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Study Abroad in China complete Guideline from Admission Process to Student Visa for Pakistani Students 2024


Why Pakistani Students Should Study In China 2024

Students who are looking for Study Abroad can get an increasing number of options and from these China is the one with more and more popularity. According to the research about the Chinese education system, we have grabbed the following five reasons which allow us to call China the best study abroad detonation. scholarships

China A House of International Students

China has already been a growing destination and is considered as the third largest destination behind the USA and UK for international students. For the last 10 years, the number is increasing by an average of 10 percent. The following chart will show the enrollment of international students in China:


Number of Students













Scholarships, Affordable and Tuition Free Universities in China for International Students

China is comparatively affordable study abroad destination for Pakistani Students. If we talk about the growing destination, for instance, the UK universities take 7,000 Pounds as tuition fee charges. The living expenditures are about 13,000 pounds in the UK.

In the growing Asian countries student even pay high charges. For example, 1800 $ a month is a living expense of Japan and South Korea is known as the fifth expensive country for international residents.

Under such circumstances, China is considered as the cheapest country to study because under 1000$ students can cover the semester tuition fee. The living style of China is also reasonably affordable than that of the mentioned countries.

China also provide the scholarship to the intellegent and deserving students for their higher education.

Chinese Government (CSC) Scholarship Program For Pakistani Students

The Chinese Government Scholarship (CSC) is a scholarship program established by the Chinese government to support international students who want to pursue undergraduate, master's, doctoral degrees, or conduct research in Chinese universities. The program is administered by the China Scholarship Council (CSC), which operates under the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China. This scholarship supports designated Chinese universities in their endeavor to attract outstanding international students for degree studies in China.

CSC Scholarship Requirements

  • Official records of education
  • A single copy of the CNIC health certificate and the residency document
  • An accreditation for a clean record
  • Letter of admission or offer from the university (preferred for applicants to master's and PhD programs, but not required)

Last Date To Apply For Chinese Government Scholarship 2024

The Chinese Government Scholarship program has a deadline of December 28th for applications.


Get More Details About Chinese Government Scholarship


Experience Mandarin

Mandarin is the official or standard language of China and it is the 2nd most spoken language of the world. While studying and living in China students have a great opportunity to learn Mandarin. Students are also provided with short courses to learn the language.

The Universities with Growing Reputation in China

Worldwide ranking universities are located there in China. The education system and the environment have shown by these universities gave them ranked globally. Out of 200 top ranked universities of the world 07 are the Chinese Universities.


World Rank

Peking University


Tsinghua University


Shanghai Jiao Tong University


Zhejiang University


Fudan University


University of Chinese Academy of Sciences


Nanjing University


A Gateway Towards A Great Career

Education and experience from China are considered as a valuable asset in many industries. China is known as the fourth most popular destination and in 2015 nearly 12 million business trips reached in China. So, China is growing also culturally and economically.


Admission Procedure in Chinese Universities For Pakistani Students 2024

Once you have decided China as your study abroad destination then now you have to know the complete process to apply for admission in Chinese’s universities. Like all other destination, China offers a simple and stable application process. But the requirements may vary from study program to program.

Here the students of almost all the level of education can easily find the requirements to apply for admission to study in China for Pakistani students:

Undergraduate Program in China for Pakistani Students

In almost all the standard fields of education, Chinese Universities offer admissions to international students. Undergraduate programs or study courses are almost 4-5 years. However, associate undergraduate degrees have a duration of 2-3 years.

Postgraduate Program in China for International students 2024

In the various fields of education, international students are allowed to get admission in Chinese Universities. Master degree or postgraduate degree in China for Pakistani students runs from 2 to 3 years.

Doctoral/Research Program in China for International students

Generally, the doctoral or research degree consists of 3 years in China. China opens the door for doctoral or research degrees in various fields for international students. The research degrees are the ways to lead a successful career.

