IELTS Test Dates in Islambad

IELTS Test Dates in Islambad

The dates for academic and general training of IELTS in British Council and AEO are written below. The schedule is starting from 5 th January. The intending candidates can avail benefit from the following details. The IELTS tests are consisted of English Language Learning, Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. IELTS tests are matter of huge importance for immigration and study abroad seekers. To score highly in IELTS and to gain eligibility of both prospects the aspirers must train themselves to avoid failure and repetitions of IELTS.

IELTS reading Tests Tips:

  1. Read Instructions carefully before attempting exams
  2. Utilize Time Quickly
  3. Analyze Questions Carefully Before Answering
  4. Paraphrase
  5. It should be written in capital letters

IELTS writing Tests tips:

  1. Write Precisely and As Fast As you can
  2. Write 150 words for task 1 and 250 for task 2
  3. Utilize the answer sheet wisely, plan your essay
  4. Keep a check on Watch
  5. Spelling, Punctuation accuracy, Grammar Accuracy
  6. Relevant and scholarly, literary writing
  7. Do not repeat sentences

IELTS Listening Tests Tips:

  1. If you headphone is not working, don’t waste time ask for another one
  2. Utilize the time and listen to the questions carefully
  3. Manage time wisely

IELTS Speaking Tests Tips:

  1. Do your Speaking Practice
  2. Be Confident and Don’t Hesitate
  3. Be Informative and Direct
  4. Focus On Your Speaking Accent
  5. Grammar accuracy and Sentence Formation
  6. Ask if You don’t understand the question properly



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