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Study Abroad in Iceland for Pakistani Students 2022


Why Pakistani Students Should Study in Iceland 

Are you looking for study abroad and have not decided on your destination yet then for what are you still looking? Well, if the excuse is that you are not so conscious to choose your destination then do not be a worry at all. This is because here we are to direct you on the righteous pathway. Study abroad has become the most common desire of the students who are looking for a higher education degree in Iceland with an exceptional reputation.

Today Europe is considered as the best for study abroad. But, there are countries that offer you a reputable degree with reasonably high cost. The main reason or factor affecting the cost is currency difference. So, Icelandic Krona is reasonably less in cost as compared to EURs and other currency formats. So Iceland we suggest as the best study abroad destination for those who want to explore Europe during their study abroad journey. However, there are some additional reasons that will make you sure to choose Iceland as your study abroad destination.

Quality Education in Iceland

As we know that Europe takes steps forward in offering quality education not only the European students but students throughout the world. The same case has seen through Icelandic Universities. Following are the 02 top rated Icelandic universities throughout the world:


Global Rank

University of Iceland


Reykjavík University


Number of International Students in Iceland 2022

There are currently almost 18,000 students are enrolled in different top universities for higher education. From this number of students, 10,000 students are from outside Iceland.

Exceptional Landscape and Unique Culture

The landscapes offered by Iceland can never be found anywhere else. Moreover, the unique cultural activities offered by Iceland.

Personal Growth

Study abroad in Iceland means to push yourself into a new environment, new challenges and new experience. So, it takes to participate in your personal growth.

Friendlier Nation

Icelandic people are of friendly nature and welcome the foreigners for any assistance. So, you may have a good time while studying in Iceland.

Admission in Icelandic Universities For Pakistani Students 2022-2023

When students decide about their study abroad destination then the very next search by them is to know about the iceland admission application process. Well, do not be worry about this step. This is because here we are going to provide you the potential information according to which one can easily apply the admission application for Icelandic universities.

Step By Step Guide To Apply for Admission Application

Choose the Right Subject: No doubt, study abroad is an expensive way to get a higher education degree. That is why students ask to think twice for their study abroad option. For this purpose, you have to be suggested to choose the right subject. The subject for which you have good information, great taste and zeal to do something in this field in the future is the only suitable subject for you.

Choose the Right Institute

Many public sectors and private sector universities are located in Iceland. All these are best according to certain study programs. A good range of study programs is offered by the Icelandic universities. So, you can easily choose the one which is right for your selected degree.

Prepare Your Application

Once you have decided the program and institute now take a look at the admission policies of the chosen institute. The criteria vary from institute to institute and, sometimes, it varies from subject to subject. So, make it sure whether you are matching with the criteria or not. Following are the general requirements detailed.

Plan Your Budget

If you are meeting with the criteria and you think you can easily get the chance to study in Iceland then it is well and good. Now the very next step is to assess your budget for paying the study and living cost. In the below sections you will find the detail about study and living cost.

Apply For admission &Visa

After gathering your application just apply for admission. Online mode of application generally runs for admission. However, if you are not so familiar for application process you can take the services of our Study Abroad Consultants Once, your application will be approved then you will be provided with an acceptance letter on behalf of which you will be called to apply for Visa.

Ready to Move

After getting a visa you are ready to move. Now, go and get your higher education degree by exploring the beautiful European landscapes.

General Documents Required To Apply for Icelandic Universities Admission Application

  1. Copy of your valid identity or travel documents i.e. ID card or passport

  2. Copies of your previous academic transcripts

  3. Recommendation letter from the previous institute (02 Letters)

  4. The updated CV of applicants

  5. Testing scores i.e. language testing scores matter for obtaining admission

  6. Proof of financial assistance

  7. Proof of funding or scholarship (if any)

Academic Calendar

Following two-semester cover the academic year by the Icelandic universities:



Spring Semester

It starts in January and ends in May

Fall Semester

It starts in September and ends in December


Estimated Study and Living Cost in Iceland

When you assess the cost of study and living then you get the actual idea that how much does it cost to make your study abroad journey come true. Before taking the start of your journey it is necessary to assess it once. Every year thousands of students show their desire to go abroad for study purposes but many of them abated because they do not have the actual idea about the expenditure and sometimes they are misguided about the affordability of the study and living cost.

