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why study abroad in Germany 

Among the most developed countries in the world, Germany is the one. In many aspects of life, we see Germany shows great versatility and out of these aspects, the study or education system of Germany is the main adaptability. The idea of this adaptation we can take from the fact that today Germany lies under the list of top 10 study abroad destinations of the world. Moreover, the strong economy, the well and outclass living standard, the employment rate, the multiculturism all are the things that make Germany the best country to settle. But, currently, we are taking the points that are related to the study.

Students if you are still confused while selecting Germany as your study abroad destination then tell us what you need. Normally, students need a destination that offers quality education, an independent environment, German scholarships, and other supports, a good living standard, a better career prospectus. So, by keeping in view all these points readout the below-given points and then choose on your own whether Germany would be your best choice or it is not a good option for you.

1.       Free Study in Germany for Pakistai Students

Germany is the only study abroad destination that offers almost free education not only to the local citizens but the students of nationality from any country are offered a Fully Funded education in germany for Pakistani students. There are almost 400 public institutes are located in Germany that is offering quality education funding by the Government of Germany.

2.       Worlds’ Top Class Universities in Germany for International Students

There are top-rated universities are established in Germany which with respect to their quality education are listed among the top-rated universities of the world.  


Local Rank


Global rank


Technische Universität München



Ludwig-Maximilians - Universität München 



Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg



KIT, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie



Humboldt-Universität Zu Berlin



Freie Universität Berlin



Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen



Technische Universität Berlin



Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen



Universität Freiburg


3.      A Variety Of Study Programs Offered by Germany Institutes to Students 

A diverse range of study programs or subjects you can find in Germany. There are almost 17,500 study programs are currently studying by the 400 public and some other private institutes in Germany.

4.       Worldwide Acceptable Degree 

The degree from any of the institutes of Germany is well-known and acceptable throughout the world which is another reason which tempts to get higher education from Germany.   

5.       Great Career Opportunities after studying in Germany for Pakistani Students

As we have discussed that the degree from the Germany institute is acceptable throughout the world which means that you can get better career opportunities throughout the world after your graduation.  

6.       Get Settlement In Germany After Your Graduation 

Germany is too friendly to international students which offer them to do part-time employment in Germany to Pakistani students while studying there. Well, this is not the whole story because Germany also allows the well-qualified international students to get the chance of settlement in Germany.

Admission Criteria in German Universities for Pakistani Students

So, if you have acknowledged the reasons that why you should choose Germany and you also have selected Germany as your study abroad destination, then it sounds perfect. Obviously, after selecting a destination, the very next step students want to take is to apply for admission in German universities. If you are also going to apply for admission procedure to the higher education institute to study in Germany for Pakistani students then you are to inform that you need to follow some rules or admission requirements.

Following Are The Requirements To Apply For Admission in German Institutes for Pakistani Students:

German higher education institutes offer admission in Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral degree programs to international students. The below-given chart is completely showing the requirements for every single education level. Readout these instructions completely and make your application safe:


Bachelor Requirements

Graduate Requirements

Ph.D. Requirements

A higher secondary school certificate is required for a bachelor program

A bachelor degree in the relevant field of education is required

Students willing to apply for doctoral studies are required to show Master degree in the relevant field 

Applicants will appear for the entrance examination (if required)

Language proficiency test in German language or English language is required  

For the German program, German language proficiency is required 

Applicants are also required to show the language proficiency test. 

All the previous transcripts are required to show

For English language program, English language proficiency is required

For study programs taught in German, German language proficiency is required 

Students will also ask to show their financial status which will show that they can bear the expense of living and study in Germany

Research work or theses are also required to submit for the applied field

For study program taught in English, English language proficiency is required  

Students are required to gather all the identity and travel documents with validity 

A showcase of financial status is required for being eligible for study in Germany.  

Applicants will also appear for the aptitude test (if required)



Students are required to show the financial statement in order to show the ability to bear the living and study expense



Valid and original traveling and identity documents are also required




Steps Involved In Admission Application Procedure of German Universities:

Students who are willing to apply for a safe application they are to inform that they must follow the below-given rule for a safe experience:

Step1:         Applicants are required to select a study program. Then find out how many universities are offering this study program.                                         

Step2:         Select the University which is best in offering the study program you have selected.     

Step3:         Fulfill all the requirements of your study program. The general requirements are mentioned above.

Step4:         Find your financial sources to bear the study and living expenses.

Step5:         Now, this is the time to apply for admission.

Step6:         Once you will accept the confirmation letter you will be required to apply for the German student visa

Step7:         Find accommodation before departing.

Step8:         The final enrollment will be done once you would arrive there.


