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Updated Study Abroad Guide of Canada Student Visa from Pakistan 2024

Important announcement, on 22 January 2024 for Pakistani students  

The Canadian government has unveiled new guidelines for foreign students planning to enroll in 2024 courses. Canada Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Minister Marc Miller proposed a new policy to reduce the number of international students to 360,000 (a reduction of 35% from the year 2023) due to last year's mismanagement in the provision of student housing and other resources.

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Study in Canada Timelines

Research of best course/ university 

1 week 

Online application to university 

2-3 days 

University's acceptance 

4-6 weeks 

Visa Process

7-10 weeks 


Why Pakistani students should study in Canada 

Admission in Canadian Universities for Pakistani Students 

Estimated study and Living expense in Canada for Pakistani Students 

Canadian study Visa Process for Pakistani Students 

Latest Jobs in canada 2024 for Pakistani students 

Canadian Citizenship Process guideline for Pakistani Students 


Why Pakistani students Should Study in Canada 

Canada is a popular study abroad destination for international students due to its high-quality education system, multicultural society, and welcoming environment. Here are some reasons why study in Canada from Pakistan is an excellent option for students:

Excellent Education System Of Canada

  • Universities offer study programs to study in Canada for Pakistani students in almost every field. They offer degrees at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels in a range of subject areas.

  • You will have the chance to work on various projects with renowned scientists and researchers if you pursue a Ph.D.

  • The educational programs offered in Canadian institutions are designed to give students exposure to a broad view of their specialized sector.

Immigration Opportunities of Canada 2024

  • There are immense post-study working opportunities Canada offers to the foreigner graduates. Post-Graduate Work Permit in Canada for Pakistani students, provisional Nominees, Federal Economic immigration and many other modes of immigration Canada offers to the foreigners.

Exposure To A Multicultural Environment

  • The majority of the students in classrooms and dorms are diverse in terms of their religion, ethnicity, and culture.

  • This kind of diversity in culture, traditions, and prosperity makes your study in Canada more intriguing

Exceptional Support Facilities

  • Canadian government helps international students in finding suitable accommodation during their studies

  • Many institutions in Canada offer English language support programs to help international students improve their language skills and adapt to the Canadian academic environment, it makes study in Canada from Pakistan easier.

  • Canadian institutes have a wide range of student clubs and organizations that provide opportunities for international students to socialize, engage in extracurricular activities, and make new friends.

Study in Canada Without IELTS

  • Some of the Canadian universities doesn’t demand IELTS test scores, though they may require other language tests including TOEFL, PTE or Duolingo English test.

Free Study in Canada for international students

  • The most significant barrier students face is the cost of study in Canada for Pakistani students. International students pay high cost than that of the domestic students but the comparison with other developed countries has shown that International students, comparatively, pay less. Canadian universities also help to study in Canada for Pakistani students on scholarship.

Part Time Working Opportunity in Canada 2024

  • Relatively tuition fee in Canada but studies abroad is an expensive program especially for Pakistani students. However, living cost is another main barrier comes to add to the way of international students. Under this circumstance, Canada offers a part-time working opportunity to international students.

  • The Canadian government offers 20 hours per week to work and it enhances to 30 hours during summer vacations.

Canadian Universities Admission Criteria For Pakistani Students

After deciding the study abroad destination the very next thing comes into mind is to the admission process in canada universities or Colleges. Canada offers study programs of almost all types. Every year thousands of international students get enrolment in undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate study programs in Canada in several areas of study. Get it noted there are no options to study in Canada after 10th from Pakistan. 


  • Undergraduate Program in Canada for Pakistani Students 2024

Usually, the undergraduate program by Canadian universities for Pakistni students 2024 takes 03 years of duration for completion and it, sometimes, lasts until 04 years. However, in some exceptional cases, the undergraduate course duration runs for 1 to 2 years and it varies for diploma to diploma. But, a full-time study program usually takes 03 years of duration.

  • Graduate Programs in Canada for Pakistani Students 2024

The postgraduate degree in Canada for International students takes 1 to 2 years by the Canadian education system and the duration varies from subject to subject.

  • Ph.D./Research Program in Canada 

For Ph.D. or research programs in Canada for Pakistani Students, students study for at least 03 years to complete their research degree in Canada.

