesia is one of the most beautiful landscapes on the world. There are beautiful lakes, ocean views, beaches and breathtaking sceneries are placed there in Indonesia that attract the people to go there. Moreover, the education system is also strong by the Indonesia and it attracts the students all over the world to make their higher education degree there. For the Pakistani students Indonesia could be the best destination because they can get good quality education in Indonesia within very low cost. Moreover, popular Indonesia scholarships programs also offered by the university as well as government level in Indonesia for the international students. So, all these things allow us to call Indonesia a best study abroad destination.


Admission Process in Indonesia?

There are different kinds of universities are located in Indonesia including Private sector University in Indonesia and Public Sector Universities in Indonesia. These both kinds of universities require different requirements for admissions in Indonesia institutes. The difference also exists from program to program in different kinds of universities. However, the general phenomenon is the same that the students first select their subject or study program and then select the university according to their selected subject. Students after meeting with the criteria offered by the university apply to the university.

Following are the best universities situated in Indonesia:

  • Gadjah Mada University

  • Universitas Indonesia

  • Universitas Sebelas Maret

  • Padjadjaran University

  • Bandung Institute of Technology

  • Diponegoro University

  • Brawijaya University

  • Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta

  • Airlangga University

  • Universitas Trisakti

  • Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia

  • State University of Jakarta

Following are the documents that are required for getting admission in Indonesian Universities:

  • Completely filled application form.

  • Official transcripts of previous degree.

  • English Language Proficiency Certificate i.e. IELTS or TOEFL.

  • Financial statement of proof of affordability.

  • Application fee offered by University. 

  • Any other additional requirement specified by your selected university.

Application Deadlines in Indonesia Universities:

Admissions run through the yearly or annually and there are two types of admissions run by the different universities i.e. spring or Summer Session and winter or Autumn Session. The dates are not confirmed because different universities offer the study sessions at different dates. Moreover, dates also vary from program to program. So, the students can find the actual date from their selected university.


What is the Study Cost in Indonesia?

Examination about the study cost has also revealed that there are different tuition fee and education cost in Indonesia Universities. Moreover, tuition fee vary from study are to study area. However, the international students pay an average amount between £2,300/$3,000 and £4,600/$6,100 per year as their tuition fee.

What is Living Cost in Indonesia?

As you know that you are going to make Study Abroad in Indonesia and at the same time you would also face the expenditures to live there. Generally, students face the expenditures of foods, clothes, transportation, and accommodation and for other related purposes. So, the students are to be informed that they can cover all these expenditures and Indoesia expenses by an average amount of £6,500/$8,600 per year.     

How to get Accommodation in Indonesia?

Generally the students get two types of accommodations. First accommodation is that according to which the students live inside the campus or universities and these kinds of accommodations called hostel accommodations or student’s hall of residence and the second one is the accommodation according to which the students get private arrangement for living. These two types are mentioned below:

Students Hall of Residence

Following are the moods of living through Students halls of residence:

  • Students’ Dormitories

  • Students’ Clubs

  • Students’ Societies

  • Greek Houses    

Private Accommodation in Indonesia

Following are the moods of living through private accommodation:

  • Private Apartments

  • Single Flats

  • Private Hostels 

  • Paying Guest

Best Students Cities in Indonesia 

Following are the cities that considered as the best student cities in Indonesia:


Following are the top universities placed in Jakarta:

  • State University of Jakarta

  • Universitas Trisakti

  • Mercu Buana University

  • Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia

  • Muhammadiyah University of Prof. Dr. HAMKA


Following are the top universities placed in Surabaya:

  • Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember

  • Airlangga University

  • University of Surabaya

  • State University of Surabaya

  • Sunan Ampel State Islamic University Surabaya


Following are the top universities placed in Bandung:

  • Bandung Institute of Technology

  • Sunan Gunung Djati Islamic State University

  • Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia

  • Parahyangan Catholic University

  • Universitas Kristen Maranatha


Following are the top universities placed in Yogyakarta:

  • Gadjah Mada University

  • Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta

  • Ahmad Dahlan University

  • Sunan Kalijaga State Islamic University

  • Universitas Kristen Duta Wacana


How to get Student Visa for Indonesia 2021?

Pakistani students are to be cleared that they need a visa for make a study tour in Indonesia. Students are asked to apply for the social visa after getting the admission or acceptance letter from the Indonesian university. Students travel on this social visa and after reaching to the destination students get student visa on arrival. Students are entertained with one year visa which is extendable for four times.

Following are the required documents to apply for Student Visa in Indonesia:

  • Applicants are asked to show the travel documents i.e. valid passport.

  • Photocopies of previous degree transcripts.

  • Colored passport size photographs.

  • Proof of sound health.

  • Copies of acceptance or admissions letter.

  • Proof of financial statement.  

Indonesia Student Visa Fee 2021: 

50 USD is the fee for student visa for Indonesia



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