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Study Abroad in Czech Republic Complete Guideline for Pakistani Students 2022


Why Pakistani Students Should Study in Czech Republic

Study in a Europe is the dream of alomost every Pakistani student. There are several places or countries in the European Union that are the best to impart education to the international students regardless their nationalities. So, if you are also looking to have an opportunity to study in Europe and still wondering for getting the right place then leave it on us because we always keep our students updated and facilitate with the good opinions and suggestions. We have discussed about many favorite and charming destinations for Study Abroad located in Europe. This time we are going to make our students familiar with another beautiful place which is Czech Republic.

After seeing about a country the very next thing that take birth into our mind and ask several questions from us is that how could it be the better destination for us to make study abroad tour. We are going to share our experience that how this could be a better chance for students to take study abroad tour at Czech Republic. First of all we tell you that Czech Republic is placed at the center of the Europe and is also known as the heart of the Europe. The beauty we cannot measure of this place and cannot describe in the wordings. This is the reason that it always replete with the visitors.

Moreover the education system in Czech Republic shows is the good one because there are more than 1000 faculties are teaching in English Language and students get every single faculty to do. It provides safety to the students and easy living standard. In short we suggest our students that it would not be a disaster to make study abroad tour in Czech Republic. 


Admission Process in Czech Republic for International Students

A proper channel runs for the admissions in the Czech Republic universities. First of all students select the program for study. Then they are asked to prepare the basic documents. The very next step is to check the eligibility criteria of Czech Republic Universities  or requirements required by the universities. Once you meet with the requirement and have documents completed then apply. Students are asked to sit in the entrance exams under certain conditions. Now, it is the time to wait for your acceptance. Once you get acceptance letter then just apply for Czech visa and after getting visa enjoy you study abroad journey.

Following are the top rated universities located in Czech Republic:

  • University of Economics, Prague

  • Charles University

  • Masaryk University

  • Czech Technical University in Prague

  • Palacký University

  • Brno University of Technology

  • University of Economics and Management

  • Tomas Bata University in Zlín

  • Czech University of Life Sciences Prague

  • University of West Bohemia

  • Technical University of Ostrava

  • University of South Bohemia in Ceské Budejovice

Following are the general documents that are required for getting admission in Czech Republic universities:

  • Previous completed academic degree in the relevant field.

  • Completely filled application form.

  • Proof of payment for admission and study in Czech Republic.

  • Proof of language Proficiency through IELTS or TOEFL or other related certifications.

  • Letter of recommendations.

  • Letter of motivation. 


Following are the admissions deadlines run through the year for the different areas of education:

Public Universities Deadlines: Applications closed in the month of February.

Arts School Deadlines: Applications closed in the month of November.

Technical faculties Deadlines: Applications closed in the month from March to April.


What is the Study Cost in Czech Republic?

Study cost differs from university to university or program to program event from language to language.

Study in Czech Language: Study in Czech language is totally free.

Study in Other Language: Study in Other languages may charge and students have to pay from 0-22,030$ per year as tuition fee. And this is also vary from sector to sector and program to program.  


NOTE: Apply for the Czech Republic scholarships 


What is Living Cost in Czech Republic?

The average amount of $ 350 to $ 750 a student requires to pay for living a sound life. This amount, actually, a student spends to cover the foods, transportation, accommodation and other basic needs. However, the average may increase according to the living standard of the students.

How to get Accommodation in Czech Republic?

Normally there are two types of accommodation Czech Republic offers to the international students. These are students’ dormitories and private accommodation.

Students’ Dormitories

Students’ Dormitories is the type of accommodation in which the special building build for the students. These are of different types such as students’ club, flats and hostels etc. These are arranged by the Government and universities. This kind of accommodation is less expensive as compared to the private accommodation.

Private Accommodation

Private accommodation is the type that the students find by themselves from outside of universities or campus. There are several types come to see in private accommodations and these are hotels, flats, apartments, paying guests and some others.

What are the Affordable Cities in Czech Republic?

Following are considered as the best Czech Republic cities for Internationals students:


Following are the best universities in Prague:

  • University of Economics, Prague

  • Charles University

  • Czech Technical University in Prague

  • University of Economics and Management

  • University of Economics and Management


Following are the best universities in BRNO:

  • Masaryk University

  • Brno University of Technology

  • Mendel University

  • University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences Brno

  • Janácek Academy of Music and Performing Arts

Ceské Budejovice

Following are the best universities in Ceské Budejovice:

  • University of South Bohemia in Ceské Budejovice

  • College of Technology and Business in Czech


Following are the best universities in Ostrava:

  • University of Ostrava

  • Technical University of Ostrava

Hradec Králové

Following are the best universities in Hradec Králové:

  • University of Hradec Králové


How to get Student Visa for Czech Republic?

The international students including Pakistani students are offered with following three types of student visas:

Short Term Student visa: This visa issues to the students who go for the stay of less than 90 days for study purpose.

Long Term Student visa: Students who need stay of more than 90 days in Czech Republic are required to apply Long Term Student visa.

Short Term Residence Permit: Students who need entry for more than one year are asked to apply for Short Term Residence Permit for study purpose.

Following are the required documents Czech Republic student visa:

  • Application form

  • Acceptance or admission letter from University

  • Valid travel document i.e. Passport

  • Financial statement to show that you can bear study and living cost in Czech Republic.

  • Confirmation or proof of accommodation

  • Proof of health insurance

  • Criminal record verification certificate

Czech Student Visa Fee: 

The student visa fee for long term six month visa is CZK 59.400.

The student visa fee for long term one year visa is CZK 85.800.




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