Admission Requirements By Canadian Universities For Pakistani Students 

Students can completely find the Canadian university admission requirements and criteria to get admission in undergraduate, postgraduate and Ph.D. programs in Canada:

Requirements for Undergraduate Studies In Canada 

Postgraduate Program

Doctorate Program

Higher secondary school certificate or certificate equal to 12th standard is required

Bachelor or undergraduate degree or degree equivalent to 16 years of education is required

Master degree or postgraduate degree or any other degree with 18 years of education is required

Duly filled the application form of a chosen Canadian university

Duly filled application form without any mistake students have to submit for proposal submission

Duly filled application form without any mistake students have to submit for proposal submission

High School transcript (original and attested copies)

Original and attested copies of post-secondary transcripts

Original and attested copies of all academic transcripts are required

Detailed education CV which will show academic backgrounds, achievements (if any) and working experience (if any)

Professional Designation Certificate PDC (if required)

Professional Designation Certificate PDC (if required)

Letter of interest (LOI) is required to submit

Two letters of references from the previous institutes are required to show

Two references letters from your previous institutes are required to submit

English Language proficiency Proof (IELTS, TOEFL, and CAE, etc.) is required according to the university requirement

Experience letter from the employer if candidates have any working experience in the relevant field

Certificates of experience from the previous employer in the relevant field (if required)


Detailed resume about your educational background is required to submit

Detailed resume of educational background is required to show


Letter of Interest (LOI) is also required

Letter of Interest (LOI) is also required

The proof of proficiency in the English language through certificates of IELTS, TOEFL, and CAE, etc. is required

The proof of proficiency in the English language through certificates of IELTS, TOEFL, and CAE, etc. is required

The proof of proficiency in the English language through certificates of IELTS, TOEFL, and CAE, etc. is required


Good research work in the relevant field is required

Impressive thesis are required to submit


How Much Cost To Study In Canada 

Following is the fee structure of the different levels of education in Canada:

Degree Title

Annual Fee

Undergraduate degree fee in Canada for Pakistani students 

Around CAD$ 50,000 or USD$ 60,000

Postgraduate degree fee in Canada for Pakistani students 

Around CAD$ 30,000 or US$ 40,243

PhD/ Research degree fee in Canada for Pakistani students 

CAD $10,000-20,000 


Academic Calendar To Apply For Study In Canada Universities

Study Program

Academic Year


Fall Term: September to December

Winter Terms: January to April

Spring/Summer Term: May to August


Fall Term: September to December

Winter Terms: January to April

Spring/Summer Term: May to August

PhD/ Research

The academic year for Ph.D./Research runs from September to April.


Estimated Study Cost and Living Cost In Canada for Pakistani Students 2024

Once, you have decided your destination and have also become familiar with the admission criteria of canadian educational institute then you will, obviously, come to know about the study and living cost of your study abroad in Canada journey. This is the main focusing point while one thinks about study abroad. However, here the students will find the complete4 idea that what types of costs they will pay for making their study abroad journey possible.


Pre Departure Costs

  • Academic Certificate: First of all students have to be eligible for the education level. For this purpose, students have to get higher secondary, bachelor or master degree. We all know that it is not an easy deal to get these secondary or higher educational degrees. One pays lots of cost in obtaining these educational degrees.

  • Language Proficiency Certificates: English language proficiency certificate is must for getting admission in any Canadian university. First of all, students pay for the preparation of the test and then they appeared for the test. The average fee for language proficiency test such as IELTS is around 40,000 to 50,000PKR.

  • Admission Application Fee of Canadian Universities: Students pay something as admission application fee in Canada Universities for international students. The average fee for a single university admission application to Canada universtities varies from 20,000 to 30,000 PKR. Students are to be recommended to apply for more than one university to secure your admission.

  • Identity/Travel Documents: For traveling abroad identity documents and travel documents are required. The average fee for a normal passport is almost 5,500 PKR.

  • Visa Fee: CAD$ 150 is the fee for a Canadian student permit.

  • Pocket Money: You are going to travel abroad and you will face much initial expenditure to make your journey possible. For this purpose, students must have some charges or pocket money with them.