Following are the general requirements to get admission in Chinese universities in the various level of education:

Undergraduate Program

Postgraduate Program

Doctoral/Research Program

A secondary school leaving certificate or secondary school pass certificate

Bachelor degree with required GPA according to your chosen university

Master degree with good or required GPA

Pass entrance or admission test (if required)

All previous academic transcripts

From the previous university or professors, two recommendation letters are required

All previous academic transcripts

Two letters of recommendation from the previous institute

Some Chinese universities require an entrance exam for a research degree

English language proficiency test i.e. IELTS or TOEFL with required scores

Pass entrance or admission test (if required)

All the transcripts issued by previous educational institutes are required

For Chinese medium study program, 4 to 6 levels of HSK are required

Applicants are required to show English language proficiency through IELTS or TOEFL test with the required score

IELTS or TOEFL test with required bands or scores are required to show English language proficiency

Completed filled the application form

For Chinese medium study program, 5 to 8 level HSK is required

5 to 8 HSK level for Chinese medium study program is required


The duly filled application form is required

The duly filled application form is required


China Student Visa Requirements and Process for Pakistani students 2024

  1. The first step is to choose the study program, pay the application fee and submit your application.

  2. University will take few days to review your application

  3. University will contact you if any requirement will be left

  4. You will be asked to wait for some time and if you will be eligible then you will be provided with the acceptance letter.

  5. After getting an acceptance letter you will be asked to apply for a student visa for China.

  6. The visa process takes several weeks and then you will start your journey.

China University Tuition Fees for Pakistani Students 2024


Tuition Fee

Undergraduate Program

Around 12,000$ per year is the average tuition fee of the undergraduate program

Postgraduate Program

Around 13,500$ per year is the average tuition fee of the master study program

Doctoral/Research Program

Tuition fee ranges from 1700$ to 8000$ per year. The fee ranges from program to program.


For medicine, engineering and business studies tuition fee ranges from 24,000 to 50,000 $ per year.

Academic Calendar of China 2024



Spring Semester

February to March

Fall Semester

September to January


Estimated Study and Living Cost in China for International students 2024

The main factor affecting the education journey is the cost of the study abroad journey. But, do not be worried at all if you have chosen China as your study abroad destination. This is because we have already explained in the above lines that China is comparatively affordable destination for Pakistani students than that of others study abroad destinations like USA and UK.

Below is the complete detail of the estimated cost you can find which will be the best way to assess your cost of study abroad in China:

Study Cost in China for Pakistani Students

Different parts or subject count as study cost. Student pays something before departing and the rest of the charges students pay after reaching their destination.

Previous Academic Certificates

If you are going to apply for bachelor, master or doctoral degree then you have to earn secondary, undergraduate or graduate degree respectively. These degrees are considerably costly to earn from a reputable institute in Pakistan. Students pay lots of cost for this previous degree. For example, almost 1 million PKR students pay for obtaining a bachelor degree from a reputable university in Pakistan.

Language Proficiency Test

The language proficiency test is nectary to show for obtaining admission in Chinese universities. Students first pay 5,000 to 10,000 preparation fee. Then for appearing in the test i.e. IELTS students are called to submit almost 30,000 PKR as test fee.


China Study Visa Cost and Process for Pakistani Students 2024

For submitting an application of admission students have to pay some charges. For single application charges run from 20,000 to 30,000 PKR. And students are to be recommended to apply for more than one application to make their admission secure.

Tuition Fee of China Universities for International Students

Tuition fee is the main cost factor. Following is the fee chart provided to the students which are an easy way to assess your tuition fee cost.

Tuition Fees of China for Pakistani Students


Tuition Fee

Undergraduate Program

Around 12,000$ per year is the average tuition fee of the undergraduate program

Postgraduate Program

Around 13,5000$ per year is the average tuition fee of the master study program

Doctoral/Research Program

Tuition fee ranges from 1700$ to 8000$ per year. The fee ranges from program to program.


