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Student Visa and Admission Guide in Finland from Pakistan Students 2023


Why Pakistani Students Should Study in Finland

Are you looking for the option of study abroad? But you are not satisfied in choosing the best pathway which will lead you towards the good quality education within an affordable approach. Then we have the best suggestion for you: Finland. The country is not as big as other European countries. But, if offering large benefits it is definitely a big name. This land of thousands of lakes will be the best destination to study in Finland for Pakistani students the idea of which you can take from the below-mentioned reasons.

High-Class Education System in Finland for Pakistani students 2023

When you are searching about the top class higher education system of the world, then it is a hard or not possible situation that you will move ahead without seeing the name of Finland in your research. Top quality education system Finland offers by its top-ranked universities in Finland. Following are the globally top-ranked Finnish universities:


Global Rank

University of Helsinki


Aalto University


University of Oulu


University of Turku


University of Eastern Finland


University of Jyväskylä


Modern Research Universities in Finland for Pakistani Students 

Finland is a forward-thinking country the idea of which we can grab from the fact that the world’s top modern research universities are located in Finland.

Number of International Students in Finland 

There is an increment in the number of international students every year comes to see. From 2006 to 2016 the number of students increased from 10,066 to 21,061. However, following is the list of the countries from where a large number of students came to get enrollment for the year 2016:

Safest And Healthy Environment in finland for Students

The crime rate seems to no in Finland. This is the reason local citizens, as well as international people or foreigners, get a safe and healthy environment in Finland.

Natural Beauty or Wonders

The place is well known for natural beauty and wonders. The beautiful landscape and natural wonders will be a good reason to spend a memorable time in Finland.


Admission Criteria in Finnish Universities For Pakistani Students 2023

Once you have decided Finland as your study abroad destination. Now you have to know the complete detail about the universities of Finland. Which kinds of universities exist in Finland? Which types of study programs are offering by these universities and what is the application process? All these are the main factors affecting on getting admission in Finland for higher education purposes.

There are generally two types of universities or institutes categorized in Finland i.e. Universities and Universities of Applied Science. There are approximately 567 programs including degree program and non-degree programs are offered by the Finnish Universities and UASs. For getting admission the requirements may change from university to university and also the requirements change from degree level to degree level. Students are provided with the admission requirements to study abroad in Finland for every single study level.

  • Bachelor Degree in Finland Requirement 2023 for Pakistani Students 

The universities of applied sciences offer more than 100 study programs at bachelor level while, on the other hands, other universities offer bachelor study programs less in numbers.

  • Bachelor Degree at Universities Of Applied Science

Through practical knowledge to polish the skills bachelor education offer to the students by universities of applied sciences.

The bachelor degree is teaching on theses and practical base and it comprises of 210 to 270 European Credit Transfer System ECTS. The normal duration of the degree comprises of 40 to 55 months. For bachelor degree at UAS students are required to get practical knowledge or skill and for this purpose, students have to work with suitable employers or companies. So, in this way, they can also get a good relationship status with them.

  • Bachelor Degree at Other Universities

Other universities than UASs offer these base academic degree to the students. This bachelor degree with the duration of 36 months comprises of 180 European Credit transfer and Accumulation System ECTS. Most of the courses are teaching in Finnish and Swedish language. However, students are also provided with English language courses but in less number.

  • Master Degree in Finland 2023 for International Students 

At master level program students are provided with huge opportunities for English language programs. So, under this condition, students can easily apply for their desired program.

  • Master Degree at Universities Of Applied Science

A professionally oriented master degree with a duration of 12 to 18 months UASs offer to the international students. The degree required 60 to 90 ECTS credits. For being eligible for the master degree program applicants must have a bachelor degree in the relevant subject and 3 years working experience in the relevant field.

  • Master Degree at Other Universities

Other universities offer two years of the academic master degree program. Universities offer admission in almost all the major subjects, minor subjects and language subjects, etc. Universities require a bachelor degree in the relevant fields.

  • Doctoral Degree Requirements in Finland Universities for Pakistani Students 2023-2024

For Doctoral degree there is no concept of UASs. With 240 ECTS credits and 48 months duration, a Ph.D. degree offered to the candidates by the universities in Finland. The requirements or eligibility vary from university to university and program to program.

Following Are The General Required Documents for Admission Application in UASs:

  • Copies of previously completed or nearly completed degrees.

  • Transcripts of all the previous degrees

  • Employment certification

  • Original diploma with an original official translation

  • Entrance Examination (if required)

Note: Documents requirements for other universities vary from institute to institute or program to program.