Well, we inform our students that do not worry at all. This is because here we have completely assessed your study and living cost. After going through this assessment one will become able to assess the cost of study and living in Iceland.

Study Cost

Following are the factors affecting on study cost directly:

Previous Academic Certificates

It does not matter at which level of education you are going to get enrollment. You have to show the previous academic records for obtaining admission, it does matter. Most of the students apply for master degrees abroad. And students know thousands of rupees they spend in obtaining bachelors’ degree.

Language Proficiency Test

For Iceland, students are to be required to show a language proficiency test. In Pakistan students generally, appear for IELTS examination. Student pays up to 10,000 PKR for IELTS preparation and on the other hand, almost 30,000 PKR is the examination fee of IELTS test.

Application Process

Applicants are also informed that when they apply for admission they have to pay the admission process fee. Mostly, online mode uses to apply application. Students are to inform that for single admission application the processing fee ranges from 20,000 to 30,000 PKR. And for making the admission proposal secure students are to be required to apply for more than one application.

Tuition Fee in Iceland Institutes

This is the main cost students pay for study abroad. While rest is also not negligible but this is the heavy amount students pay to make their journey come true. Public sector universities do not charge tuition fee even from international or Non-EU students. However, the registration fee which varies from 115 EURs to 290 EURs students has to pay. On the other hand, private sector universities charge the international students and it the charges or tuition fee varies from institute to institute or study course to study course. Normally, international students pay 5,000 EURs to 9,000 EURs annually for tuition fee.

Living Cost in Iceland

So, you have become familiar with the study cost. Now, we are going to discuss the living cost. Actually wherever you live you have to get the basic things for having a good lifestyle. These basic things charge you. Well, I depend upon the need of you. The below-given table is showing these basic things with their cost:



Accommodation (in city center)

1000 Euros to 1500 Euros per month

Accommodation (outside of city center)

700 Euros to 1000 Euros per month

Utility Bills

60 to Euros 100 EURs per month


Around 200 EURs per month


Around 100 EURs (Monthly Pass)


Pair of Jeans: From 80 EURs to 100 EURs

Pair of Shoes: From 100 EURs to 130 EURs

Summer Dress: From 40 EURs to 50 EURs


50 to 100 EURs per month


How To Get Icelandic Student Visa

For Pakistani students, a valid visa is required to get entrance permission into Iceland for study purposes. Applicants are to inform that without visa your journey could not be possible. Here the student is provided completely that which type of visa they required and what is the application process will run to apply for a visa and what are the supporting documents embassy require in order to offer a visa and at the end students are also provided with the visa fee.

Types of Student Visa

Short Term Stay (A C-Type Visa): Applicants who want to stay for less than three months are to be required to apply for short term visa. This is also called a Schengen visa but this is not for the regular study programs.

Short Term Stay (A D-Type Visa): Students who are going to apply for regular studies or full-time study programs are required to travel on D-Type Visa. D-Type Visa allows the students to stay for over three months or 90 days.

Residence Permit: Students for full-time study program will apply for a residence permit before their arrival in Iceland. Once, their application will be approved they will be provided with D-Type Visa for traveling to Iceland. But within the valid date of D-Type visa students will be offered with residence permit after going through certain obligations. This permit will be valid for at least 6 months and will be extendable until the completion of your studies.

Documents Required

Following are documents required to apply for Residence Permit:

  • Application Forms: A duly filled and signed application form is required

  • Acceptance Letter: An Acceptance Letter from a recognize Icelandic university is required

  • Photos: A recent photo with (35mm x 45mm) dimension is required.

  • Travel Document: A valid travel document i.e. passport with required validity is required to submit

  • Criminal Record Certificate: Original criminal record certificate is required. It must not be older than 06 months. It must be from all the countries where the applicants have lived for the past five years.

  • A Proof of Financial Support: All financial documents are required to submit. Moreover, applicants have to give proof of almost 1200 EURs as per month cost.

  • Medical Insurance Proof: Medical insurance proof which covers at least 15,000 EURs is required to show

  • Receipt of Payment: Receipt of paid payment for a visa is required to submit along with the application form.

Application Process

Applicants will gather all the supporting documents and then send the application to the given address:

The Directorate of Immigration, Skógarhlíð 6, 105 Reykjavík, Iceland

Applicants who are already in Iceland and are going to apply for a residence permit will not be provided with a residence permit. They have to leave Iceland to apply for a study residence permit.

