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Study Abroad in Denmark for Pakistani Students


Why Pakistani Students Should Study in Denmark

If you are looking for study abroad journey in Europe then why study abroad in Denmark is not a good option for you? If you are not familiar with Denmark, it is another case. But, one who knows the true facts about Denmark doesn’t move farther by leaving Denmark behind. For those who are not so familiar with the Danish lifestyle and education system, here complete discussion has prepared that why you should choose Denmark as your study abroad destination?

Danish Lifestyle is Amazing

You can get the amazing lifestyle as living in Denmark the main reason behind it is that out of the top happiest countries of the world Denmark is at number one position. All the inhabitants are legally residing there and out of them, almost 65% are intended to pay their dues including annual taxes because they know these are the factors to make the economy strong.

A Surprising Education System Denmark Offers to International Students

After offering amazing living style the education system of Denmark also considered as the exceptional one throughout Europe instead across the world. Students are divided into small groups instead of fully packed classrooms to teach them well.

Danish Universities are Worldwide Recognized

Danish Universities and Colleges have worldwide recognized the idea of which you can get from the below-mentioned chart:


Best Global Universities Ranking (2023)

University of Copenhagen


Aarhus University


Technical University of Denmark (DTU)


Aalborg University


Copenhagen Business School (CBS)


A Large Community of International Students Exists in Denmark

Throughout the year a number of students throughout the world come for obtaining enrollment in the Danish worldwide recognized universities. Following chart is showing the enrollment of the international students in different levels of higher education in Denmark


International Students

Short Cycle Higher Education

297 students enrolled

Vocational Bachelors educations

2594 students enrolled

Bachelors Programs

956 students enrolled

Masters Programs

4654 students enrolled

Wild Life, Cultural Events & Festivals

There are much more Denmark offers to the world. It is the habitat of several animals including rabbits, squirrels, hedgehogs, foxes, and the European polecat. Moreover, there are almost 300 birds specifies exist available in Denmark. Annual festivals and cultural events also celebrated there with full rituals and joys.


Admission in Danish Universities For Pakistani Students

Hope that the above discussion has cleared you that Denmark could be your best study abroad destination. After choosing the destination the very next step is to know the admission requirements by the universities to study in Denmark for Pakistani students.

Students are to inform that undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral all level of study programs offered by Danish universities. The requirements of getting admission may vary from a study program to study program. Here the complete requirements for undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral or research degree programs are clearly described. Students are to inform that must read these requirements carefully before going to apply for admission in Denmark University.

Undergraduate Program

Postgraduate Program

Doctoral/Research Program

SHigher secondary school certificate or education equal to 12th standard related to the Danish education system with required scores is required

Bachelor degree or 16 years of education with the international recognized standard is required

From a recognized institute a master degree equivalent to 18 years of education is required

The entrance exam will be required if your education doesn’t match according to the Danish education system

Attested copies of all previous transcripts are required

Attested copies of all the previous academic transcripts are required to submit

Applicants are required to show English Language proficiency with required bands. IELTS or TOEFL students can choose

A brief discussion about undertaking course is required

A brief statement about the undertaking subject or course is required to submit

Proof of Danish language proficiency if you are going to apply for Danish medium program

Updated CV or resume is required to show

Updated CV or resume is required

Proof of funds to meet with the tuition fee and living requirements

English language proficiency proof through a test i.e. IELTS or TOEFL with minimum required scores is required

Prof of English language proficiency is required. Students are asked to show IELTS or TOEFL test with minimum required bands


Danish language proficiency test for Danish medium study program is required

In case you are going to apply for Danish medium program then Danish language proficiency is required


Applicants are asked to give proof of tuition fee and living

Proof of tuition fee and living expenses is required







Language requirements

Study program



IELTS (Academic Base Test): 6.5 Bands

TOEFL (Internet Based Test): 88 Scores

C2 Proficiency (CPE): 180 Scores

C1 Advanced (CAE): 180 Scores


IELTS: 6.5 Bands

TOEFL: 94 to 101Scores



IELTS (English B): 6.5 Bands

IELTS (English A): 7.0 Bands

TOEFL (English B): 79 to 93 Scores

TOEFL (English A): 94 to 101 Scores

Application Process

In Denmark higher education institutes accept application through Coordinate Enrollment System CES. Applicants are recommended to apply directly through CES. However, for the convenience of the students are also to be recommended to apply through Pakistan’s best Denamark Study Abroad Consultants.

Tuition Fee of Denmark Universities for Pakistani Students


Tuition Fee

Undergraduate Program

12,000 for 15,000 EUR per year are required to pay for undergraduate studies

Postgraduate Program

For Postgraduate studies tuition fee ranges from €6,000 to €16,000.