Academic Calendarof Finland Uiversities 2023



Spring Session:

January To September

Autumn Session:

September to January


Estimated Study and Living Cost in Finland 2023

It is true that study cost is reasonably affordable for study in Finland. But, it depends upon the status of your nationality, your study program, and university which you chose for study in Finland. Following is the brief detail of study cost and living cost we have grabbed and described for Pakistani students. Students can easily access the cost level by reviewing this detail:

Study Cost

Following are the steps involving in study costs:

Previous Academic Certificates

Finnish universities offer admission in almost all the study programs at bachelor, master and doctoral level of studies. For every single study level students have to provide a previous degree in a relevant field with required scores or GPA.

Students have to get a previous degree in relevant fields with required scores and for this purpose, they have to choose the best institute in Pakistan. Pakistani institutes offer the degree just according to your need but this is, somehow, costly to earn the degree from the recognized Pakistani higher education institutes. The student has to pay at least $3,500 per year for an undergraduate degree.

Language Proficiency Test

For almost all the destinations within European areas including Finland, the language requirement is compulsory. Students pay a reasonable amount to pass the language proficiency test. For example, the common language proficiency test is IELTS. Students prepare the test within almost 10,000 PKR. And for appearing into the examination students pay almost 30,000 PKR.


Finland Visa Application Process for Pakistani Students 2023

Application process charges some amounts from the students. Normally for a single application student have to pay the application process fee from 20,000 PKR to 30,000 PKR. However, sometimes, for making the application process secure students have to apply for more than one institutes.

Finland Student Visa Fee 2023 for Pakistani Students

Obviously, the visa fee is another cost factor student have to face for getting entrance permission into Finland. For a paper application, the visa fee is 330 EURs and for electronic application, the visa fee is 300 EURs.

Tuition Fee in Finland Universities for Pakistani Students 2023

For Bachelor or master degree in Belgium the minimum tuition fee structure which is set by the government is around 1,500 EURs per year. However, the tuition fee could be high for private sector universities and tuition fee can also vary from a study program to study program.

For doctoral or Ph.D. study programs in Finland for International Students the study is free. However, the tuition fee can be possible regarding your nationality and study program. Following is the chart of tuition fee from the top-ranked universities in Finland


Average Tuition Fee

University of Helsinki

Average tuition fee is around 13,000 EURs per year

Aalto University

Average tuition fee is around 15,000 EURs per year

University of Oulu

Average tuition fee is around 12,000 EURs per year

Tampere University

Average tuition fee is around 10,000 EURs per year

Living Cost in Finland for Pakistani students

Following is the list of living expenses which comprised of common or necessary Items:




Students Residence Hall: Around 380 Euros per month

Students Shared Accommodation: From 350 Euros to 550 Euros per month

Students Private Apartment: From 400 Euros to 500 Euros per month


From 200 EURs to 250 EURs per month


From 35 EURs to 50 EURs per month through a public transport pass


Cost for a Pair of Jeans is around 83.60 EURs


From 60 to 100 EURs per month

Students member Ship Fee

Around 100 EURs per academic year

How To Get Finish Student Visa

All the Pakistani students are to inform that they need a visa or residence permit to get entrance permission for study in Finland. How you can apply for a visa and what are the general requirements to apply for a visa all are described here for the convenience of our beloved students:

Types of Student Visa

Generally, there are two types of visas Finland offer to the international students:

Fixed Term Permit: This is for short term stay or study in Finland.

Permanent Term Permit: This is for those who want to go to Finland for regular or long term study (Full-time study) programs.

Application Process of Finland for Pakistani Students 2023

Actually, there are students do not have the idea to apply for visa application. The right way to apply or submit your application is the way to secure or make possible your study abroad journey. However, the following steps will tell you how to submit your Finland visa application through a secure way:

  1. Official acceptance or confirmation letter from a recognize Finish University

  2. Valid travel documents i.e. passport with at least 03 months validation.

  3. Applicants will also make it sure that their passport has been issued for the last 10 years.

  4. Duly filled and signed application form is necessary

  5. Applicants have to give proof of financial stability that they can easily afford the study and living expenditures as living there in Finland.

  6. At present students have to show a minimum of 560 EURs per month cost or 6720 EURs per year cost for having to stay in Finland.