Once, you will submit the application you will wait for at least 30 days for your residence permit issuance. Applicants are to inform that before 30 days of expiration they need to submit the application of renewal the renewal fee is 45 EURs.

Visa Fee

The first residence permit application fee is 88 EURs


Living and Accommodation Options in Iceland

Accommodation is the main challenge international student face during their study abroad duration. It is true that the student goes through a series of challenges throughout its journey. But, these hardships direct you towards an exceptional level of success which is not a lot of everyone. So, do not be scared at all and try to overcome these challenges and hardships.

Here at these sections, we have completely discussed that which kinds of accommodation options students can find as living there in Iceland. And what are the best and helpful ways to find accommodation before and after arriving at your destination?

Types of Accommodation

There are almost all types of accommodation options are available for students. Students can choose according to their taste and need.

On-Campus Accommodation

On-campus accommodation is considered as the ideal case for students. Almost all the institutes i.e. colleges and universities in Iceland offer on-campus accommodation option, especially for international students. International students who are going for the first time are not so familiar with the living style and culture of a new place. That is the reason, on-campus accommodation is considered as the best option for them.

Benefits of On-Campus Accommodation

Following are the genuine benefits on-campus accommodation offers to international students:

  • On-campus accommodation option is more secure than you think.

  • On-campus accommodation is available in a reasonable range of cost

  • On-campus accommodation provides well-furnished rooms to the students

  • Students are also provided with the facility of fresh food

  • All the basic needs including internet, electricity, fans, TV, and water, etc. all are provided to the students

  • Students as living inside or near to the campus can involve themselves in various volunteer and fun activities

Off-Campus Accommodation

In Iceland, there is less option for on-campus accommodation. Students get limited time to apply for on-campus accommodation that is why they have to search some outside accommodating options. Sometimes, students do not want to live inside the campus and look for some apartments to live outside the campus. For those students are also some opportunities exist.

Rented Flats or Apartments

In almost all the cities of Iceland, the option of flat or apartment accommodation is available. This is actually the way to live with complete privacy. Many of the students feel shy especially abroad and they do not want to live with others unknown or less familiar people. For them, the ideal case is to take a flat or apartment on rent and enjoy your life. The cost depends on the availability of facilities.

Shared Rooms

If you are not so shy and at the same time you are conscious about cost saving then you are to be recommended to take stay with somebody by sharing his apartment. In such a way you will get a fine company and at the same time, you can save money. The cost of this kind of accommodation also varies from the facilities that you get.


It is a rare case but anyhow is possible to live with the local family by paying them. This is another secure option to live in a foreign country. You are provided with almost all the basic facilities to live a healthy life. You can also make good relations with the local people.


Jobs In Iceland For International Students 2022

Iceland is friendly enough to facilitate the foreign students at all the instant. Students do not only provided with good quality education, top faculties, outstanding living standard affordable tuition ranges, multiculturism, and loving people, etc. but at the same time, it offers the part-time employment opportunities to the students to meet their additional charges.

However, part-time employment is not the only assistance provides by Iceland. Instead of this, after graduation job opportunities for foreigners are also offered by Iceland. What are the opportunities you can get during your studies and what are the career opportunities after study Iceland offers you? All are completely described here.

During Study Jobs Opportunities

Part Time Jobs for Students

According to the foreign affairs rules of Iceland, foreign students are allowed to work for at least 20 hours a week. And this could be full-time employment during summer and other vocational periods. The employment opportunists are in numbers but these vary from area to area. For instance, if you are living or studying in the main city or city center then there more opportunities exist for you than that of the outside city center areas. But, students are to inform that they have to meet with the strict criteria for obtaining job opportunities while studying in Iceland. Students have permission from the uncivility or employment contract from the employers.

For this purpose, University of Iceland is considered as the best one because it is running an employment agency through local and international students give complete consultancy regarding part-time employment opportunities. However, the same case has also been offering by some other reputed universities.

Part-Time Internship/volunteer students

Internship opportunities and volunteer opportunities are also offering to international students. For this purpose, the employment agencies are also paying their best. Internships and volunteer opportunities are not, sometimes, for earning purposes but these are for gaining the seeking and learning environment during your studies.