For medicine, engineering and business studies tuition fee ranges from 24,000 to 50,000 $ per year.

Books and Accessories

Per semester cost for courses and other study materials is calculated as 30 to 50 $.


Living Cost in China for Pakistani Students 2024

China offers a good and standardized living style. For Pakistani students, it could be, somehow, costly. But, as compared to others study abroad, destinations china offers reasonably cheap living style to international students in cost. Following are the factors necessary for a sound living style:

Students if want to live in a residence hall then they have to pay For renting flat students pay. For single bedroom students pay



Accommodation (Residence Hall)

Cost ranges from 150 $ to 400$ per month.

Accommodation (Rental Flats)

Cost ranges 250$ to 100$ per month

Accommodation (One Bed Room)

Cost ranges 30$ to 220$ per month.


The average cost of one-time meal is around 3.00$


A bus trip to a city is around 0.30$

Grocery (Weekly Shop)

Around 50$


Single Cinema ticket is around 8$ and monthly gym membership is around 40$


China Study Visa 2024 from Pakistan Guideline

For obtaining entrance permission to China Pakistani students need a valid student visa. This visa ensures your entry stay in China for a specific time duration according to your study period. Here you will find that what are the types of student visa for China exist? What is the application process for a Chinese student visa? What are the documents required for a Chinese student visa? And at the end, students will also be provided with the application duration of chinese student visa for Pakistani students.

Type of Chinese Students Visa

Following are the Types of Chinese Student Visa:

X1 Visa: Students who want to apply for more than six months period are required to apply for X1 Visa. Holders of X1 visa are required to apply for a temporary residence permit within 30 days of after reaching to China. The residence permit with 5 years validity will be issued to the holders.

X2 Visa: Students who want to apply for a study program which has the duration of fewer than six months are required to apply for X2 Visa. X2 visa holders are not allowed to apply for a residence permit. However, if they need to extend their visa then they have to contact the embassy or the department of local entry and exit.

How Pakistani Students can Apply for Chinese Student Visa

Applicants have to submit the application to the Chinese consulate office or China visa application center CVASC.

If you cannot come personally then on behalf of you someone else i.e. friends, relatives, or a travel agency can apply for the visa.

Appointment for visa application is not required by Chinese Consulate but there is a need of online appointment via CVASC's website at the time of application submission.

Required Documents for Chinese Student Visa

Following are the required documents to make your study visa possible:

Acceptance Letter: An acceptance letter from a recognized Chinese University is required.

Travel Document: A valid passport with at least 6 months validity is required to apply for a visa.

Identity Documents: A recent color photograph with full face and light background is required to apply on the application form.

Application Form (JW201 or JW202 Form for X1 Visa): If you are going to apply for X1 Visa then original and copy of approved JW201 or JW202 application form is required.

Chinese Student Visa Application Duration

  1. Normally students are provided with Chinese student visa within four working days by Consulate.

  2. Through express services, the applicants are provided with student visa within 2-3 days.

  3. If you are using the rush services then you are to be provided visa within 24 hours.


Living and Accommodation Options in China for Pakistani Students 2024

Living or accommodation is the basic one need for the students to live. Wherever you are living doesn’t matter you have to manage a fine accommodation option matters. Students are to inform that they can find different modes of accommodation as living there in China. Generally, the accommodation modes are divided into two categories including on Campus or university accommodation in China and off-campus accommodation in China. Both the modes are completely described here.

On-Campus Accommodation in China 

On campus, accommodation offers the student to live inside the campus. Almost every single university in China offers accommodation option to the international students.

The universities are growing day after day and there are more options of student dormitories are developing for the international students. The average cost of students dormitories or on-campus accommodation for per semester is around 450 RMB.

Students have the options to arrange a single bedroom, double bedroom, and shared rooms. The cost of accommodation depends on the availability of the room.