  7. The financial proof applicants will show in the form of a bank account statement.

  8. Proof of valid health or medical insurance is also necessary to submit with the visa application

  9. Proof of not having any criminal record is also required

  10. Applicants must show that they haven’t been refused previously from Finland

  11. You will also give the proof that you will leave Finland after completing the duration of your studies.

Finland Visa Fee for Pakistani Students:

Following is the visa application fee structure:

For Paper Application: Fee is 330 EURs

For electronic Application: Fee is 300 EURs.


Living and Accommodation Options in Finland for Pakistani students 2023

Wherever you live, accommodation is the basic one need to live a normal or sound lifestyle. From the main issues and challenges, accommodation is the mentionable one, especially for international students. Well, here in this section students will get the complete guide on how to find the accommodation and what are the types of accommodation in Finland.

Accommodation & Types of accommodation in Finland for International Students 

On Campus or Students’ Hall of Residence

It is the main option students find. Many finish universities offer on-campus accommodation to the international students. These on-campus accommodations are the best option than the rest of the modes of accommodation. Students are provided with a single or separate apartment and at the same time, shared apartments are also provided by the on-campus accommodation mode. You can find the best one just according to your need.

Benefits of On-Campus Residence in Finland:

  • On campus, accommodation provides the best place to live inside the campus or near to the campus.

  • You can save your time while living inside or near to the campus.

  • Students can also save the expenditure on transport while living inside or near to the campus.

  • On campus accommodation also provides the facility of fresh food at the time of your need.

  • You can find separate as well as shared apartments.

  • Students are provided with the well-furnished room.

  • Rooms with all the basic needs including electricity, internet, AC, and TV, etc. are provided to the students.

  • While living inside the campus students can get the interaction in many recreational activities.

Off-Campus Accommodation in Finland for International Students

However, at the same time, those students who could not be able to find the on-campus accommodation and those who do not want to live inside the campus can also get some other modes of accommodations. Following are the common types of Off-Campus accommodation for international students in Finland:

Shared Apartments

Apartments and flats are located in Finland even in the small towns. Students can easily find apartments. For the good convenience of the students, they are to be recommended to get shared apartments. In such a way they can save lots of money. Students can share the apartment with their classmates, with their senior students and some others whom they know.

Studio Apartments

Studio apartments are for those who are, somehow, shy and do not want to share their privacy with others. These apartments are expensive than that of shared apartments and on-campus apartments. Moreover, these apartments are also not easily available.

Family Apartments

Sometimes, international students come with family or another relative. For those students family apartments also obtainable in Finland. These apartments are designed in such a way they offer a complete environment for living with family.

How Pakistani Students can Find Accommodation in Finland:

All these types of accommodation have easy access out of studio apartments. The cost of accommodation varies from mode to mode of accommodation. However, the following are the ways to find the best accommodation:

  • The website like soa.fi and housinganywhere.com are paying their best in offering the best accommodation.

  • Students can contact the administrative and supporting department of the campus.

  • Students can take help from their senior students for this purpose.

  • Students can also contact the real estate agencies.

  • Another best way is to contact your relative and family member if anyone is living there already.


Latest Jobs In Finland For International Students
During Study Jobs Opportunities in Finland for Pakistani Students 2023

Finland is friendlier to the international students as high as you think. The reason behind it is that it does not only offer the good environment for high-quality education to the international students and is not only about the affordable study opportunity but it offers the part-time employment opportunities to the international students in Finland.

We know that due to the high difference in currency rate international students, especially Pakistani students, sometimes, feel it hard to maintain their studies while living in one of the European countries especially. So, under this situation, students look for some aids. The scholarships and fee funding programs are other cases, but, the thing which helps a lot is the part-time employment opportunity.

Finland allows international students to work for at least 2 hours a week. But, the opportunity is limited to the students who are enrolled for full-time studies and are completely meeting with the study requirements. However, students are to inform that their first priority is to get an education. The students who are not paying their best in seeking education they are not allowed to take participate in other activities like employment activities. However, under harsh situations, students can also be deported.

Types of Part Time Jobs in Finland

Students can get the part-time employment in Finland according to their studies. This is the ideal way to do a job while living or studying abroad. Moreover, students are also offered with internship programs which are quite related to their study programs. But these part-time internships mostly unpaid.

