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Study Abroad in Australia from Pakistan for Students complete Single Page Guide 2024

Why Pakistani Students Should Study in Australia 

When people talk about Australia, outback bushes with wide spaces, a house of Kangaroos, Koalas, Freshwater, and clean air are the main points come to see. But there are much more instead of these points Australia offers. Australia offers an exceptional level of living style and above all education system of Australia has ranked 01 in the world.

Does it not enough to take Australia as your study abroad destination? Of course, it would be. But, if you are still thinking that what things is Australia sowing for occupying the first position? Then the following reasons will be enough to satisfy you.

Australia a Growing Destination

After the United States and the United Kingdom, Australia is known as the third biggest destination in the world for international students. The high quality of education, cultural diversity and friendly-people all are the main reasons making Australia a growing destination.

Worldwide Recognition of Australia Education

The education system in Australia is globally recognized. The graduates from Australia are serving their best in the contribution of the world. The Australian Government is taking further steps to maintain this worldwide recognition of Australian Education system.

Education Diversity

A wide range of institutes we find in Australia and every single institute offers a wide range of courses. International students can find every single course just according to their taste and need. Australia also offers the opportunity to move from course to course or institute to institute, if necessary.

A House of Technology

The quality of scientific research is one of the main appealing aspects of Australia to interact the international students. For new technologies and innovations, Australia is standing at the forefronts. Students are providing highly equipped labs to make new improvements in the field of technology. This is the reason Australia is called as a hub of technology or a house of technology.


Australian best educational scholarships to the international students are also provided by the australia government and universities, so that they can get higher education at their dream destination.


Employment Opportunities and Jobs in Australia for Pakistani Students 2024

Australia offers jobs for foreigners students during their studies and after studies as well. Australia Allows international students are allowed to work for up to 20 hours a week. Moreover, after getting a graduate degree Australia opens its arms to embrace you for your bright career.

Students Ratio in Australia

In 2022, there were 799,371 international students enrolled in Australian Universities. From them, 350,472 were the students of the higher education sector. The numbers of students year after year is increasing.

Admission in Australian Universities for Pakistani Students

If you have decided to take Australia as favorite study abroad destination for Pakistani Students by inspiring form the above-mentioned reasons, then now, obviously you will show your interest to know about the application procedure to study in Australia for Pakistani students in universities. The application process for Australia universities is, somehow, the same as other developed countries offered.

However, there are some requirements may be additional or less for Australian Universities. For each study program including bachelor, master, and research study programs we have grabbed the potential information for getting a safe admission. Carefully read the instructions and apply for study abroad in Australia.

  • Bachelor Degree in Australia 2024 for Pakistani Students 

In Australia, normal 03 years or 06-semester, undergraduate or bachelor degree is teaching to the students. However, honors degree of 04 years or 8 semesters also exist and offer by Australian universities.

  • Master Degree in Australia for International students 

Australian Universities offer a master degree in various field of education. There are two options exist for the master degree including 01-year master degree program and 02-year master degree program. For master degree programs semester system offers by almost all types of Australian universities.

  • Ph.D./Research Degree in Australia for Pakistani Students 2024

03 years with 06 semesters research degree program offers by the Australian Universities. There are a number of research institutes or universities are located in Australia. In all the major fields of education, Australian universities offer research or doctoral study programs.

General Requirements for getting admission in Bachelor, Master and Ph.D. programs are mentioned below:




Secondary school certificate i.e. intermediate education level or an equivalent program is required

Bachelor degree or master degree with 16 years of education is required with minimum required CGPA by University.

Master or MPhil degree with 18 years of education in the relevant field is required. Applicants are also required to show minimum required CGPA

The duly filled application form is required

The duly filled application form is required

The duly filled application form is required

Previous academic certificates or transcripts are required to show

Applicants are required to show previous transcripts or academic certificates

All the academic certificates especially previous transcripts in the relevant field is required

English Language Proficiency test i.e. IELTS with minimum 6.0 bands is required

English Language Proficiency test i.e. IELTS with minimum 6.5 bands is required

English Language Proficiency test i.e. IELTS with minimum 6.5 bands is required



Good research work in the relevant field is required



The entrance exam is required by some universities


Australia Student Visa Financial Requirements and Application Process

  • First of all, choose your best course.

  • Now choose the best institute according to your chosen subject.