Where To Apply:

Students are to inform you that must keep in mind the admission deadlines of German Universities and must apply within the due dates. Students can submit their proposals through uni-assist and can apply directly to the selected institute. Moreover, for a safe experience students are to be suggested to choose Pakistan’s best study aboard consultants for Germany.  

Admission Application Deadlines of German Universities 2024 for International students:

Winter Semester : Deadline is July 15th

Summer Semester : Deadline is January 15th


Estimated Study and Living Cost in Germany for Pakistani students

The thing that affects the students most is the cost comes to face for study abroad programs. But, students are to inform that unlike other study destinations, Germany is less expensive and easy to bear. But, there are many situations come under which you have to pay something in order to make your study abroad journey possible.

Students are to inform that they do not be worried about these challenges come to bear the costs. Once you have decided then must make possible implements to make your dreams come true.

Estimated Study Cost in Germany for Pakistani students

Previous Academic Degrees: Applicants are to inform that in Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral all the higher education levels are available for international students in Germany. For a bachelor, master and doctoral study program in German Universities students are required to submit the degrees of intermediate, bachelor, and master programs in the relevant fields. In order to obtain these degree programs you are required to pay something.  

Language Proficiency Test: For study programs taught in German language, a German language proficiency test or certificate is required. Similarly, for a study program teaching in English language, English language proficiency test or certificate is required. The amount of 30,000 PKR to 35,000 PKR require to obtain these language proficiency tests. 

German Student Visa Application Process for Pakistani students 2024: Applicants are always suggested to apply for more than one institute for a safe application experience. Applicants are to inform that from 20,000 PKR to 30,000 PKR required for a single application process.     

Travel Documents: In order to travel abroad students are required to show identity and travel documents including ID card, passport, student visa, and airfares, etc. These documents also require a reasonable amount.  

German student Visa Fee for Pakistani students 2024: German student visa fee ranges from 60 EURs to 7 EURs

Tuition Fee Structure of German Universities for International Students 2024: Following chart is giving detailed information about the tuition fee in Germany:


Tuition Fee

A higher secondary school certificate is required for a bachelor program

Students are happily informed that there is no tuition for national as well as international students for bachelor and master degree programs. But students have to pay 100 - 200 EUR/year which is administration fee.   

Applicants will appear for the entrance examination (if required)

Private sector instates charge fee from both national as well as international students and tuition fee ranges from 3,000 EURs to 20,000 EURs per year. The tuition fee varies from the study program to program.    


Estimated Living Cost in Germany for International Students 2024

In the below-given article you can completely find the living cost of Germany for Pakistani students 2024: 





The cost of single apartment in city center ranges from 700 EURs to 750 EURs

The cost of a single apartment in outside of city center ranges from 500 EURs to 550 EURs



From 2 EURs to 3 EURs (single Student Ticket)

From 70 EURs to 80 EURs (Monthly Ticket)


Utility Bills

200 to Euros 250 EURs per month



Around 1000 EURs per month



Pair of Jeans: From 70 EURs to 80 EURs
Pair of Shoes: From 80 EURs to 100 EURs

Summer Dress: From 30 EURs to 35 EURs



Cinema Ticket: 10 EURs to 20 EURs 
Concert Ticket: 10 EURs to 30 EURs

Nightclub Ticket: 05 EURs to 15 EURs


Fitness Club/Gym

30 EURs to 40 EURs per month



Living and Accommodation Options in Germany for Pakistani Students 2024

We have delivered possible ideas about the admission application process in German Universities for Pakistani students, rules, and regulations, study cost, and living costs, etc. Now, here at this point, students are offering complete ideas of living and accommodation options in Germany.

See here which types of accommodation options exist and how you can manage them:

Types/Modes of Accommodations in Germany

Normally, we find there are two main types of options for accommodation are existed. These options are including on-campus accommodation and off-campus accommodation. Find the complete detail of both of the moods of accommodation in Germany.

On-Campus Accommodation (Students Residence Hall)

On-Campus accommodation is the way in which students offer dormitories and student halls inside or near to the campus. Students who do not want to live outside the university or, sometimes, students do not familiar with the living standard of a new place. So, for those students the best suggestion is to get on-campus accommodation.    

Advantages of On-Campus Accommodation in Germany

While living through an on-campus mood of accommodation students can find the following benefits:

  • On-campus accommodation in Germany for International students is available inside the campus or near to the campus.

  • Students can save money for transportation and, at the same time, they can save a reasonable amount of money because on-campus accommodation is comparatively less expensive.

  • Students living inside the campus can make good relations with their seniors and management staff.

  • Students can easily take participate in any recreational activity offer by the university.

  • Mostly residence hall is offered students with well-furnished and well-equipped rooms. 