However, there are some other opportunities for working students can also find. The working opportunities vary from area to area and skill to skill. Generally, it has seen that find a job in big cities is much easier than that of the small town. However, the following types of jobs are common for international students:

  1. Delivery Jobs

  2. Cleaning Jobs

  3. Customer Service Representative

  4. Restaurant jobs

  5. Volunteer Jobs

  6. Translator

  7. Language Teachers

  8. Telemarketing Jobs

  9. Marketing Jobs

  10. Bar Jobs

  11. Gas Station Jobs

Benefits of Part Time Jobs

  • You can easily meet with the study or lining expenditures

  • You can get working experience while studying abroad

  • You can make good relations with the employers or companies

  • You can learn the native languages

  • You can make good friends for future benefits


After Study Working Opportunities in Finland for Pakistani Students 2023

Finland welcomes the international students who completed their graduation from Finland. Following are the conditions under which international students can get the residence permit for working opportunities in Finland after completing their studies:

Residence Permit during Studies

If you have completed your studies and immediately got an acceptance letter of the job from a well-reputed organization or company in Finland then you are allowed to keep stay in Finland and extend your residence permit for working on behalf of the residence permit of studies and working contract.

Residence Permit after Studies

Once, you have completed your studies from Finland and having no jobs yet then you are not allowed to take further stay in Finland. You have to leave Finland in this situation. However, you can apply for a job from your home country and once you get the employment contract then you are able to apply for a work permit or residence permit. There is no limit for applying after completing your studies in Finland.

Residence Permit for Entrepreneurship or Business

This is another option that you have completed your studies but could not find the jobs yet, then you can apply for a residence permit on behalf of your business. But you have to meet with all the requirements for having a business in Finland.


NOTE: Apply for the Finland scholarships for international students here.


PR & Residence Permanent Residence in Finland Criteria for Pakistani students

Applicants who are looking to obtain permanent residency for work, business and for some other genuine purposes welcome by Finland all the time. The EU and EEA applicants are not allowed to go through a strict process to obtain permanent residency. But, the applicants outside from EU, EEA and Swiss areas are required to obtain Permanent Residency permit or card to work, business or living in Finland. Here you can completely find the types of residency, eligibility criteria, non-eligibilities, and the process to apply for permanent residence.

Types of Permanent Residency

Following are the general types under which a third country applicant including Pakistani applicant can easily apply for Permanent Residency.

Permanent Residency Through Work And Business

Applicants having a high education degree from a recognized institute and also shows the working experience in the relevant field are able to obtain EU Blue Card or Permanent Residency. This EU Blue card is, actually, a four-year residence permit for work and living purposes. This card also allows the candidates to move freely in the Schengen areas.

In another case, you can also apply for permanent residency of Finland as a self-employed person. Applicants with a professional job offer, a self-employed and major shareholder in the organization for which they are working are able to apply under this condition.

Permanent Residency Through Family

Applicants who claim that one of their grandparents were or are the citizens of Finland are able to apply for permanent residency on behalf of their family.

Applicants who claim that their partner or spouse is a citizen of Finland or possessing permanent residency in Finland can also apply for permanent residence on behalf of their spouse. For this purpose, applicants have to show a legal relationship status.

Who is Eligible?

Following are the general requirements or eligibility to apply for permanent residence:

  • Applicants must have stayed for at least four years in Finland (residence permit A)

  • Applicants must not live abroad for 2 years during this period are eligible

  • Applicants must show that their residence permit or status is still valid

What are non-eligibilities?

Applicants with the following conditions are not allowed to apply for permanent residence:

  • Applicants who committed an offense and to be sentenced to prison during their stay in Finland are not allowed

  • Applicants are to be suspected of pledging a crime for which they can be sentenced to imprisonment are not allowed

  • Applicants have committed two or more offenses are not allowed to apply

Benefits of Permanent Residency

  • Permanent residency holder can easily move across Europe

  • Permanent residency holders can obtain the same civil rights and social security as other European people obtained

  • Permanent residency holders can obtain free medical facilities

  • Permanent residency holders can apply for support programs and fee-free language courses

  • Permanent residency holders can obtain free education facilities

  • After the duration of four years of residency, Permanent residency holders can apply for citizenship


Finland under several conditions offers citizenship to foreigners. Following are the features under which foreign nationals can obtain Finnish  citizenship:

  1. At the time of your birth if one of your parents i.e. mother or father was a citizen of Finland then you are also to be considered as the Finnish citizen.

  2. if have a spouse of Finnish citizen and you are living with your spouse in Finland for at least four years then you are allowed to claim for Finnish citizenship.

  3. Applicants who were born in Finland but their parents were not Finnish citizenship then you are not supposed to be Finnish citizens. In case you, automatically, cannot get the citizenship of your parents then you will be provided with Finnish citizenship.


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