Benefits of Part-Time Job And Internship

  1. You can meet with the expensive of your additional charges living charges other than tuition charges.

  2. You can get the working experience during your studies.

  3. You can get good communication skills

  4. You can make the local people your friends

  5. The internship offers the practical skills related to your education

  6. You can make good relations with the employers for future opportunities

After Study Working Opportunities

All the international students who graduated from Iceland are allowed to apply for career opportunities in Iceland. But, these opportunities vary from nationality to nationality. Candidates from non-EU areas are required to get a residence permit based on work for obtaining working or employment opportunities in Iceland.

Following Are The Requirements To Apply For Residence Permit Based On Work:

  • A completely filled application form (Form D-207)

  • Payment receipt of residence permit

  • One recent passport size photograph

  • Photocopy of passport

  • Original foreign criminal record certificate (must not be older than 06 months)

  • The criminal record must be represented from all the countries where the applicants have lived for the past five 05 years.

  • Medical insurance proof is required

  • The work permit application is required

  • 03 signed original contract letter with an employer are required

  • Degree certificates are also required to show

The application process time by the immigration or consulate may vary so the applicants are highly recommended to gather the documents as fast as possible and apply for the application.


PR and Citizenship Criteria of Iceland for Foreigners 

Permanent Residence

The permanent residence permit is a status allows the candidates to live in a country permanently for which they do not have citizenship or are not local people. Under certain circumstance Iceland offers permanent residence to the foreigners:

Work requiring expert knowledge

  • Shortage Of Workers

  • Athletes

  • Family Reunification

  • International Protection

  • Humanitarian Views

  • Special Ties To The Country Students

  • With Limitations

All these are the main and genuine reasons to apply for citizenship. But, for the international students who want to migrate for work and living purposes permanent residency based on work is the best, easy and ideal option.

What are the Requirements to apply for Icelandic Permanent Residence?

  • Applicant must be older than 18 years of age

  • Applicants must meet the requirements of a valid residence permit

  • Applicants have to give a prof to provide themselves during their stay

  • Applicants have to show the valid insurance from a licensed insurance company of Iceland

  • Applicants must show their stay for the last four years

  • Applicants must not have involvement in criminal activities for the last five years.

  • Or applicants must have an offense which punished him/her for more than three months

  • Applicants must secure their maintenance and able to provide themselves in a lawful manner

  • Language proof is necessary to apply for Icelandic permanent residence

  • Applicants must have a valid passport with at least 90 days validity

Following are the non-eligibility for applying for permanent residency

  • Applicants must not have any assistance from the municipality or any other state

  • Applicants must not have unfinished affairs with court or police

  • Applicants must not have unfinished affairs with the authorities that may lead their expulsion from Iceland

What Benefits You Will Be Granted After Getting Permanent Residency of Iceland?

  • The aspirants have the rights to live or stay permanently in Iceland

  • Aspirants will be allowed to work unlimited or independently. However, they can change or move the work without applying for permission at the Directorate of Labor.

  • The permit also covers the rights of family unification (Spouse, Child of underage and parents of 67 years or older)

  • Applicants can get the opportunity to study abroad for up to 18 months. But, applicants are to inform that their stay abroad can affect their application of citizenship

  • Applicants after certain interval can apply for citizenship on behalf of this permanent residency.


For international applicants who are living or staying legally or permanently in Iceland for a certain period of time are allowed to apply for Icelandic citizenship. Following are the requirements must follow in order to apply for citizenship through naturalization:


  1. Provide 07 years of legal residence status in Iceland

  2. Maintain steady employment in Iceland

  3. Applicants have to show that they are financially stable and can support themselves

  4. Give proof of your identity

  5. Gather the financial documents or tax returns

  6. At least 02 reference letters from Icelandic nationals are required

  7. Submit recent criminal records

  8. Applicants must pass the Icelandic language test

  9. Complete your application and submit it

  10. Wait for approval from immigration ministry

  11. In case your application will be rejected, apply to parliament

Benefits of Citizenship

  • Citizenship holder can easily move across Europe

  • Citizenship holder can work or stay independently across Europe

  • Citizenship holder can get the ability to purchase property

  • Citizenship holder can have the ability to cast the votes

  • Citizenship holder can get all the healthcare benefits

  • Citizenship holder can have the ability to bring his/her family members to Iceland


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