Doctoral/Research Program

For Postgraduate studies tuition fee ranges from 7,000 EURs to 18,000 EURs.

Academic Calendar for Undergraduate in denmark 2023-2024



First Session

September to January

Second Session

February to June

Academic Calendar for Master Degree in Denmark 2023-2024



First Session

February to March

Second Session

September to October

Academic Calendar for Doctorate/Research denmark University



First Session

August or September and lasts until December or January

Second Session

January or February and lasts until May or June


Estimated Study and Living Cost in Denmark

Study in Europe is not is an easy deal. International student especially Pakistani students are required to pay heavy amounts for making their study abroad journey. For studying in Denmark how much tuition and living costs Pakistani students in Denmark have to pay? It is the most common questions. However, here in these sections, the students will be able to assess their study and living costs completely in Denmark.

Study Cost in Denmark for International Students 2023

Following are the steps involving in study costs:

Previous Academic Certificates

For being eligible for the desired study program students have to show the previous academic certificates in the relevant subjects. For example for bachelor, master or Ph.D. programs in denmark students have to earn a secondary certificate, bachelor degree, and master degree respectively. Students have to get these educational certificates from the recognized institutes. And the recognized institutes of Pakistan charge much in providing these degrees.

Language Proficiency Test

Most students are asked to appear for the IELTS test in Pakistan for showing their English language proficiency skill. In 2023, the registration fee for the IELTS examination is 28,014. However, the fee may vary from area to area.

Application Process

Mostly the online application process runs for submitting your admission proposal to Danish universities. For a single application, students have to pay from 20,000 to 30,000 application process fee.

Student Visa Fee of Denmark

The student Visa application fee for Denmark is around 235 EUR.

Tuition Fee Structure of Denmark Universities 2023

Following is the fee structure for studying in Denmark:


Tuition Fee

Undergraduate Program

12,000 for 15,000 EUR per year are required to pay for undergraduate studies

Postgraduate Program

For Postgraduate studies tuition fee ranges from ranges from 6,000 EURs to 16,000 EURs.

Doctoral/Research Program

For Postgraduate studies tuition fee ranges from ranges from 7,000 EURs to 18,000 EURs.

Living Cost in Denmark for International students 2023

Wherever you live, a number of things require to live a healthy life. You have to eat food, drink water, wear clothes, go for entertainment, and buy some households and other grocery items. Students have to notice about these kinds of expenditures because they will face all these as living in abroad. In Denmark, the lifestyle is cheap and easy but because of high difference in currency Pakistani students, sometimes, face it hard to afford the living style.

The below-given chart is showing the estimated cost of living for having a sound and standard lifestyle:



Accommodation (Residence Hall)

240 Euros to 460 Euros per month

Accommodation (Rental Flats)

470 Euros to 940 Euros per month

Accommodation (One Bed Room)

270 to Euros 600 per month


Around 200 EURs per month


150 to 200 EURs per month


20 to 30 EURs per month


60 to 70 EURs per month


Danish Student Visa Requirements for Pakistani

Students are to be informed once they have applied for admission to the university, they have to wait until their application process will be done. Once, you have got admission then you will be provided with an acceptance letter or confirmation letter.

On behalf of this confirmation letter, students will be called to apply for a student visa. For many international students especially Pakistani student, a visa is required to get entrance permission for Denmark. What are the types of student visa exist and how students can manage the Danish Student visa? All these discussions are discussed here below:

How to Get Study Visa for Denmark

For starting their education in Denmark all Non-EU, Non-EEA and Non-Swiss students are asked to obtain a valid visa.

Types of Student Visa

Following two types of visa exist for international students:

Short Term Visa

International applicants who are going to apply for the study program of short term or study program for at least 90 days duration are asked to apply for a short term study visa. This visa is actually a visit visa valid for 90 days. The visa doesn’t allow the students to get involved in other activities. However, the international students from EU/EEA or Swiss areas do not allow to apply visa for short term study duration.

Long Term Visa (Resident Permit)

As we know that Denmark or Danish universities offer regular or full-time study programs. These full-time study programs complete within or up to two years. For having long stay students have to apply for long term visa.

This long term visa is also called a residence permit. The residence permit doesn’t only allow the students to have stayed for study purposes but at the same time, it also allows the students to work for at least 20 hours a week in Denmark. It has also seen that the residence permit validity runs until the completion of your study program.

Documents Required

For submitting the visa application students have to submit following documents along with their application form:

Acceptance Letter: From recognizes Danish university a valid acceptance letter is required to submit.