  • For safe application process, students are recommended to apply for more than one universities

  • Applicants will submit a proposal of study at the chosen university with complete requirements (above mentioned)

  • Applicants make it sure that with die dates they are going to apply

  • Once you have applied you have to be patient for university response

  • Once, your application accepted you will get an acceptance letter on behalf of which you will apply for Australian Student Visa.

Tuition Fee of Australian Universities

Following table is completing showing the fee structure for several types of educational levels:

Degree Title

Tuition Fee


For undergraduate/bachelor studies tuition fee ranges from $4,000 to $22,000


For postgraduate/masters studies tuition fee ranges from $15,000 to $33,000


For research/doctoral studies tuition fee ranges from $14,000 to $37,000


Academic Calendar of Australian Universities 2024

Academic sessions or calendars vary from university to university and study course to study course.

Spring/Summer Session

Autumn/Winter Session

From March to June admission process runs for spring or summer session for international candidates.

From July to October admission process runs for winter/autumn study session for international students

How Pakistani Students can Apply for Austrian Student Visa 2024

Once, you have received the acceptance letter or admission letter then you are allowed to apply for a student visa. A student visa is permission to get entry into Australia. Pakistani students are required to apply visa for getting entrance permission.

Types Of Student Visa

There are several types of Australian student visa exist according to the nature of stay for study purposes:

Independent Sector Visa ELICOS (Sub-Class 570)

International students who want to move Australia for full-time English language intensive study programs are required to apply this category of visa.

School Sector Visa (Sub-Class 571)

Students who are going to apply for primary and secondary school are required to apply for School Sector Visa (Sub-Class 571) visa

Vocational Education and Training Sector Visa (Sub-Class 572)

Applicants who are looking for full-time vocational education and training courses including I, II, III, and IV certificates, diploma and advanced diploma must apply for this visa category.

Higher Education Sector Visa (Sub-Class 573)

Applicants who want to pursue full time higher education studies including associate degree, bachelor degree, graduate certification, graduate diploma, master degree or higher education advanced diploma are asked to apply for Higher Education Sector Visa (Sub-Class 573).

Postgraduate Research Sector Visa (Sub-Class 574)

For research or doctoral degree programs, international students are required to apply for Postgraduate Research Sector Visa (Sub-Class 574).

Non-Award Sector Visa (Sub-Class 575)

International students who are going to Australia for a non-award foundation study programs are required to apply for this visa.

Foreign Affairs or Defense Sector Visa (Sub-Class 576)

This is the visa type for those international students who are sponsored by the Australian Department of Defense or Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade for full-time studies.

Student Guardian Visa (Sub-Class 580)

Students who are below the age of 18 are required to apply for Student Guardian Visa. However, in some exceptional cases, guardians can also apply for study visa of a child over the 18 years of age.

Documents Required for Australian Visa

Following documents are required to apply for Australian Student Visa:

  1. Applicants will submit an online application for an Australian student visa.

  2. The acceptance letter is required from a recognized university to apply for a visa (an online code you will be given by the university with your confirmation letter. Must provide this code to Australian Embassy)

  3. A valid passport is required to submit

  4. Recent passport size photographs are required

  5. Previous academic certificates are required to submit with your application.

  6. Previous experience in the relevant field for some cases is required

  7. Tuition fee payment receipt is required to submit

  8. Applicants will submit their financial proof through bank account statement which will show that you can bear the tuition fee and living expenses as living in Australia.

  9. Health Insurance is also required to buy and give proof.

Australian Student Visa Application Process and Financial Requirements for Pakistani Students

The online visa application process generally takes 4 weeks. However, if students are facing any issue in submitting the application or are not so familiar with online application process then students are asked to apply through Study Abroad Consultants of Australia for Pakistani Students. Here we have provided Pakistan’s best study abroad consultants who make your study abroad process safe and sure.

Australia Student Visa Fee for Pakistani Students

575 AUD is required to apply for an Australian student visa.

NOTE: Get the top and the latest Australian scholarship


Estimated Study and Living Cost of Australia for Pakistani Students

No doubt study abroad in a developed country like Australia is worthy but at the same, you have to pay heavy dues as compared to the local place. But, once you have decided to go abroad for study purposes then do not be worried at all and do not think much. You have to plan your budget and made potential implements to make your dreams come true.