Off-Campus Accommodation in Germany for Pakistani students

Another main option of accommodation is to live outside the campus. All the institutes or campuses do not offer the facility of students’ residence hall. And, sometimes, students cannot secure the position due to late application or lack of space. So, in this way students are to be suggested to select off-campus accommodation options.

Actually, it has seen that there are some students who want to explore their study abroad destination while living abroad. For those kinds of students, off-campus accommodation is the ideal choice. Well, there are many options are existed to live outside campus and some common are described below.

Live With Your Family Member

Sometimes, students like to apply for a country in which their family members have already been living. If the same option is available for you then believe me that you are the luckiest person. Just move to your family members and join their company and explore your destination. Living with family members is also a way to away from nostalgia.

Private Flats

Well, to join the family is not a genuine case for all types of students. Students who want to live alone and are conscious about their piracy, for those students the best option is to arrange a private apartment. Apartments with a different price range with respect to basic facilities are available in city center or outside the city too.

Shared Apartments

Another option for students also exists in which students can share the apartments with their classmates and other friends. This option also allows you to save money and also offer you the best companies of the friends.


How Pakistani Students can Get German Student Visa

Like all other European and other developed countries Germany is also asked Pakistani students to obtain a valid visa in order to obtain entrance permission in Germany. Here at this point, students are to inform that when they would be called to apply for admission, what are the types of German student visas, what are the documents required to apply for German student visa, what application process runs to obtain a German student visa, and what is the German student visa fee for Pakistani Students. 

Types of Student Visa of Germany

Generally, there are three types of German student visa are using to obtain entrance permission for study in Germany. The complete detail of these visa types is listed below:

1.       German Language Visa:

Students who want to go Germany for the purpose of language learning then this is the best option for them to apply for a German language visa. The visa is valid until the completion of the language courses the students.

2.       German Student Application Visa:

Applicants who are looking to apply for study in Germany but are not satisfied with the study program and admission process they can apply on their own after reaching Germany. Those students are allowed to apply for German Students application visa.

3.       German Student Visa:

It is the standard form of visa for students. Students who get enrollment in a German university for a full time study program are asked to apply for German student visa. The visa allows you to complete your full-time study program.


Documents Required for Pakistani Students to Apply German Student Visa 2024

Students are to inform that the following supporting documents are required to apply for the German student visa:

  • A fully filled application form is required.

  • Confirmation or acceptance letter from a recognized university

  • A national passport with required validity is required.

  • Two photocopies of the national passport the applicants will also submit.

  • Birth certificate of applicants is also required

  • Students will also submit a marriage certificate (if applicable)

  • Students will submit the birth certificates of the child (if applicable)

  • Up to 03 passport size photographs are required.

  • Previous German residence proof is required (if you have previously lived in Germany)

  • Previous Schengen visa status (if have)

  • Proof of financial status is required by which applicants are required to deposit €10,236 in a German block bank account.

  • ·Proof of health insurance is required.

  • Language proficiency test German or English 

Application Process of Duration: For applying a safe application of the German student visa must follow the below-given rules:

  • Locate the embassy or consulate near your place.

  • Take a review of the requirements and your documents checklist.

  • Arrange a visa appointment

  • Prepare for your visa interview

Applicants are to inform that for getting a safe visa application process must apply through Pakistan’s best study abroad consultants linked with Ilmkidunya

Student visa application processing time: The student visa processing period takes up to 25 days to process a visa. 

Visa Fee: The student visa fee ranges from 60 EURs to 80 EURs depending upon the nature of your visa.


Latest Jobs In Germany For International Students

During Study Jobs Opportunities in Germany for Pakistani Students 2024

 A most common query that comes from students' side is that whether their destination allows them to do part-time jobs or not. Students are to inform that Germany with every aspect is friendlier to international students. Where the public sector universities allow international students to get free of cost education in Germany Institutes, at the same time, German government allows international students to do jobs in Germany

How Many Hours Are Allowed To Do Job?

Students are allowed to do a part-time job for at least 20 hours a week. However, students are also allowed to get full-time employment in summer vacations.

How To Get Part-Time Jobs

·        Students are to inform that the students' support centers are established in many of the universities which offer the students complete guidance regarding every single aspect of the study program. Students are suggested to meet with them and they will bring possible opportunities for you.

  • Students can also meet with their senior students in order to find a part-time job.

  • Students can visit their own in some special places including cafeterias, bars, book points, and shopping malls, etc. to find a temporary job opportunity.

How Pakistani students can Get a Part-Time Internship in Germany 

  • Where students are offered with part-time employment in Germany, at the same time, they are also offered with internship programs in order to get professional experience during their studies in Germany.