Valid Travel Documents: Valid travel document i.e. passport with at least 6-month validity is required to submit.

Recent Photos: Applicants are also required to submit their recent photos for identity verification.

English/Danish Language Proficiency Test: English language proficiency certificate or Danish language proficiency certificate with required scores is required to submit.

Financial Statement/Proof: Does the applicant can bear the expenses of tuition fee and living style? It is the main requirement asked by the embassy while applying for a visa. Students have to give solid proof.

Proof of Travel Insurance: In some cases, students are also asked to buy travel insurance for making their travel abroad journey secure

Proof of Accommodation: in some cases, students are asked to show the proof of accommodation at the time of visa application submission.

Visa Fee Receipt: Visa fee receipt is required to show that you have paid the fee.

Application Process

The standard time of the visa application process is almost 60 days.

Visa Fee

The Visa fee for international students is 235 EUR.


Living and Accommodation Options in Denmark for Students

Well, students are to inform that whether you are studying on your own expenses or a scholarship program by Denmark is supporting you. You have to pay the charges for having a standard living style. Well, it is true that it is up to the students how much they spend on living. Students are to inform that the living style of European countries is, somehow, expensive than that of the living style of your home country.

But, Denmark, reasonably offers the affordable living style. Following is the complete detail has provided that which types of accommodation options students can find as living in Denmark? Moreover, the average cost of living in Denmark you can also find throughout this section.


The accommodation is the basic need for having a sound lifestyle wherever you are living. Sometimes, students are to be asked to manage their accommodation before departing for their destination and sometimes, students are to be asked to manage after reaching the destination. However, the following are the types of accommodation they can find in Denmark. Types of accommodation

On Campus or Students’ Hall of Residence

Actually, most students first time go to Denmark and they are not familiar with the living style of Denmark and the basic rules and regulations of living. So, for those students, the best option is to choose on-campus accommodation.

On-campus accommodation means students live inside the campus. They are provided with dormitories or rooms for living. From 240 Euros to 460 Euros required to pay every month.

Benefits of On-Campus Residence: Following are the potential benefits students can find from on-campus accommodation:

  1. You can get easy access to restaurants or cafeteria through on-campus accommodation. Moreover, students are also provided with home-delivery foods.

  2. Students can find separate and shared rooms just according to their taste.

  3. They are provided with well-furnished rooms within fewer rates or costs.

  4. Students are also provided with all other basic facilities including electricity, telephones. TV, internet, and other related things.

Off-Campus Accommodation

However, there are some other modes of accommodation also exist for international students who do not want to live inside the campus. In some cases, students get fail to manage their accommodation inside the campus. So under this circumstance, they are provided with other modes of accommodation. Following are the possible ways to find for living outside the campus.

Live With Your Family or Friends

First, of the students are to inform that if your family members or relatives are living already there in Denmark then you have the best opportunity to spend a normal lifestyle. You can save a lot of many while living with your relatives or friends.

Rent a Room in a House

Students can find rented rooms near their campus. From Euros 270 to Euros 600 monthly charges students can find the rented rooms.

Private Rented Flats

Actually, sometimes, students feel shy and do not like to share their life or even accommodation with some strangers. So, for those students, it is the best option but it is, somehow, costly. From 470 Euros to 940 Euros are the monthly charges of private flat.


Jobs In Denmark For International Students During Study Jobs Opportunities

Can I Get Job While Studying In Denmark?

Almost all the European Countries are friendly for international students and Denmark is one of them. Denmark allows international students to work for at least 20 hours a week. This opportunity for the students who are studying full time or regular studies in Denmark and hold a valid residence permit.

Part Time Jobs in Denmark for Students

The very first mission of international students is to get an education. However, they, sometimes, find it hard to afford their living and study expense in Denmark. This is the only reason they look for part-time jobs. Well, we have informed earlier that students are allowed to get part-time employment.

Part-Time Internship in Denmark 2023

In some special cases, students are also provided with the opportunity of internship. For this purpose, students have permission from their institute and at the same time, they also have a contract letter of an employer at which they want to apply for an internship.

Benefits of Part-Time Job And Internship

Following are the potential benefits international students can get with part-time jobs or internship:

  1. A part-time job is a way to meet with your living or even study expenses.

  2. Part-time job during study can be a good reason to avoid yourself from homesickness.

  3. A part-time job can be the good reason of getting working experience while studying abroad.

  4. A part-time job can be a good reason to make Danish people good friends.

  5. You can enhance the way of communication level in both English and Danish language.

  6. The internship can be a good reason to enhance your practical skills while studying.

  7. The internship can be a good reason to make good relations with employers. These relations can be helpful after study for getting employment opportunities.