For this purpose, we have discussed all the aspects under which you will be called to pay charges. After knowing these aspects one can know the detail of the charges or dues that he/she will pay for spending a sound study abroad journey. Students face expenditures before going to abroad and after reaching to abroad as well.

Before Departing Costs

Following expenditures students pay to make their study abroad tour possible:

Academic Certificates: If you are going to abroad i.e. Australia for undergraduate study program then you have to show higher secondary school certificates and the previous academic certificates for master and research degree program also required to show. Of course, these academic certificates students get not only paying their best efforts but charges too.

Language Skill Test: For Australia, students are required to show their English language proficiency through test system including IELTS or TOEFL, etc. These language skill tests are, somehow, costly. For example, IELTS test charges 30 to 40 thousands PKR to be appeared in.

Admission Process: For safe admission process students are asked to apply for more than universities. For a single university, 20 thousand to 30 thousand PKR is required to submit an admission application.

Travel Documents: For traveling abroad valid traveling documents are required. Passport, air tickets, travel insurance, etc. are listed under the list of travel documents. For normal passport applicants have to pay 3000 PKR, travel ticket for Australia ranges from $800 to $1300.

Student Visa Fee: For obtaining a visa you have to pay 575 AUD to the Australian Embassy.

Pocket Money: In the end, before departing students required to get some pocket money for the personal uses. This depends upon your need and taste.

After Departing Costs

The above-mentioned costs are not just enough. This is because after reaching to their destination students are also asked to pay for many things. Following are the post departing expenditures are listed:

Accommodation: Among the main challenges students face after reaching their destination is the accommodation. There are several modes of accommodation you can find there in Australia. Cost of accommodation ranges from mode to mode or specification to specification of accommodation.

Tuition Fee: Mostly first semester fee students pay at the time of admission or before departing. But, for the rest of the semester, students pay the fee after passing 6 months. Tuition fee varies from university to university or study program to study program.

Degree Title

Tuition Fee


For undergraduate/bachelor studies tuition fee ranges from $15,000 to $33,000


For postgraduate/masters studies tuition fee ranges from $15,000 to $33,000


For research/doctoral studies tuition fee ranges from $14,000 to $37,000


Living Style: For Living healthy life students have to get all the basic accessories. These basic accessories include grocery items, clothes, utility bills, transportation charges, entertainment, and others. Almost $20,000 annually requires for a single person to live a healthy or sound living style.

Living and Accommodation Options in Australia for Pakistani Students

Wherever you are living, accommodation and living style are the basics components for living. Here at this sections students are completely provided with the modes of accommodation and the basics of living styles. Students can easily take an estimation of their accommodation and living style through this section.


Following are the modes of accommodation students can find as living in Australia


This is the rare case of accommodation international students find. In Australia, it is most trendy to live with the local people as their paying guest. Living with the local people as their paying guest is called homestay. Students are provided with single or shared rooms with local families. From this fact, we can conclude the idea that Australian are loving and caring people. Around AUD$235 to $325 per week students spend for living with the Australian families.

University Accommodation

On-campus accommodation is the most common mode of living. Almost all the study abroad destinations offer this mode of living. The option of university accommodation is fewer so students have to apply early for his option. The average cost of this mode of accommodation ranges from AUD $90 to AUD $280.

Residential Colleges

Residential colleges are the best options for international students because residential colleges provide students with accommodation, food, cleaning and a number of services of social and academic needs. Due to the facilities offered by them, these are more expensive than that of residence halls. The price range varies from services to services.

Guest House

Guest houses are used for temporary residence. Students are provided with single rooms and shared rooms with bathroom and kitchen services. This mode of accommodation is cheaper than that of residential colleges. Around AUD$90 to $150 per week students pay for this mode of accommodation.

Rental Private Apartments

This is another mode of living and a cheap mode of living. This is the best accommodation option for international students. Many international students have the tendency to choose this mode of living. But, we recommended students to choose shared rental private apartments. Rental accommodation students can find around the cost of AUD $165 to $440 per week, whereas, shared rental apartments students can find around the cost of AUD $85 to $215 per week.

Average Cost of Living in Australia

Once, you have done with your accommodation it means you have released more than half of your stress. Now, you have to plan your budget for living style. As we mentioned above that there are some basic needs are required to live a healthy life as living abroad. 



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