Post Departure Costs

Once, you have reached your destination you will also face some genuine types of expenditures. Actually, wherever you will go you need all the basics things to live a sound or healthy life. Following things, you have to manage while living or studying in Canada. Moreover, the costs of living of all these things are also calculated here:

  • Accommodation cost in Canada for studens: Accommodation is the basic thing without which the meaning of life does not complete. There are several types of accommodating you can find. The average cost of accommodation ranges from CAD$ 250 to CAD$ 750.

  • Residence Permit: students are asked to apply for a residence permit for living in Canada. The first fee they pay before arriving and then annual renewal fee students pay while living there in Canada until the completion of their studies.

  • Costs Of Living: If you are going to pursue an undergraduate degree you have to stay 3 to 4 years in Canada. If you are going to get enrollment in postgraduate degree then 1 to 2 years stay you have to manage in Canada and in case you are going to take admission for research degree then you have to manage the stay of three years in Canada.

During these stays, you have to manage your lifestyle completely. After accommodation, food, grocery, clothes, other wearing accessories, utility bills, phone, transport, books and stationeries, entertainment costs are the main factors to manage for having a stable study abroad journey. The average cost of living in Canada is around $12,464.


Latest Scholarships Offered By Canada to Pakistani Students 2024

Of course after knowing these costs of study and living students have become worried. But at the same time, students are also informed that Canada is the student-friendly country because it offers several types of Top scholarship programs in Canada for Pakistani students 2024 for brilliant students to make their study journey easy. Following are the exclusive popular fully funded scholarship to study in Canada 2024 for International students are designed especially:

  1. Humber College Scholarships for International Students

  2. International Major Entrance Scholarship (IMES)

  3. McMaster University Entrance Awards (these are scholarships in Canada for postgraduate studies)

  4. Dean's Excellence Entrance Awards

  5. Trent University Undergraduate Scholarships in Canada

Apply For Latest Canadian Scholarships


How Pakistani Students can Get Canadian Student Visa 

In order to get entrance permission for study in Canada, Pakistani students are required to obtain a student visa first. Students are to be informed that without Visa the entrance or study journey will not be possible. Which type of visa is required to get permission for study? How to apply for study visa in Canada? What are the required documents to apply for a Canadian visa? What is the duration of a Canadian visa application for Pakistani students? And what is the student Canadian visa fee for Pakistani students? All these points are normally asked by the students. All these points are clearly described here in this page.

Application Fee

150 CAD$


Type of Canadian Students Visa

Students are to be informed that there are not specific types of student visas than other developed countries. Students need to apply for a standard student visa or student permit for getting entrance permission to Canada for studies.

Application Process to Apply for Canadian Student Visa 2024 from Pakistan

Once, you have got the acceptance letter from a recognized university of Canada, now this is the time to apply for your student visa. This student visa is also known as a student permit.


From recognized educational institute get an acceptance letter at first. There is something different process for the students who are going to apply in a university based in Quebec.


Now, get a Canadian student visa application package. For this purpose, you can contact the embassy and consulate at your local place. You can also check it at CIC Website.


For selecting the application package applicants need to answer the following questions to be eligible at CIC Website.


In case, if you found eligible then you will get a personal checklist code. This checklist is valid for 60 days. The page with the code the applicants have to keep in the form of print for proof or reference. At this page, students will be provided with further guide including tuition fee and documents checklist.


Once, you have become ready to apply, you will create MYCIC account at CIC Website.


Once you have gathered your documents and application then you have to pay your fee. Make sure that you are going to submit a complete application at CIC.


in some cases, applicants are asked to for interview at their local visa office or embassy.

Required Documents for Pakistani students for Canadian Student Visa 2024

  1. Applicants must fill a student visa application form

  2. The original letter of acceptance is required to submit

  3. Valid travel documents are also required to gather at the time of application submission

  4. Two recent passport size photographs with name and date of birth on the back are required

  5. A financial statement which will show that you can easily afford your study abroad journey is required. Tuition fee and 917 CAD/month are required for Quebec and tuition fee with 833 CAD/month for all other provinces are required to show.