  8. When for an internship you work with the good companies you become able to know the latest running market trends.

Types of Students Jobs In Denmark

Following are the common part time jobs international students can get:

  1. Subject Teacher

  2. Foreign Language Teacher

  3. Freelance Jobs

  4. Volunteer Jobs

  5. Translator

  6. Telemarketing Jobs

  7. Marketing Jobs

  8. Customer Service Representative

  9. Restaurant jobs

  10. Bar Jobs

  11. Gas Station Jobs

After Study Working Opportunities

Work Permit After Graduation

After studies students are not allowed to have or extend their stay in Denmark. However, they can get a lot of opportunities for working in Denmark for International Students. For this purpose, students have to come back to their home and then they are asked to apply for a work permit. According to the immigration report, there are 8% of immigrants are living on work permit in Denmark.

Under certain conditions, Denmark offers a work permit to the foreigners especially international students.

Following are the general requirements to apply for a work permit of Denmark:

  1. Applicants must have the employment contract with any recognize Danish employer or company.

  2. Applicants must be older than the age of 18 years.

  3. Applicants must show valid travel documents.

  4. In some cases, applicants are required to show the financial statements for visa approval

  5. Applicants are required to show the language or working skill according to the job or position for which they are going to apply.


PR & Residence of Denmark

Permanent Residence Requirements of Denmark 2023

On the base of skill, residence status, marriage, and other genuine purposes Denmark offers permanent residence to the foreigners. Hundreds of applications Denmark accepts every year for offering permanent residence to the foreigners.

By following this page one must become able to know that who is eligible for permanent residency of Denmark and what benefits the permanent residency of Denmark holders can get?

Who Is Eligible To Apply For?

Applicants with the following basic requirements can apply for permanent residence to Denmark:

  1. Applicants must show their age above than 18 years

  2. What is your current living or residence status in Denmark? It is necessary to show.

  3. Applicants must show four years or eight years of legal residence status in Denmark in order to apply for Permanent residency.

  4. The permanent residency will be offered to the applicants who haven’t involved in any criminal activities during their stay in Denmark.

  5. Applicants without certain forms of social benefits can apply for PR.

  6. Applicants must show their current employment status for being eligible.

  7. 03 years and 06 months continuous employment status is required to show for PR.

  8. Proficiency in Danish language test 2 is required to apply for PR.

Following are the supplementary requirements to apply for Permanent Residency to Denmark:

  1. Candidates have to pass Danish language test 3 for being eligible.

  2. Candidates have to show employment for the last 04 years.

  3. Candidates make it sure that they passed the active citizenship exam before going to apply

  4. Applicants must give the proof of an annual taxable income of DKK 286,526.16

Benefits of Permanent Residence of Denmark

Once you have got permanent residence in Denmark you will be able to get the following benefits:

  1. You will be able to sponsor your family member or friends who are meeting with the immigration requirements

  2. You are able to purchase property or house in Denmark

  3. You can also become eligible for various governmental schemes or insurance plans

  4. The courtiers where other Danish citizens can move, you can also move easily through this PR status.

  5. This permanent residence allows your children to get free higher education as other Danish students can get.

  6. The permanent residence permit holder can also get all the health care benefits


Denmark under certain conditions also allows the foreigners to get the status of citizenship of Denmark. By following the discussion one will become able to know that who is eligible for citizenship and what benefits applicants can get after getting citizenship:

Who Is Eligible To Apply For?

  1. The basic requirement for getting citizenship is to show the complete allegiance or loyalty for Denmark.

  2. Applicants who want to apply for citizenship are required to show permanent residence for the last few years.

  3. The legal residency for the 09 successive years is required to apply for Denmark citizenship

  4. Applicants who have become financially independent for the last five years are also eligible to apply for citizenship

  5. Applicants have to pass the Danish language test 3 for being eligible

  6. For being eligible applicants have to pass the citizenship test

  7. Applicants make it sure they haven’t involved in any criminal activity during their stay.

Benefits of Citizenship of Denmark

Once you get the citizenship of Denmark, you can get the following benefits as living there in Denmark: 

  1. You can get the same lifestyle and liberties as other citizens or local people can get

  2. You will be able to work across the European Union

  3. You will be able to move anywhere in the Schengen area freely

  4. The healthcare benefits other citizens can get, you can also avail

  5. You will be able to bring your family member and sponsor your friends to Denmark.

  6. You will be able to cast your vote and for all other related activities, you can avail the liberty to participate.


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