Benefits Of On-Campus Accommodation in China for Pakistani Students

Following are the benefits or advantages students can avail as living in dormitories or on-campus accommodation:

  1. The mode of on-campus accommodation is more safe and secure.

  2. Students are provided with almost all the basic needs to live a healthy life.

  3. Students are also provided with the furniture accessories, TV, Telephone and other basics with suitable range or availability.

  4. Food, grocery, and utilities all are easily accessible as living in on-campus accommodation.

  5. Students are provided with separate kitchen and separate baths.

  6. In summer students are provided with air conditioner and in winter students are provided with heaters.

  7. Students can interact with their seniors and teachers easily.

  8. They can participate in recreational activities as living in on-campus accommodation.

Off-Campus Accommodation

Students who cannot avail the opportunity or on-campus accommodation or if they are looking for off-campus accommodation then there are many opportunities for off-campus accommodation also exist in China. Following are the popular modes of off-campus accommodation:

House/Apartment/Flat On Rent

In China students who want to live outside the campus have to get permission from their universities. Some schools or universities are strict for the sake of the safety of international students. So, under this circumstance, students may have to go through the official forms or application.

Students are provided with rented apartments and rooms with different types of availability. The cost of these modes of accommodation varies from the availability to availability. Following is the detail about the costs of these rented modes of accommodation:

One bedroom Rented Apartment: The average cost of one rented bedroom ranges from 800-2500 RMB per month.

Two bedrooms Rented Apartment: The average cost of two rented bedroom ranges from 1000-4500 RMB per month.

Three bedrooms Rented Apartment: The average cost of three rented bedroom ranges from 1500-8000 RMB per month.

Shared bedroom Rented Apartment: Students can also share these apartments and rooms and in such a way they can also share the cost of living.


Homestay is another best and safe mode of accommodation. International students are provided with all the basics of a healthy living style from host families. The average cost varies from availability to availability. Between 50 and 150 you can find the best option for the homestay.


Latest Jobs In China For International Students 2024

We have acknowledged from the above discussion that China is comparatively cheap study abroad destination. But, at the same time when you compare China with your local place then you might take it as, somehow, expensive.

To meet with the study and living expensive properly international students especially Pakistani students look for some kinds of employment.

Does China Allow to Work During Studies?

There are many studies abroad destinations that allow international students to get working opportunities there. But, does China exist in this list of destinations. Well, students are to be informed that China allows international students to take part-time jobs but under strict conditions.

Students can take part-time working opportunities in China selected by the university or school in which he/she is studying. Students are just allowed to follow the selection of the university or school. Besides these selected opportunities international students not allowed to work in China during their studies. According to the article 43 which explains the law on the administration of exit and entry, international students for working purposes are considered as illegal if they are not following the prescribed types of work or requirements. For further information, students have to contact their university or school for this matter.

Latest Internships in China 2024 for Pakistani Students

China allows international students to get internship opportunities during their studies. There are three ways of internships China offers to the international students.

  1. Unpaid internship programs.

  2. Paid internship (these are sometimes small to cover your living expenses and, at the same time, these can give you much better).

  3. Internship program for which you need to pay.

After Study working opportunities in China for Pakistani Students

Once you have completed your studies from China then a lot of opportunities waiting for you. First of all, students are to inform that China doesn’t allow to have additional stay after completing your education. Students have to come back to their home and then apply for a work permit. After graduation students can apply for work permits that are of three types:

Tier A Work Permit:

This is the faster class or process than other classes of work permits. Under this condition, there is no need to provide a diploma and police clearance certificates. Applicants under this condition are also allowed to work if they are over 60 years of age.

Following is the detail showing that who is eligible for Tier-A Work Permit:

  1. Applicants must be a high income earner. With a salary over 50,000 RMB per month applicants are allowed.

  2. International prize winner in the fields of science, literary, architecture, arts, sports, music, and industrial designs, etc.