  6. An explanation letter is required

  7. In case you are going to apply for Quebec then you have to submit your documents with English and French translation.

  8. Language proficiency certificate i.e. IELTS, TOEFL, or CEA also required

  9. Visa fee receipt is also required to submit

Application Duration of Canadian Student Visa 

Approximately 04 to 06 weeks are required to process the student permit for Canada.

Student Visa Fee of Canada for Pakistani students

150 CAD is the fee for student visa permit.


Living and Accommodation Options in Canada

It can be one of the most important decisions of your life to study abroad. It could be a way to change your style entirely. Your attitude, your living style even your habits are going to change. The change in every single thing could be easy but a change in your living style or life patterns may disturb you. But, once you have decided now this is the time to make possible implements not to think too much. Here in this section, we are going to make the students aware of the lifestyle they will find as living in Canada.

Accommodation: Accommodation is one of the main objects for which students worry. Actually, for living a sound lifestyle, accommodation plays a vital role. What types of accommodation Canada offers to the international students we will discuss here.

On-Campus Accommodation in Canada

There are many universities and colleges are located in Canada offer on-campus accommodation to international students. Actually, on-campus accommodation is considered as the safest and a great experience for international students. It usually comprises of private or shared rooms. On-campus accommodation is reasonably less in price and there are lots of benefits including interaction with the students throughout the world, involvement in many activities and programs, a good meal and cooking facilities students can find through on-campus accommodation.

Off-Campus Accommodation

Students who prefer to live outside the campus then there are also lots of opportunities are available for them. Actually, on-campus accommodation is, no doubt, the best option. But, sometimes, students do not get the opportunity because of the fewer options and a few colleges and universities also exist that do not offer accommodation. So, under these circumstances, students have to move for off-campus living style. Following are the options to live outside your campus:

Rental Apartments

Students can arrange an apartment on rent. The flat system is trendy in Canada. The flats or apartments of different types you can find. Just choose according to your need. Apartments are provided with bath, kitchen and other basic facilities. The apartment will be costly as much as the number of facilities it will offer.

Shared Apartments

Another best option which adopts by most of the off-campus living students is to share an apartment. Find the international students who are living in an apartment and want to share the apartment for sharing the expenditures. In such a way you can easily arrange your accommodation in reasonably less cost.


Canadian families are so loving. They allow foreigners to stay with them. You have to be a good character person to live with them. They offer almost all the basic facilities for living a sound lifestyle to foreigners especially to international students.


Latest Jobs In Canada For Pakistani Students

Why Job is important While Studying in Canada?

To meet with their study expensive easily international students look for part-time working opportunities. It doesn’t only help you to make your study abroad tour easy but at the same time, it offers you working experience while styling abroad.

Does Canada offer Part-Time Jobs Opportunity?

Canada can also be a good reason to choose as a study abroad destination because it offers part-time employment opportunities to international students in Canada . International students are allowed to work for at least 20 hours a week. Moreover, during vacations or holidays, international students are allowed to work full time.

Types of Part-Time Employment in Canada for International Students?

Following types of part-time employment students can find as living in Canada:

On-Campus Work Oppertunitites in Canada  for International Students

Canada allows international students to work within the boundaries of their campus. Students can work under the employer including faculty member, school, a student organization, a private business. Moreover, the student can also work as self-employed within their campus. Following are the requirements for on-campus work:

  1. Applicants must hold a valid study permit

  2. Applicants have to provide a social insurance number (SIN)

  3. Applicants must be enrolled in a full-time post-secondary school

Off-Campus Work

International students are also allowed to work outside the campus for any employer. In order to be eligible for off-campus working opportunities applicants must follow the below-mentioned requirements:

  1. Applicants must hold a valid study permit

  2. Applicants must be enrolled in a designated institute for full-time post-secondary study.

  3. Applicants must show satisfactory performance in the study to be eligible for work

  4. Applicants with other study purposes must be enrolled for at least 06 months study program which completes with a diploma or certificate.

  5. Applicants have to provide a social insurance number (SIN)

A Co-Op Student Or Intern

Co-Op Students or Intern also exist in Canada. International applicants who are going to pursue a study program at a DLI in Canada and are looking for internship are required to apply for co-op or intern work permit of Canada. This work permit will be in addition to a valid study permit.