  • In order to find internship in Germany students are to be suggested to meet with the supporting departments of your university if they have any.

  • If you are not supported by this department then you can meet with the senior students who are already doing internship programs at any employers.    

  • You can directly send a proposal to an employer to get professional experience from them 

Benefits of Part-Time Job And Internship in Germany

Part-time jobs and internship programs in Germany offer a series of benefits to international students and out of them the common ones are discussed below:  

  • Part-time employment in Germany for international Sudents is the way to earn some reasonable amount for having a good life standard there in Germany.

  • Students can also earn to bear their tuition fees if they are studying in a private institute.

  • Part-time employment allows students to get working experience along with their study program.

  • The internship program, sometimes, paid and sometimes it doesn’t pay to the students.

  • Internship programs offer you the relevant experience in your field of education or study.

  • The internship program makes a strong bond between the employer and a student and this gives a lot of help for the future establishment of a student.    

After Study Jobs Opportunities in Germany for Pakistani students

Once again we would like to call Germany as a friendly towards international candidates. This is because it is not only the best name in offering free education and part-time employment in Germany to international candidates but it also allows international candidates to work as a permanent employees after their graduation in Germany. 

Eligibility to apply for the germany?

International students who have done their graduation from any recognized university of Germany are allowed to get an extended period for at least 18 months. During this extension period applicants can search and apply for a professional and permanent job. 

Required Documents to apply for Extension in Germany:

  • Valid passport

  • A completed degree from a German university

  • Proof of health insurance

  • Proof of financial support

Work Permit of Germany for Pakistani students:  

Once you will get a job during this extension period then you would be allowed to apply for work permit which is extendable as long as you want to have stayed in Germany for working purposes.


PR & Citizenship of Germany 

Permanent Residence

All the applicants having the wish to live or stay in Germany as long as they want to, they have to obtain a permanent residence permanent o Germany. A permanent residence permit is status which allows the international or foreigners to live inside Germany as long as they wish. Here at this point, we are going to discuss that what are the requirements to obtain a German permanent residence permit, and what are the benefits of obtaining a permanent residence permit of Germany.   

Who is Eligible For Permanent Residence of Germany?

Applicants who are already living in Germany for working purposes or with the status of temporary permanent residence, they are eligible to apply for German permanent residence status.

Applicants must show their previous 05 years of legal living status for working purposes and with the status of temporary residence permit.

Requirements To Apply For German Permanent Residence Status

Applicants who are eligible with respect to their living duration in Germany are further required to show the below-given requirements to apply for German permanent residence status:

  • Applicants must have a national valid passport of their own country

  • Applicants must make sure that they have no criminal record during their stay in Germany

  • Applicants are required to show a fluent level of German, a minimum B1 level is required

  • German health insurance proof is mandatory

  • Applicants will also go through a health test which will show that the applicant is healthy to such an extent he/she can easily do work or study in Germany

  • Applicants must show the financial status that he can support himself and his family too

  • Applicants who are working in Germany or will do work in the future, they have to show a letter of employment from their employers (the letter must show job offer and job description)

  • In the case of study, applicants must show an enrollment letter from a German institute

  • Applicants who are applying for a family reunion or applying as a spouse of a German national then marriage proof is mandatory   

Benefits Of Permanent Residency Of Germany

Once you will get the German permanent residence status then you will be able to get the following rights:

  • You can get the ultimate residence status in Germany and can also have any kind of employment in Germany

  • You will be allowed to acquire any kind of educational and vocational training in Germany  

  • You will be provided with the social security

  • You will also be provided with the health insurance

  • Almost all kinds of social assistance and social benefits you can get as other citizens are provided in Germany

  • You will have the freedom of movement not only throughout Germany but throughout Europe

  • You can obtain housing in Germany

  • You will be considered for loan and grants I Germany as other citizens are considered

Apply Citizenship og Germany 2024

Germany also offers the status of citizenship to foreigners under the specific rules. Following are the rules or ways under which the foreigners can obtain German citizenship:

Citizenship By Birth: If you are borne in Germany then you can claim for citizenship.

Citizenship By Descent: If you show German ancestry then you can also be considered for German citizenship.

Citizenship By Naturalization: If you are legally residing in Germany for the last 08 years then you can also be considered for citizenship.

Citizenship By Marriage: Applicants who marry a German citizen can also be considered for German citizenship. The process is to apply through Naturalization without having permanent residence.   

Benefits of German Citizenship

Following benefits you can obtain after obtaining the status of German citizenship:

  • You have the right to cast the vote

  • The right of movement freely 

  • Assembly and association freedom

  • Consoler protection right

  • No restriction to find or get employment throughout Germany

You can also have the right to become a civil servant



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