  3. By the China National Talent, Import Plan applicants must be selected.

  4. Doctors’ or a higher degree from one of the 500 worldwide top rated Chinese Universities.

Tier B Work Permit:

The applicants between the age of 18 and 60 under the following conditions are qualified Tier B Work permit:

  1. Applicants must have a Bachelor degree and 2 years full time working experience in a related field.
  2. Applicants must have 2 years’ experience plus salary equal to or above than 50,000 RMB per month.
  3. Graduation in Master degree from a Chinese university listed under top 100 worldwide universities.

Tier C Work Permit:

Applicants with a low skilled profile can be qualified for Tier C work permit easily under the following conditions:

  1. Applicants must have a bachelor or above degree from Shanghai University and be employed from Shanghai FTZ or Zhangjiang High Tech Park.
  2. Applicants must have a master or higher degree from China with at least 80/100 or B+/B score and employed by a company registered in Shanghai.
  3. Applicants must be a part of the French Intern 1000 Plan.


PR & Citizenship of China
How to get Chinese Permanent Residence 

Permanent Residence of China 

The permanent residence of foreigners in China means that their stay is not limited in China. Permanent residence status provides a certificate or card to the foreigners which they can use independently for having independent stay in China for a long time.

The holder of permanent residence status can easily enter or exit China with a valid passport and without a visa. But, a valid residence card is necessary to show while leaving or entering to China. The permanent residence card offers with the validity of five or ten years. Foreigners who are under the age of 18 years are granted with the permanent residence status of five years. On the other hands, foreigners who are above the age of 18 years are provided with 10 years of permanent residence status or cared.

What are the Types of Permanent Residence?

China offers permanent residency in several possible ways. Following the ways with their descriptions are discussed:

  1. Spouse Reunion

Spouse of Chinese citizens or the spouse of the foreigner having Chinese permanent residence can apply for permanent residence. Five years marriage proof is required to apply under this category. Applicants must show their stay for not less than 9 months annually. Applicants also asked to have a secure and stable living status in China.

  1. Seeking Reunion with Parents

Children under 18 years of age who want to live with his/her parents can be considered for PR under this category.

  1. Permanent Residence through Investment

Applicants with direct investment and stable investment plan for the coming three years can apply for permanent residence status through investments. Applicants also have a sound taxation record.

  1. Permanent Residence through Employment

Applicants who are posted on a higher employment position for the last four years in a row. Applicants must also show their stay equal or above than 03 years in China and having sound taxation record can apply for PR under this category. Following are the positions can be considered for high employment:

  1. Deputy General Manager

  2. Deputy Director of Plants

  3. Associate Professors

  4. Associate Research Fellows

  5. Similar Posts

  6.  Permanent Residence As Outstanding Alien

Applicants who are having a major and outstanding contribution for China or the applicants whom China needs urgently for some genuine purposes can be considered for Permanent Residence.

Permanent Residence for Dependents

Applicants who do not have any relative outside China and entering China to live with the relatives directly can apply under this category. Applicants must be over 60 years in age and having annual stay for at least 09 months and having a legal stay of at least five years in China.

Citizenship in Canada for International Students

It has seen that China offers only a few passports to the foreigners over the year. Under this situation, there are slim chances of getting citizenship. But, we are not saying that it is impossible. There are the following conditions under which you can apply for Chinese citizenship. Read these conditions and if you are showing your case strongly then you can apply for citizenship.

Have A Close Relation With Chinese

If you can show a strong relationship status with a Chinese person than you are able to apply for citizenship.

Have Settled in China

If you are legally settled in China for an extended period of time or you have spent the needed time period in China, having your own home, employment or business, and are married to a Chinese person then you can apply for Chinese Citizenship.

Any Other Legal Reason For Citizenship

This is a bit unclear option of obtaining citizenship of China. However, under the following conditions you can be considered for citizenships:

  1. You have invested a good amount of money

  2. You have stated as a profitable businessman

  3. If you are a member of CCP then there are high chances for you 


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