After Study Working Opportunities in Canada for Pakistani Students

After the study, there are a lot of opportunities offered by Canada to international students. Postgraduate work is a quick and best option.

Post Graduate Work Permit of Canada for International Students

Starting on September 1, 2024, foreign students enrolling in programs covered by a curriculum licensing arrangement, where a private institution is allowed to teach the curriculum of a related public college—will no longer be eligible to offer work permits to students after graduation.


International students who have done their post-secondary or graduate studies and are looking to obtain working experience are allowed to apply for Post Graduate work permit. This is an open work permit allows an international student to work for at least 03 years.


Eligibility Criteria

  1. Applicants must complete the full-time, training or profession education from a designated institute in Canada.

  2. For every academic session, applicants must hold a status of full-time student.

  3. Transcripts and an official letter from the DLI are required.

  4. Applicants must be graduated from the following institutes to be eligible for a postgraduate work permit:

    1. A Post-secondary school of public sector

    2. A college

    3. A technical or trading school

    4. A university

  5. CEGEP

  6. A private secondary school in Quebec leads the education system same like public schools of Quebec

  7. A private secondary or post-secondary school deals in the succeeding study programs of 900 hours or above.

  8. A private Canadian school offers the bachelor, associate, master, and doctorate degree under provisional law of Canada.


Canadian PR & Citizenship Guide for Pakistani Students

Canada offers permanent residence to foreigners of Canada under several conditions. Following are the detailed conditions are described under which you can move to Canada:

Express Entry

This is the type of immigration offers to high skilled workers. Once they have gotten the permanent residence through Express Entry hey can easily move to Canada with multiple entries on a single permit.

Family Sponsorship

If your relatives are residing in Canada then you can travel on behalf of them. The relative can be of parents, spouse, children, grandparents, and partners.

Provincial Nominees

Applicants with high skilled with relevant education and experience can apply for permanent residency to a specific province or territory.

Quebec-Selected Skilled Workers

The province of Quebec also offers the services of migration to the foreigners who are highly skilled workers. If you are only interested to apply for Quebec province then you will be considered under Quebec-Selected Skilled Workers immigration.

Atlantic Immigration Pilot

This is the immigration option for those international candidates who take a graduate degree from the school in New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, or Newfoundland and Labrador or are working in these areas.


Applicants who are going to provide care to the children, elder or those who need medical care or are going to work as a caregiver can apply for permanent residence under this category.

Start-Up Visa

Applicants who have done their studies from Canada and any other places and want to start their business in Canada are welcome by Canada. The applicants with this category can apply for Start-Up Visa.


Canada also offers applicants who want to apply as self-employed in cultural or athletic activities. Applicants have to show skill and experience in the relevant cultural and athletic activities. 

Citizenship of Canada for Pakistani Students Guide

Under certain conditions, Canada also offers citizenship to foreigners who are currently residing in Canada. The complete process including eligibility criteria and interview procedure all are described here.

Eligibility Criteria for the Citizenship of Canada 

To be eligible for Canadian citizenship applicants must show the following requirements:

  1. Applicants must hold permanent residency of Canada

  2. Applicants must show their stay of at least 03 years out of the last years in Canada

  3. Applicants must have filled their taxes (if needed)

  4. Applicants have to show how well they are familiar to Canada

  5. Language Skill Proof is also necessary to show

The requirements may be different for minors or underage applicants

How Pakistani can Apply for the Citizenship of Canada?

  1. First of all, get an Application Package. Following are the packages or modes of application:

    1. Adult Application

    2. A parent or guardian Application

    3. Minor

    4. An adult who obliged with armed forces of Canada

    5. Applicant Adopted by Canadian Citizen

    6. Person Born to a Canadian person but is stateless

  2. At the 2nd step, applicants have to pay the fee. Following is the fee structure:

    1. Fee for Adults: $630

    2. Fee For minors: $100

  3. Once, you have paid the fee. Now submit your application.

After Submission:

  1. The application process time is 12 months.

  2. Once you have to be decided for citizenship then you will be called for an interview.

  3. The final decision will take after the interview

  4. At the last, an oath of citizenship will be taken by you


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